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Review of Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Niarb

    Niarb Member

    So they are shutting it down because of those who didn't want the program and were complaining for it, but what about the other 99% of the community which want the program to remain? I suggest razer to reconsider their decision.
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  2. mopfloor

    mopfloor New Member

    here's my opinion about most of us almost reaching our rewards but p2p is suspending soon and we wont be able to redeem our rewards just yet and our zsilver may expire soon. maybe let us have double cap the last week or something like that?
  3. thegloriousmrgucci

    thegloriousmrgucci New Member

    Personally I feel that the problem with program's such as paid to play is that the people who don't want razer to be successful see paid to play and think that Razer will just give them free things if the play a game for a day but what they forget is that Razer is a company which needs to make money to keep going and if they just handed out free keyboards to anyone who played a game for a day they wouldn't be able to keep going and that's the people who speak out and complain but its the silent mass of people who see the program and want razer to succeed know that it is going to take a while to get the things the want from the program and sadly these are the people who don't speak up so you only get the negative feedback and the not the positive feedback as the majority of people feel, So I sincerely hope you do not cancel the program as I would love to keep using it.
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  4. Mil, I think I speak for most when I say that your pay to play program along with the zsilver rewards, is probably the BEST reward program I have ever come across. Programs like this are a dime a dozen, and you guys are the only ones who seem to be generous enough to make rewards not only obtainable but also worth working towards. I can tell you that it is the main reason I got involved with the Razer Insider forum. It also is one of the reasons that I support Razer products the way that I do. I went out today and bought a blackwidow X to upgrade from my Cynosa that I got with the holiday bundle, and the deciding factor between the corsair and the black widow was very simply the reward program we have. I always gravitate towards a company that gives back to its customers. I cant even fathom how or why someone would make death threats over such an awesome program. Could you provide us some context as to what happened? Also, I made another thread about this in gen discussion and included a poll. About 75% of the responses indicated that the zsilver program was what drew us to the insider forum and to razer sites in general. It really did add an extra layer of fun to playing games like fortnite or Destiny knowing I was working towards something. I hope that you guys would reconsider, Here is a link to the poll and my thread so you can see what I was talking about. Thanks!

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  5. Mr0Flake

    Mr0Flake New Member

    I can't understand how people can complain or send death-threats because they can get Razer gear from gaming. It is totally absurd to me. I can't say any downsides from the zSilver reward program. I really like it and think it's something that separates Razer from the rest.

    Hopefully you could let the program live for those who can't afford Razer gear.
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  6. PhoenixGI

    PhoenixGI New Member

    I generally dislike any post that starts like this, because usually, the person isn't speaking for me or even most. This time is different though, and I agree with him and everyone one else in this and other threads in their support for paid for play. I play more then a casual but less then the hardcore, just don't have the time for it, still though even if I never could get enough zSilver (which I'm not even sure if it would have been the case or not) to get some of the better rewards it still was a fun idea to at least try. In some ways it helps with "what do I feel like playing today", hay here's a list that could, maybe, get me something for my time. That was cool, and I wish it wouldn't go away. Likewise, it is also what brings me to the forms now an then, otherwise, I too would be one of those content to sit by the glow of my mouse and keyboard, on my own. You guys made reasons for showing up and being part of the community which was enjoyable and had value. Something you don't see too much of out there these days. I add my voice to those others asking you to continue the program. Hopefully, you can see that the silent, the ones who were enjoying the program while the haters spewed, were actually the majority who were busy doing what you were encouraging us to do, playing our games.
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  7. noobynoob

    noobynoob Member

    IMO I feel that if I am the owner of a business, and I am giving out free gifts to people at a loss, all it has to take is just one bad feedback for me to reconsider my decision as I do not really gain much by giving free gifts, probably only free branding advertisements. Losing money is one thing, ungratefulness from people will be the last straw I guess.
  8. RubixVi

    RubixVi Member

    Thanks Min for giving back to the community, the only thing I saw coming from this program, was your way or Razer's way of saying thank you for our continuing support.
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  9. xS0u1kingx

    xS0u1kingx New Member

    So, now it's over with tryharding for the Orbweaver. At least a statement from Razer Staff.
    Yeah, what should I think about now? RIP zSilver. For now, I just can say thanks, Razer, I had a lot of fun trying some other games while farming zSilver. Even found motivation to play some games, which aren't my favorite type of genre, but happens. :D
    Maybe till May the things do look different again or the system itself got a little "rework", so all players, who enjoyed the system can farm zSilver in the future, but for me, there won't be any hope for this. October 2018 are expiring around 70K, so I should take at least the 40 zSilver per day and see what I can with the remaining zSilvers before the expiration day.

    For all other members, mods, staff members and high-grade leaders of Razer! Take it easy! :D

    How is it called? "For Gamers, By Gamers", therefore enjoy playing, take a deep breath and grind the rest of February! :D

    - xSou1kingx | Julian
  10. 19nick64

    19nick64 New Member

    as i have never owned a razor product and suppose i never would ,if not for the p2p programme .i am so close as many i suppose to getting my goal approx 20000 zsilver for the basalisk mouse i have 104.435 @ moment so i would suggest or rather beg you to allow the p2p too run a bit longer as i would have made my goal by now from last catalogue list 2017 updated january 2018.
    i was bit miffed but carried on as i know it was free goods and no other company i know does this, i did not make threats or say anything bad to any member of Razor staff,but i feel myself and others have been penalised for some fool kids making threats that they know they will not carry out.
    ban the fools that are making threats from forums and delete there accounts, but don't punish the innocent for the wrong doing's of others

    thank you for your time and great work

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  11. Lrich05

    Lrich05 Member

    Does anyone actually want paid to play shut down. wouldn't people prefer if it continues to work
  12. XBrooksX13X

    XBrooksX13X New Member

    hope P2P 2.0 can come fast since this is a great benefit to gamers no other company offers and well it really was so simple
  13. X4vier

    X4vier Member

    I as a person who still uses the P2P program I just want to thank u for this uge concept and merely asking if u as the CEO could grant us users at least one Double Max Cap (1800 zSilver per day) this month of february.
    Thank u for everything
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  14. Aseng0221

    Aseng0221 Member

    Ya, I didn't miss one day to collect my zSilver from the first day this program announced. And I reloaded 10000zGold($100) my blizzard account last December then buy every games so I got 35k zSilver from that. So I am able to redeemed lots. This is a real good program for the real gamers. Too bad it's ruined by some of the fake Razer fans.
  15. Mrbrightsidela

    Mrbrightsidela New Member

    I logged in just to ask for this not to be taken down, I can understand wanting to appease the community as a whole but judging from the comments in this thread it seems the majority doesn't want this to happen, just like me. Thanks to Zsilver i managed to get my first razer product, a razer kraken that works amazing.
  16. KenTbk

    KenTbk New Member

    actually we should continue for the pay for paid service, so that at the same time we play the game, we still can earn the rewards. this is the good tools to earn the gift from Razer. i haven't exchange anything yet, but hope this can continue or maybe review the earning system to we still can benefits from the paid for play systems.
  17. esien525

    esien525 New Member

    Before P2P, people complaint Razer stuff is too expensive.

    Well, they introduced P2P, then people start complaining because they need to pay for delivery cost.

    Finally, Razer decided to revert back to the old way on how people can get their product, then people complain again.

    Seems like hard to make everyone happy. :rolleyes: .

    Thank you Razer for the good works so far. Cheers!

    P/S: I hope those who complaining can setup your own delivery company / gaming peripheral company and benefits us. :smile_:
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  18. mjmillonte

    mjmillonte New Member

  19. Jin_Asakura

    Jin_Asakura New Member

    I can only commend Razer for giving back to the gaming community in this way, especially for those who are unable to afford Razer proucts (although I'd question why they are spending time gaming and not working....). In regards to the negativity, I honestly don't see how that can be overcome, it's purely down to human nature and people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

    The problem then becomes one of how to handle the "paid to play" program itself moving forward. For many people I suspect the only reason they have for having Cortex installed, is the "paid to play" program itself, and to earn zSilver for playing games. Without the incentive of earning zSilver I suspect that many will simply uninstall Cortex as the daily login bonus of 40 zSilver, alongside the expiration date, will not be a worthwhile endeavour even if logging in daily for a whole year.

    Perhaps combining some form of monthly giveaway for "x" amount of gamers who are using Razer Cortex would be the best way forward? Essentially changing "paid to play" to "play to win"? Otherwise, as above, there is little reason for many to have Cortex installed, which detracts from anything you have built for the community who use it.
  20. Knight_Arendelle

    Knight_Arendelle New Member

    We would love to see Razer's paid to play return early in 2018. I'm new to the community and also would have liked to have a go at this program. Kindly also expand your operations to India. We all would love to see you guys here!:big_grin_::smile_:
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