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[SALE OVER] [EU] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. scorchnl

    scorchnl New Member

    Thank you for your response.

    As I stated before, I would have been satisfied with the sale(s) if i had a fair opportunity to acquire the item I wanted (Leviathan). Yet during the first sale the codes were initially mixed up and the Leviathan was sold out in the first 20 minutes of the sale. I got up at night (03:00 AM local time) just for this sale. Now during the Remedial sale my wanted item is out of stock.

    You state 'for one reason or another', but does that include reasons that are beyond my control (mixed up codes, no stock)? To be honest, I think that is quite unreasonable.
  2. SoulStar

    SoulStar New Member

    I have the BW ultimate 2013 clicky version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but i was thinking on getting the chroma stealth version this time :D let's see if i have any luck tomorrow
  3. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Because logistically speaking, stock forecasting is much more complex than that - different units take different times to get back on shelves. There will be plenty of factors to consider, such as the public that are not on Insider whom are looking to purchase these products and do not wish to wait when stores are sold out after the sale.

    In the remedial sale, we believe we have filled the shelves as reasonably as we can.
  4. vivianlobo

    vivianlobo Member

    Yup...Leviathan is still missing..Ah well I guess something else has to be in the bag... Oh man I wish I could get that on stock before the sale. It is a product i am eyeing from a long time, the sale price would be perfect
  5. Yaari

    Yaari New Member

    Seeing some BW Chroma stock now? Says Limited, but better than nothing obviously. How can you check the amount, I saw some people do that earlier today.
  6. elfenleid

    elfenleid Member

    According to the data there's 1 US and 20 UK. Do mind that that might not reflect the total amount available.
  7. demiise

    demiise Member

    Both are mechanical keys - the difference is that the stealth is just less clicky than the standard. Check the guide below and look at the difference between the Blues (Super Clicky) and Browns (Less Clicky).


    It's more a preference thing. I prefer the Stealth (Browns) as I hate how loud the blues are. In fact - my actual preference is Reds, but Razer don't use those :)
  8. Jasperparksleek336

    Jasperparksleek336 New Member

    8 am seems a little rough, but I hope I can make it *_*
  9. lifeRusseturban252

    lifeRusseturban252 New Member

    I think I will also skip this one.
  10. Yaari

    Yaari New Member

    Hmm. More of a US layout person but no way I'll be trying for that one then. Anyway can you tell me how you figured the data out. I'll keep an eye on it during the day.
  11. Robiski

    Robiski Member

    Ok I wont be able to participate at 8 am. Im out
  12. elfenleid

    elfenleid Member

  13. Georgeguest1

    Georgeguest1 New Member

    I stayed up until 2AM GMT for the first sale, and I spent an hour trying to access the website to no avail. We were trying to order the Razer Blackwidow Chroma for my birthday present, but they went out of stock lightning fast!

    I'm going to get up at 7AM GMT and try to get the Blackwidow Chroma this time!

    Wish me luck guys!

    What are you guys trying to get?
  14. Raschy

    Raschy New Member

    same problem here, i already mailed u, no answer, so whats gonna happen with our codes, because my order got canceled from your system for no reason? anyway i couldn't use it anymore in last sale
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  15. SigmaShotz

    SigmaShotz New Member

    Gonna get the black widow chroma stealth. Please guys show so mercy and let me pick up one stock tomorrow at 7 AM GMT. :) Good luck guys
  16. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    I'll be prowling too ;)
  17. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    I'm not sure if there's enough time to remedy anymore. I had the same problem after the last sale and immediately mailed customer support. I only got a mail back yesterday saying that yes, my code looked used, and they sent me another one because my last code wouldn't work anymore (even though I didn't get to order anything).

    In short: tomorrow will be another mess with lots of people not being able to order because they tried to use their codes last time and didn't succeed, but the system scrapped the codes anyway.

    Might be best to plan a 3rd sale while you're at it, Razer.

    Edit: I also checked which codes I am given using the link in this thread.
    I just get to see my old (apparently already used) code.
  18. tecdawreck

    tecdawreck New Member

    Nope, your code will be invalid
  19. LordLeto

    LordLeto New Member

    Nice, but I immediately mailed them in the beginning of the day of the previous sale. I only got an automatic reply, I immediately got back to them and haven't heard anything since. I have to say that I am not impressed by their support right now, even though they probably are overloaded...
  20. CET is GMT+1 So to you is 7:00 AM if I'm not mistaken.
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