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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Strategos

    Strategos New Member

    I have been a fan of Razer for a long while now, when I saw the Blade released I was stuck solid in my seat marveled by the sheer elegance of the engineering, I new it would be years before I could afford one, I still can't but it doesn't bother me, it doesn't mean that I don't aim to buy one at some time. My point is, I don't understand any of the complaining about the sale, in my opinion it is more like a give-away or a competition, if your luck you will "win" one of your favourite products for a discount price, if not then you can just save up and purchase it as you would on any other day. I know that Razer products are expensive, but rightfully so, it is well known that you get what you pay for, and Razer is one of the company's that really follow that saying. I will always buy Razer peripherals simply because I know they are the best, if I manage to get one at a discount price, then that is just a great bonus, I just wish that the vast majority of people saw things that way but unfortunately, there will always be people who will feel compelled to show their disappointment and give doubts to a great CEO who is doing a great job.
  2. btRaddex

    btRaddex New Member

    I have to disagree there, I was prepared, I had credit card info from my mom ready, had the site up at about 10 minutes before it started...pages wouldn't load at all and the only thing I wanted, the BlackWidow Chroma, was sold out in 30 minutes. It's not just people moaning that aren't prepared. I don't know how many were, but here's one person that was fully prepared and didn't get what they wanted.
  3. Sweet-Chini

    Sweet-Chini New Member

    I got disappointed and that's natural reaction for a human being not getting what he/she wants. But I still support Razer for all the good stuff that it's been doing.

    Even though I did not get my dream Razer Seiren, At least I got my 2nd choice the Razer Kraken pro. I was going to buy the Razer Kraken 7.1 but on the second thought I'll just save the rest of my money for the Razer Seiren bundle on it's retail price.

    Thank you CEO Min for being very close to your customers even though there are too many haters out there. I hope you wouldn't change your mind about the appreciation sales and will still be the same every time Razer wins the CES.
    Good luck for the next CES
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  4. Janet

    Janet New Member

    I think some people can't appreciate something like this doesn't come all the time. They should be happy you even offered such a huge discount! How many places have you seen offer customer appreciation codes for such a huge percentage off of a product?

    You said yourself, stock is limited. It's my first year participating in this and heck, I even found something. Maybe they should have had faster fingers or better internet, IDK, but they shouldn't be complaining about it.
  5. My biggest issue is, it has created a lot of resentment from me personally. Every time you do a sale like this, i try to get in on it and leave disappointed. Servers down, no product in stock, nothing. This year, had everything prepped, ready to go, got nothing. Wasted a bunch of time getting ready, and then trying to get through. So right now i feel like, why bother? If it was a one time thing, then sure, who cares. But each and every sale turns out the same way. I would rather you limit the codes than give everyone false hope they can use them. At least then you dont have a bunch of people wasting time refreshing trying to get an item they simply wont be able to get.

    Ive tried to get a Nabu, no dice, going to try for a nabu x, but at this point, im pretty sure its a wasted effort. Before anyone bashes me for this, this is how i feel, and im not interested in debating this. As someone who owns 3 blackwidows, 4 nagas, 2 vespulas, krakens, 2 copperheads, a lachesis, a lycosa and a hydra , i feel qualified in saying im a razer fanboy. I love this company, and this product, but id rather see no sale/smaller sales than feel disappointed like this once a year.
  6. PureVenom189

    PureVenom189 New Member

    I think the sale is a great idea and a great service by you guys to the fans.

    By no means is it necessary because your products should win Best of CES based on merit alone and not just in expectation of a sale.

    Maybe making the sale 30% instead of 50% would root some out, as well as some potential robustness added to the servers just to the day (possibly extra CDN backing on the main site temporarily).

    Those that say they will never buy Razer again after missing a 50% off sale wouldn't be customers worth keeping anyways as I know many of us would purchase the items full price when the budget allows.

    A remedial sale is also just amazing added on top since the codes were mixed which was a bit frustrating, but again not necessary at all. Just shows a company that cares about its base.

    Thanks again man and I'll be trying again later this month!
  7. Well, not all people are so fortunate to be able to prepare as good as you. I live in Denmark and the sales started at 03:00. I had to get up at 6:30, get myself ready, then wake up my son (age 7) and prepare him for school. This involved making breakfast for him, making his lunch, eating my own breakfast while making sure my son actually ate his breakfast and also got dressed himself. Hopefully everything went smooth so I could get him to school in time. After that I had to go to work for 8 hours.

    When should I have allowed myself enough time to be prepared?
  8. Chubes

    Chubes New Member

    ...Actually I would feel kinda sad seeing the counter for an item I wanted go down to 0 from 1000 in 3-5 minutes. You have to realize that this 50% off sale is not normal in anyway, it is extremely rare to have a company put there items at 50% off especially if they are 2 year old models to new models.
    Therefore, the demand is just that high the counter would prove no use whatsoever it'll go down faster then your browser can refresh o_O.
  9. Kareem_no_id

    Kareem_no_id New Member

    I never even got a code cause the servers were still down for me. So is the sale thats going to happen later this month be open for everyone; or only for those who already obtained it?
  10. Nexthyp3tim

    Nexthyp3tim New Member

    I think min is just seeing a minority of unhappiness... The fact people don't get what they want will always be key but you could easily increase stock so more people have chance, why stop an event which is so successful ?
  11. But you know, everytime someone rises up in this world there's always gonna be some asshole trying to drag him down.Remember those words and keep up the good work and the amazing sales while we keep supporting you for being awesome! :) Meanwhile gonna wait for the other sale to try my chances again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  12. LeiBin

    LeiBin Member

    Honestly, I think this sale is a privilege. Razer don't always go 50% off. Like it's purpose "APPRECIATION SALE" for winning the CES. You didn't get what you want? I didn't either. In the process of the sale, it was their error that they flipped the code, so a remedial sale will be held later this month as a token of apology. What more do you ask? I didn't get what I want because of that, but I'm opted in for another chance to snatch the orbweaver. The CEO himself is responding to his customers, properly addressing this issue, and asking the community what they want. Show a little gratitude.
  13. James.D.A.

    James.D.A. New Member

    Seeing that the preface to the CES sale is that Razer hardly ever does sales, it feels good to even have the opportunity to save on such amazing products. If people are getting upset about not saving money on a certain product because servers go down, or the item they want runs out of stock, that's really their problem. Like you mentioned, lowering the incentive to purchase these products from the lucrative 50% (thank you) to 10% would definitely solve the high traffic issue, but if you extended the sale to a full three day weekend, it would give more people an opportunity to save on those items they have been eying for weeks, months, maybe even years. A nice way to meet in the middle may be to make it a 25% off sale for Accessories and a 15% off Blades/Blade Pros, while extending the sale period to 48 - 72 hours. You could even split the two days up. First day peripherals, second day hardware, etc. This way, the incentive to buy is still high, and the window of opportunity to allow for traffic to die down or items to fill back up would be much more manageable, hopefully creating a happier customer base during the sale. These are just my thoughts, take it all with a grain of salt.
  14. dailybuzzOlivine828

    dailybuzzOlivine828 New Member

    I personally think they should do the sales differently, like send out codes that work at specific times so that at those certain times the razer store might have less traffic so that people trying to buy things can buy things without the loading circle of death.
  15. fliod

    fliod New Member

    Honestly, the negativity probably stems from how the sale gets everyone so excited then they are let down when they don't get what they want and take it out on you or the company. I still think they are a great idea and everyone loves getting a good deal but you'll run into the same problems as Black Friday, where people fight and get angry but still enjoy it in the end when they get a great 50% off deal.
  16. I think the sale should most definitely continue. The switched codes is what caused a majority of the unhappiness and anger. So long as precautions are taken in the future to prevent such a mishap, then I think things can and will go much more smoothly. I am looking forward to the end of the month to try again and am very happy with how you guys are handling it. Thanks a bunch, Razer. You guys rock!
  17. Warchamp7_

    Warchamp7_ New Member

    The biggest problem is the Razer store does not function like a real store, or many other webstores.

    It currently has a timeout on cart items, where not checking out eventually removes it from your cart. The problem is that the item doesn't count as removed from stock when it's in your cart, it's removed once you pay.

    During this particular sale, I first had a problem with the codes being reversed, which stalled me for a minute or two, as I thought maybe things hadn't "kicked in" properly yet. Eventually I tried switching my code and got past that stage.

    Next I filled out shipping info, because I had a new address to ship to. At this stage, the website was complaining my country selection was somehow wrong. I tried hitting Continue once again for a minute or two before I just refreshed the page and filled it all out again.

    Finally I reached the Order Confirmation screen, and was met with the wonderful notice saying an item in my cart was now out of stock. It was still in my "cart", but it's out of stock.

    It's completely unanalogous to how a real store, and maybe webstores work. Items in cart should be removed from stock until a timeout. This behaviour I'm suggesting is actually very prevalent in ticket purchasing webstores, due to the nature of stock there and fairness. It's first in cart, first served, but you have a limited time to checkout after which the item is returned to stock.

    In the very least, for these big "door crasher" sales it really needs to work this way. Pull stock for all items, instead of just the blade, prior to the sale if need be. I'd say just reset peoples carts at sale start, but that may be confusing and upset people who think they're fine by adding an item to their cart prior to when the sale begins.
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  18. XtremeCoolz

    XtremeCoolz New Member

    I don't ask for much. I'd missed the best timing to buy any of my top 10 items last year and the year before that because of my work commitment and shifts. The same thing happen to me again this year and I chose not to buy anything that I don't really need. A remedial sale is better than nothing and I'm really appreciate that. Thanks Razer!
  19. I'm sorry Min, but it looks like all you are doing here is trying to find a reason for yourself or justify stopping the sales. You even have to suggest 10% off? There is no appreciation at all at just 10%, somewhat insulting to your loyal fans. The issues are simple, firstly you gave the wrong codes, secondly razerzone.com is unable to handle the high traffic properly, that is what most people are upset about, im sure if people realize that they could do nothing about the item being sold out, since they were too slow, there wouldnt be such an outrage. Instead they lost out due to the inability to enable codes, and then getting all sorts of random issues on the website, especially in the infinite spinning green loading, which didnt allow to see if the item was in stock or not. Simply put, they felt it was unfair to them. Continue giving this 50% sale, learn from how other companies do these sales, eg, Xiaomi. They do it with very little complaints, since people who didnt get it were simply just too slow on their own behalf. Its funny because 1 item limitation was a good idea, but you guys got more abuse this year with this limitation than the previous years where there were none.
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  20. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member


    True Razer fans would buy the product even without the sale... No matter if it's 50% or 10% sale. The point of the sale event is to express appreciation for those fans not to attract hordes of new customer.
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