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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. Honestly, i enjoy a 50% sale, i mean, who doesn't love sales right? I am in complete support of this 50% sale once in a long time (half a year to a year) But i believe that maybe Razer could have sales from time to time, i'm not talking about 50%, i'm talking about maybe 15/20% sales? This would help curb the amount of disappointed people as many people only rush for a sale because of 1 thing, they're not paying full price. So if you could have mini sales from time to time, i believe the problem of having a massive amount of disappointed people would become something trivial. Imagine 9,000 people do not get their DA chroma, these 9,000 people still have chances at getting it not at a 50% discounted rate but a 20% rate maybe? This still gives them a glimmer of hope. These 15/20% sales could maybe happen only once every 2 months or so? Or when there is a special event.
  2. Sales like this one, in this specific instance, are bound to end up this way. Given the supply being standard (with some low/Out-o-Stock items like normal), the community advertising of the sale being wide, the time of the sale being relatively short, the potential loot being tempting and the discount prices really interesting, people shouldn't be this much surprised about this kind of thing happening. Items were out within the first 10 minutes ... with approximately 70% of us refreshing the wrong code.

    Setting aside the fact that a very bad social behavior today is being grateful for a good initiative only if you gain something from it, while hating on it if you don't, it feels like any of the people who complained on the server load never played any "open beta". Sure, stuff can be a bit eased somehow, but still expecting from a company to upgrade their server setup for an occasional sale is quite asking too much, considering that this sale is their way to rejoice with us.

    In my opinion, as far as some other methods could potentially shape things up (or not), the code thing was the only real and consistent issue, and even being quite a relevant mistake it was handled in one politest way from the CEO himself.

    No, I didn't get anything.
    Yes, I had the code problem and the subsequent O-o-S message and order failure.

    A little question thou: Would re-stocking a slightly higher quantity of the items which went O-o-S first be an actual thing, making them available specifically for the remedial sale? I point this because I've noticed that some items were almost O-o-S already in the EU Store even hours before the sale started, and while that couldn't be fixed, might be addressed by the time of the remedial sale, obviously considering production limits.

    Thanks for the opportunity and care, Razer.
  3. BlackKey

    BlackKey New Member

    For a lot of products that would make the sale moot, as shipping adds enough to end up with retail prices again. I would rather have a small chance of scoring big than a big chance of scoring very little at all.
  4. Ganfu

    Ganfu New Member

    Although I couldn't take advantage of it, I'm a big fan of sales like these. People just need to manage expectations.

    Even a little more communication up front, such as - "We only have 10 of each item in stock, first come first serve." would let people know that it's a SUPER LIMITED sale.

    I look at events like Blizzcon that only have a limited number of tickets, and go on sale online only to sell out in SECONDS. The expectation has been laid out in advance that there's a limited stock and that it will sell out quickly.

    If Razer can communicate this same sense of limited availability, then sales like this are just fine. In this case, it's just the mix-up of the codes that created consternation among those people that were quick on the trigger but couldn't get their discount before items went out of stock.

    Regardless, I'm still a fan and will continue to support Razer by buying their products.
  5. pureskill392

    pureskill392 New Member

    The idea of people sending hate mail and comments is something from the vocal minority and unfortunately what a ever growing company like this has to deal with. What I hope the poll makes Razer realize is the the majority of customers and fans love these sales and the appreciation that Razer gives to it's fans. It is like no other company and puts them at the top of my list even if they may be more expensive for the product I want. The f up was unfortunate but the fact that they are giving a second sale when they already don't have to makes me respect the company even more. And the thought that they should give back orders on the sale or be required to fully stock is one of ignorance. They are a company that has to make money and having a sale like this is something that doesn't need to happen at all (and at most companies would never happen). I hope Razer knows how much the silent majority appreciates them (like me usually that doesn't even have a photo attached) and the fan service they give that is second to none in this industry.
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  6. Corinthian

    Corinthian New Member

    @Min-Liang Tan

    Taking a page from the toys industry for limited edition releases, a raffle method will be a good method for crowd control.

    0. Raffle submission opened for 48hours so that interested users can participate.
    1. Users login to their Razer accounts
    2. Select item which they will like to purchase
    3. Provide shipping address and hit submit*
    4. Winners will be selected in 1 week at a specific time. Winning emails will be sent out (From Date/time to Date/time) so that users can anticipate and check if they receive any emails.
    5. Selected winners of the raffle will get an email with a link for them to make payment and the item will be shipped to the shipping address provided.**
    6. Receipt will be emailed to the users (Auto-system) and a record may also be made available in their Razer account.

    * Shipping address is required so that admins can filter duplicates and null/void multiple entries from different accounts shipping to the same address. (Stamp out resellers)

    ** Payment must be made within 1 week from the time when the email is sent out. If payment is not made within the stipulated time, these winners and their shipping address will be placed on a blacklist for future similar discount promos. (Ensure users are serious about wanting to purchase when they participate in the lottery and that fair opportunity is given to all.)

    - Controlled system whereby quantity is unannounced and can be specified.
    - Equal chance and opportunity for all participating.
    - Ease web traffic
    - Winner anonymity. Participants will usually create a separate thread to discuss and brag about it if they are the lucky ones!
    - Ease sorting, blacklisting and understanding behaviors of participants for the raffle.
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  7. LeonUNI

    LeonUNI Member

    All things are difficult to discuss without knowing the insides of the business.

    But as a new insider, perhaps, more bandwidth on the servers. As it'll be expected traffic peaks. But if that's not the problem, than what can we say. Greedy. I am very thankful, and would love to continue to pay full price for your product.

    I'd also like to stream for you, and get a Seiren microphone hehe
  8. XDSub

    XDSub New Member

    Never have a seen a CEO so involved. Kudos to you for being the leader you are. Most popular companies don't do sales. (When is the last time you saw apple run a sale). I'll buy Razer products sale or not. Just keep making awesome gear!
  9. clankdude

    clankdude New Member

    Its always awesome to do something like this for the fans. Just remember. It takes little to no thought to complain while many will not compliment even if they are happy. I got what I wanted this year and am grateful and you don't HAVE to do the remedial sale but you do. That alone shows a great deal of support to the community that I do not see many retailers or companies giving.
  10. Silentkiller89x

    Silentkiller89x New Member

    Yes keep the appreciation sale but improve the functionality of your site during these high volume sales. Improve the script that determines whether an item is in stock or not. That link/image never once appeared for me during the sale. Maybe have a queue system or something. First X number of people to queue up for an item get it. If they don't make the purchase within 15 mins then they lose their spot and the next person in the queue gets a shot. You can limit this to however many items you have in stock or want to sell for that appreciation sale.

    I didn't get anything and I'm not upset. The sale item I would have gotten is an item that I was on the fence about anyway. For razor products I definitely want...I buy them anyway. I have no problem supporting a great company.

    Also, Amazon (not sure about accuracy) sold 426 items per second on Cyber Monday in 2013 and their site handled it. I'm simply saying in today's world a site should not lose functionality because of customer volume. (cyber attacks not included).
  11. SinSpirit

    SinSpirit New Member

    Actually is all about the reversed code which cause the blames.At least for me. If I use the right code with the right item and I cant get it because of out of stock and my bad luck. I wouldn't blames. And min liang the CEO giving the Remedial sales its a right move. Right code with right item if can't get it.
    Bad bandwidth, traffic on website = Luck Problems. So blame own lucks
  12. Rodetovenaar

    Rodetovenaar Active Member

    I think you should keep running them, although, possibly screen them like the pre-orders for the Nabu X are going to be. Sure, there are going to be some unhappy people who didn't get what they want, but I suspect it is just a very vocal minority causing all the fuss. It's not as though you guys really do any other big sales either.
  13. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    Don't care about people who complain for sport. They generally complain if the sun shine and also if it's raining. The fact is that Razer has growth a lot, and tons and always more people like the products you make and want to buy them. the same people that give bad words and spit on razer and behind are only ridicolous envious of not have any razer product.
    Go forward, more people talk, better the name grow. It doesn't care if they talk good or bad, it's matter that people talk, people want razer, and once they have razer... they stop talking bad, and start talking good.
    Razer Cult will grow.
    and as always the bigger a thing become, more people want to be versus.
    GL HF.
    you're the best.

    LIRAAAAAAA New Member

    I only wish you could ship to Brazil. I've lost the past 3 CES appreciation sales because I couldn't have items sent down here. Could you do something about that,
    Min-Liang Tan?
  15. wwwvictoriskingcom

    wwwvictoriskingcom New Member

    Why doesn't Razer allow backorders everyone would be happy with that. Just take the order first I'm surr people won't mind waiting for your sold out products
  16. bestbookAwesome181

    bestbookAwesome181 New Member

    In my opinion, the sale should still keep going on and on, however the whole struggle is that there are very high demand and low stock. Also, due to the immense quantity of people, servers lag. As a solution, you guys should stock up abundantly in order to satisfy everyone's need, or at least as much as you can, and upgrading the servers so there wouldn't be such a high traffic.
  17. RedXIII

    RedXIII New Member

    Hi Mr. Tan! first i would like to say that i love the products you and your company put out and the enthusiasm your company has. in regards to your response to this situation, i am awe-inspired in how humble and brave you are. I do have an idea for future sales however though, it may or may not sound the best. For razer insider, implement a subscription fee. this will get insiders exclusive services, sale releases etc. when a sale comes along, only subscribers would get a code reducing competition and will also give you a figure to work with in regards to how many products to have ready in preparation for a sale! in which case, razer fans will be happy with the net savings and the products you make
  18. This is so true. I believe in keeping the sales, however unlike everyone else here I don't think you should change anything with the sales. Just keep them the way they normally are. Obviously not everyone is gonna get what they want and they gotta learn to live with that.
    Besides its not this is the end all be all of razer sales. Tons of other places to get razer stuff on sale just gotta know where to look.
  19. schincken

    schincken New Member

    why dont you just set the date of the sale one month forward and get a bigger stock
  20. TheDon2014

    TheDon2014 New Member

    I would continue to run them but use a queue system in place about 30 mins before the sale so the server does not crash and have double the ammount of stock you normally would have for new and popular items
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