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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Deleted member 368765, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. RealMysterio

    RealMysterio New Member

    Hi, this is my first Razer product and I really love it! I'm coming from Roccat Kone AIMO, but the Basilisk is much better. Except for the buggy software :D Changing the lightning crashes Synapse 3 instantly...

    Anyway, which mousepad can you recommend for using it with the Basilisk? I tried Logitech G640, Steelseries Qck+ and Roccat Taito. Non of them gives me the feel of having "the right" aiming/tracking (low sense, really low ;) ) The Taito is the "best" I have right now for me, but still far away from being really good.
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  2. MagnumLifeGaming

    MagnumLifeGaming New Member

    I recommend the Razer Goliathus Speed or Control. I myself have the speed.

    The difference between speed and control is that the mouse glides easier on the speed.
    I have the extended edition as well (covers your mouse and keyboard).
    It's a great product, the best you can find in my opinion. You can also calibrate a Razer mouse for a Razer mousepad so you can select that as well in the software.
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  3. lazygold

    lazygold New Member

    I have been using the Razer gigantus for around a year and its simply perfect ;)
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  4. RealMysterio

    RealMysterio New Member

    Purchased the Razer Goliathus Speed Large today and, I'm impressed! :) Pretty precise yet good speed! Thanks for the recommendation!
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  5. ItsCW

    ItsCW New Member

    is this compatible with razer chroma?
  6. RealMysterio

    RealMysterio New Member

    Yes, as stated on the product page
  7. blue2kid3

    blue2kid3 Member

    I love this mouse but I am sure this was asked but is there a way to turn the clutch into a toggle rather than holding it down?
  8. theconquergamer

    theconquergamer New Member

    well i think its dope and high quality mouse but it is worth it we lose our
  9. Erues

    Erues New Member

    I have bought this mouse and i think it's amazing,i really like it
  10. RazerNangu

    RazerNangu Member Staff Member

    Yup! You can configure it just like any other button on the mouse. :)
  11. bubblesheep89

    bubblesheep89 New Member

    Hey All

    Has anyone had any issues with the scroll wheel on the basilisk? There's a tiny wheel under the mouse that allows for different sensitivity while scrolling, but my scroll wheel itself seems to currently having a FFA. One second its on its highest setting, the next loose as anything with no resistance. I've not had any luck googling issues like it, so I thought I'd turn to you guys :)

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