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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. Edward Palmer_no_id

    Edward Palmer_no_id New Member

    I dunno...any PowerMac/MacBook Pro users, who paid for all the bells and whistles, care to chime in?

    Why would anyone buy a laptop from Amazon? That's like buying a new car off ebay.

    I believe so, as I've had a Deathstalker Ultimate for about 3 years now. The SDK is available, just no one I've seen is building any apps worthy of installing. Since the UI is no longer offered on new Razer gear, it would be a safe bet that Min has moved on.
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  2. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    I used a MacBook Pro retina since 2012 and I made the switch . Why? Because I need power and portability since I'm a photographer / videographer that travels. Can't really do much on a MacBook anymore :/ plus RBP looks good and build quality is amazing
  3. Yes it is if you're buying another laptop but Razer customer service is so bad Amazon is the only way to go but even then this laptop QC is awful.
  4. xhincarryon

    xhincarryon New Member

    I hope , I can have this ♥
  5. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    That's why I went with Amazon. if the RBP had been available from the M$ store I would have bought from there. Also picked up the asurion ext warranty for 330$
  6. Chestnutleetcove255

    Chestnutleetcove255 New Member

    Any one know why and how RBP drops fps in Dota 2 from ~120 on max settings to 30 for a 4-5 sec, then again 80-120 and again 30 fps.

    Same in World Of Tanks, it start from 120 fps, then down to unplayable like ~20-30-40, then again 120 fps. What to do? Where to dig?

    Tryed G sync off and on, and power plan in nvcp global adaptive and tryed max performance.
  7. my new razer blade pro is crashing 3 times when i played rise of the tomb raider. further i have big issues with the FPS. even at 1080p i got fps drops


    uninstall the "razer stats". I have read that this leads to problems with the FPS
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  8. Smart choice I was going to buy this laptop as soon as it came out. Then I decided to wait because I figured they were going to have software issues. To my surprise 70% of units are scrap metal. Now I'm going to wait until the Pro 1180 hopefully they will fix all the problems. First time Razer put a desktop card in a laptop next time should be better. Soon Amazon warranty price will be the same as the laptop because they will have to replace 70% of them. Still shocked that the warranty went up to $800.
  9. Amazon warranty is down to $525 know still high it was like $350 at the beginning. I guess it is a sign that the Pro is working out some of these issues. I'm still going to skip this one and wait for the next one.
  10. So I am typing on my new RBP from Amazon and I wanted to see if I could get some basic help. I am new to Razer products, and I am a professional video editor by trade. I got this as an upgrade to a 2012 MBP. So far so good.

    I wanted to be sure I had the latest drivers and firmware for the unit. I did the upgrade of Synapse and all of the windows upgrades that have shown as available. Do I need to manually download and install any drivers or software from the Razer support site?

    The only quirk I am seeing is that the trackpad cursor seems to jump to a different part of the screen at times, but it could be user error. This is definitely not my favorite set up.

    I am going to be switching to a JBOD configuration of the SSD's. What's the easiest way to backup and then restore my apps and files? I could reinstall everything. but it would be more pleasant to be able to restore from a back-up. Can I used the system image option in windows? or would the recovery USB be sufficient?

    Sorry for the new questions, but this is my first time using windows for content creation in over 10 years, so I am rusty.

    Thanks all
  11. syscrusher

    syscrusher Member

    When you delete the RAID 0 array and reprovision the drives as JBOD, everything on the drives, right down to the partition table, is history. You won't be able to use the recovery partition because will cease to exist. Plan accordingly, back up your data, and have a Windows installation USB disk available. I recommend test-booting your install media before you wipe the system that you use to create installation media, unless you have a second computer.
  12. campJellyBeanbit607

    campJellyBeanbit607 New Member

    So I rma'd my blade pro that I posted about previously. I got my new blade pro yesterday. I fired it up, all excited to have a blade pro again. Well, the annoying fan noise in here from the outset with this one. What is going on with razer QC? Going to have to RMA my second laptop already, this one on arrival. I'll attach a video of the noise

  13. syscrusher

    syscrusher Member

    My sympathies to you. That is almost certainly something contacting the fan rotor blades. That really should have been caught at the factory during final QC.
  14. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    good news everyone!! nvidia has signed the the razer blade pro for driver updates through them. geforce experience just notified me that a new driver update is available!
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  15. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest New Member

    Can you run firestrike benchmarks with the latest driver (using external display) and post the results when you update your driver?
  16. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    it will be about the same im pretty sure, previous benchmarks show the graphics card scores about 10% lower than its desktop counterpart which is what everyone expected. its the 6700HQ thats causing the low firestrike score. but if i get some time tomorrow i will run it
  17. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member
    OC +150

    right now im messing around on gta v single player, 4k with mostly maxed out settings, FXAA/MSAA off, shadows high, grass high, soft shadows - softer, post fx normal, tesselations off, high resolution shadows on (advanced graphics). gsync off, vsync off. and im getting around most parts 90 fps and in demanding parts 60 fps. dunno if this is from the update but pretty awesome
  18. Hi Guys,
    I'm new to this forum, I have recently purchased the RBP 2016 and I wanted to see what kind of TEMPS you guys are getting?

    I'm seeing 60C - 64C for the GPU on Idle and up to 75C during gaming, CPU Temps are similar.

    Also the palm rest area below the WASD keys gets kinda warm even on idle, I just want to see is it an issue with my unit or that's normal?
  19. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest New Member

    Crazy question, but does the razer core work with the razer blade pro?

    If it does, I would assume we would see the same scores we see with the razer blade. Clearly a very expensive option, but I wonder what razer blade pro + razer core + titan pascal + external video + oc would yield.
  20. JASPERLinenbiz366

    JASPERLinenbiz366 New Member

    Everything you said seems pretty normal except GPU on idle. My idle is around 48-50C.
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