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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by SkyFox1929, Nov 9, 2016.

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  1. SkyFox1929

    SkyFox1929 New Member

    When people over in Europe (Especially me in the UK) heard about the release of the Blade Stealth and its cheap price tag compared to other Razer laptops we were jumping for joy. Even the tech geeks over at CNET loved the price tag equivalent to around £800. Now that's obviously excluding export prices which we knew were going to be added.
    But what surprised us was when the price for it in the UK was exactly the same price as in the US in terms of numbers (£999 and $999). Now a £200 pound increase on the laptop will not surprise everyone, but when comparing it to the mac which is also a US exported computer brand. The MacBook was more expensive in the US than the Blade Stealth which made it so good. But over here the price of the Blade Stealth is very similar to the MacBook.
    So why does the price for the Blade Stealth cost more to come over to Europe than the MacBook even though they're both shipped from the US.

    Please leave your thoughts on this and correct me on any mistakes that I made in my rant (Sorry about that). Lets also see if we can get this post popular enough that the gods in Razer see this and they can give us the full proper reason to why we are all dying in Europe.

    P.S. (I'm not hating on Razer so don't comment about them being bad I just made this post to try and actually find an answer because even though its cheaper than other Razer laptops it is still annoying to why it is so much in Europe).
    :heart: Razer
  2. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Pretty simple answer. It's the VAT that has to be added on top of the original price. They are showing them, when you buy it. They show the normal price and then the added taxes.

    F.e. my order:

    The US version of the Blade Stealth 256GB costs 1249$
    German price = 1399€

    1249$ ~~ 1143€
    VAT are 19% for Germany
    19% of 1143€ are ~217€
    1143€ + 217€ = 1360€

    So there we have our price +/- 40€(due to swaying exchange rate) :)
  3. SkyFox1929

    SkyFox1929 New Member

    Thanks mate, on the UK store it doesn't show the prices with and without tax it just says £999 pounds. But our VAT is very similar to you so what you saying should follow mine, thanks for the help. :heart:
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