Upcoming countries available to redeem items with ZSilver

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by furianordestina, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. furianordestina

    furianordestina New Member

    What is the next countries will be available to redeem items with zsilver, when and how will be decided?
    Because i want very much to be able to reedem the items as soon as possible, but unfortunately in Brazil we still don't have the service yet.

    Sorry about my english.
  2. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    The way we do it is to prioritize countries that have a lot of active Razer users - so we'll get to your country soon as long as there are lots of Razer fans and users of Razer software and services like zVault. Give it a bit of time and we'll roll out to your country soon.
  3. devilfather

    devilfather New Member

    Still waiting and hope it will reach Malaysia soon... ^^..... hope to get a MUG here soon haha...
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  4. GetINV2

    GetINV2 New Member

    Still waiting too! Hope it gets to Hong Kong soon!
  5. saigonsector

    saigonsector New Member

    Wonder why Malaysia get's stuff late.Often our neighbour,Singapore, almost always gets recognized & services are provided to them..Darn..
  6. Noesome

    Noesome New Member

    Hoping for Philippines to get added soon! I wanted the Mouse Bungee but maybe I could get to 100k to get that mug. :)

    Well, Min's (the CEO) from Singapore, sooo... Home country will always get it first ;)
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  7. ioriman

    ioriman New Member

    I believe in you, senpai
  8. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    I believe in Romania, maybe one day ...
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  9. yapmervyn0930

    yapmervyn0930 Member

    Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! Philippines please!! :smile_:
  10. Chenhui12

    Chenhui12 Member

    The time will come guys ~
  11. ch6_6

    ch6_6 Member

    Malaysia +1, here have really many Razer users.
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  12. FRSR06

    FRSR06 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure we've got a lot of Razer fans here in the Philippines! I just hope by the time we can redeem stuff, the mug is still available. :D
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  13. saigonsector

    saigonsector New Member

    It's quite doubtful though because it's the most sought after product and by the time our countries get 'recognized'(who knows when),the mug would be out of stock.

    Geez,no wonder.Thanks for the info!
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  14. jukest

    jukest New Member

    Let the Philippines bleed green!
  15. FRSR06

    FRSR06 Well-Known Member

    Ahahaha yeah, that's why I'm just hoping. There's nothing to lose. The redemption being available to our country alone is already well and good.
  16. Titofenix

    Titofenix New Member

    I would like it to be available for colombia so that the payment will be paid.
  17. TheBemol

    TheBemol New Member

    Brazil is crying out to redeem items! Please come to us!
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  18. FrozenFireVR

    FrozenFireVR Well-Known Member

    Oooh... Wonder if everybody else in India is as interested in Razer as I am... Oh well, time to advertise. If I may, how do you figure out which country has interested people? They obviously won't be having much Razer gear if there isn't an official presence, is it thorough Insider accounts (I don't think many would have accounts without having the products, unless they're like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)?
  19. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    When you have @Min-Liang Tan comment on threads and communicate with the public like this, thats just awesome! Talk about getting involved with the community, this is one of the reasons why I joined the community! :)

    I'd love to see the Philippines on the roster (if not already) even though I'm in America. I do go to visit and to see Razer pride would make me happy :)
  20. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    to both that i bold underline, that's why they make an expiration date on zsilver... to know how much razer fans at each region, so that razer can send to that country... nice play
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