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What brought you into the online gaming world?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by RossHarvey, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. Axemify

    Axemify New Member

    Runescape started gaming for me. All my cousins and friends played it and when I gave it a try I was addicted. Eventually playing the same game gets old and people start looking for new things and that's how I found all these different games I play up to today.
  2. AndyShannon

    AndyShannon New Member

    Counter Strike, unreal tournament, in my college dorm it was an addiction.
  3. pmoradi2002

    pmoradi2002 New Member

    Counter-Strike :)
  4. EliteGameist

    EliteGameist New Member

    runescape, tibia, minecraft alpha 1.2.1ish
  5. DragonHawk88

    DragonHawk88 New Member

    The very first games I played online were for the PS2 when I bought the online adapter. They were Tony Hawk Underground and ATV Offroad Fury. I was on dial up back then!
  6. hmmmmm, a text base mud game 20 years ago..
  7. WinnieThePimp

    WinnieThePimp New Member

    Ultima online or warcraft 2
  8. emceechau

    emceechau New Member

    like everyone here..runescape
  9. 1w34t

    1w34t New Member

  10. 1w34t

    1w34t New Member

  11. Ochreclubthink151

    Ochreclubthink151 New Member

    A long time ago I went to my friend's LAN party where I met a lot of people in the local online gaming community. Eventually I upgraded my computer and that's basically what I've been doing since.
  12. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    ::cough cough:: World of Warcraft (vanilla)
  13. My first online game was Diablo 2, and then my first true MMO was Ragnarok
  14. AznSkribbles

    AznSkribbles New Member

    My cousin introduced me to Adventure Quest, Maplestory and then Trickster online, got me hooked into online games and wouldn't stop playing every one of them
  15. CrAzDJ

    CrAzDJ Member

    Starcraft Like the original starcraft was a great game but i love Starcraft 2
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  16. CS 1.5. I was probably like 8 years old but got introduced by my brother after getting bored of Rollercoaster Tycoon.
  17. Mirza_Ghalib

    Mirza_Ghalib New Member

    Half-Life. The first one. Mostly becaus of mods, especially Team Fortress. Again, the first Team Fortress.
  18. lizano78

    lizano78 New Member

    Guild Wars 1, old but gold. A great community, everythings was based on people's exchange so it was creating a whole society inside it. Too bad the big industry came with they big load of games and ruined it :'( sniff
  19. Bodacious2000

    Bodacious2000 New Member

    My dad was actually the one who introduced me to gaming in general. When I was young I used to watch and play Warcraft with him, not WoW. And after that the games I branched off into had multiplayer functions to them so it naturally progressed to that.
  20. My first online experience was Xbox 360 and playing gears of war. I played that everyday all day for like 2 years. It was soo good.
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