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What do you guys think of the new Razer Tartarus Pro?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by RocketSkates93, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Nah I'm deffo not a Razer staff lol, I'm just trying to know if this issue being looked into / fixed.

    This is the email address the staff came to me with after I contacted them from the site. Seems like they're recruiting internationally.
  2. pervysage19

    pervysage19 New Member

    Bought and tried this for a couple weeks (avid user of the Orbweaver Chroma & original Orbweaver when it came out). Had never tried the Tartarus "shape" before this.

    For one, I guess I just much prefer tactile clicky switches now for their feedback and feel. The linear switches just were not as satisfying to use and somehow they seemed even louder than clicky switches at times? I guess with how the stabilizer resets the keys after a press, it gives it a bit of an annoying clack at every reset. Maybe it's just a preference thing but definitely prefer sound and feel of the greens on the Orbweaver Chroma.

    Also MUCH prefer the shape and adjustability of the Orbweaver in comparison to the Tartarus which only offers 2 positions to change the shape? That is pathetic in comparison to what you can do with the Orbweaver where you can not only move the palm rest area but the thumb buttons extend out as well. Now this limited adjustability was reasonable when they were selling the Tartarus as a budget option to the Orbweaver but now that you've gone ahead and gave the Tartarus PREMIUM pricing... it still has the same old crappy limitations as far as shape goes. Not worth the money at all here. And just looking at the Tartarus in comparison to the Orbweaver, it actually LOOKS and FEELS cheaply built compared to a Orbweaver. Honestly seems like Razer is maximizing profits on this product and not giving the consumer much in return for their dollar... not good.

    For anyone wondering... analog functionality does not work whatsoever without Synapse... it will just function like a normal keypad without Synapse. Synapse is an input lag monster of a program... so any advantage you were hoping to get from the so-called "faster" optical switches doesn't matter when you are forced to use a bloated lag monster of a software program. I very much enjoy using my Orbweaver WITHOUT Synapse installed. Now I already kind of figured analog functionality wouldn't really work without Synapse... I just kind of wanted to try out optical switches in general to see if their was a significant difference in latency feel... and there doesn't really seem to be.

    Overall... I think it's a bit of a joke that they choose to upgrade the budget Tartarus constantly... it's gotten 2 upgrades in a row now with the v2 and now Pro version whereas the Orbweaver its on the sidelines not being touched. This would have been a superior product if they had instead made a "Orbweaver Pro" instead.
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  3. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Honestly I did not like the feeling much on the Orbweaver.
    It may have more adjustability, but if the main product doesn't have a solid structure, I rather prefer no adjustability.

    The thumb pad was pretty loose, I often had to put a towel under so it stops moving.

    The keys were very noisy (I had the Chroma version) and it did not have full anti-ghosting, also the actuation point was quite high for my liking anyways, around 2mm vs 1mm for the Razer Linear Optical Switch, and you're telling me the Tartarus Pro sounds slower with Synapse off.
    A matter of preference, perhaps, yeah.

    The other issue I had with the Orbweaver was the ball bearing system - one of the balls got lost in the t-pad so I had to disasembly the whole product to get it out.

    The thumbstick is so small it was quite hard to use it 8-way, like for example instead of hitting top-right, I was often hitting straight right, I couldn't really use it accurately, so had no other choice than setting it to 4-way. I like that the Tartarus offers bi-directional buttons, and a bigger stick.

    The last issue I had with the Orbweaver was the suspended thumb button, I preferred it to be rested instead, because of long-terrm intense gaming sessions I think I'd have ended up making it completely loose.

    Anyways yeah the Orbweaver did need an upgrade more than the Tartarus.
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  4. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Hej guys,

    found two Youtube videos that do describe why the analog switches doesn't work as promised to us.

    The first one is a technical analysis about the functionality of the switches. The guy shows that the keys are not able to deliver a good and expected linear output for the analog signal. Instead the keys will deliver an analog output of 100% when you only pressed them down about 2 mm only.

    (start at 2:36)

    The second video is non-technical but show the same effect.

    (start at 4:09)

    Seems the promised analog features are broken by technical design.

    At least now I know that I am not alone with my problems and complaints about it.

    All the best

    Last edited: Dec 17, 2019
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  5. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    "we didn't receive any complaining regarding the Adjustable Actuation"

    LoL, what a ridiculous and wrong statement, unbelievable.
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  6. WTF, my less then one month old product is already out of warranty ?

  7. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    LOL. "The developer team is trying their best ...".

    When I am applying for a new job and I write in my former job description "I tried my best for three years to get the software running", do you think my application would be successfull ?
  8. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    I've seen those videos, plus the few complains we can see in their reddit support section and even better, their official board, they still dare telling me there wasn't a single complain. What a joke!
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  9. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    I suggest you contact them about this because it's not NORMAL. If it happens to me, I sure would be disappointed.
    This is really starting to lead me towards the Azeron. I just don't want to spend 150€ on a broken product.
  10. From my opinion this is a hardware design issue and they will not be able to get it fixed with a software update.
    I have asked for a full refund because of false advertisment of features. I just want this hardware (Tartarus Pro), software (Synapse3) and communication (support) disaster to end as soon as possible.

    Beside all that trouble, I still enjoy my 'historical' and out of support Orbweaver gamepad and Ouroborus mouse.
    I'll wait until they have fixed the Synapse 3 issues before I'll ever consider buying new Razer products.
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  11. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    I can't believe all that. The most disappointing is, that they don't communicate.
    OK, surely, it's embarrassing for a premium company, to confess, that they have realeased a faulty product.
    And a personal desaster for everyone, responsible for that product. But much more more worse is, to try to cover up or ignore an obvious design fault, instead of drawing back the product and refund the consumers.
    Razer, how low can you get?
  12. Maybe we are lucky and they will refund the complaining customers. Keeping fingers crossed for that.
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  13. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    What Synapse 3 issues are you talking about, and does it concern the Tartarus or all Razer products? Because I recently purchased the razer Viper, and noticed no single issues regarding the software. The latency issue you were talking about I did not feel any when using the Orbweaver, so perhaps something to check on your end, or that it's related to Tartarus.
  14. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Or maybe even better, they do exchange the broken product with a working one ;)
    But I guess that Synapse 3 will have become final before they have fixed the Tartarus Problematic

    Synapse 3 doesn't support all available products. Razer keeps promising to add Synapse 2 driven products to Sinapse 3 since multiple years but don't deliver it. Check this thread

    So you have to use Synapse 2 for your so called 'legacy' products (which they still offer in the online shop) and Sinapse 3 for the newer devices. You need to install and understand/maintain two different driver ecosystems.
    If you are a fan of the interdevice communication feature (like me) you will not be able to use it inbetween Syn2 and Sin3 driven products anymore.

    Ah! Did I mention that Sin3 ist still in beta after three years development ?

    Btw: I also have the legacy Orbweaver gamepad and the legacy Ourobous mouse that are both Syn2 products and work well together. Just recently I bought the Sin3 driven broken Tartarus Pro that doesn't communicate with my Razer mouse anymore so I lost that beloved functionality.
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  15. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    At least, there would be no problem, if old and new versions of Synapse work seamlesly together.
    But they don't in no way, no way to import, no way to synchronize both versions.
    And for all, both don't work without satisfying without bugs.
    One can turn it as one wants, everything is a disaster.
  16. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    3 years of development well that is something lol
  17. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    I am going to leave this here as a reminder, as there have been a couple of times on this thread already that private correspondence (not already in a public forum) between an Insider member and Razer Staff has been posted via screenshots. This is in direct violation of the Insider House Rules. Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 00.55.21.png
  18. Is this the reason why supporters always write: "Let's continue in a conversation" ?
    Btw: I did anonymise the names of the Razer staff to fully respect their privacy.
  19. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    The most likely reason I can think of - I'm not support staff, so this is just a guess - they ask to continue in a conversation because it creates an e-mail chain for them that isn't diluted by anybody else's additions to the thread, and lets them concentrate on the issues one-at-a-time. Direct one-on-one communication with the member posting about the issue.
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