What's In Your Bag? Feb 2017 - Fan Edition

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Deleted member 368765, Feb 20, 2017.

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  1. PeStil3nc3

    PeStil3nc3 New Member

    That is a very good looking bag
  2. whiplashell

    whiplashell New Member

    I really want this because I just have a mousepad :frown_:
  3. NinjaTadpole

    NinjaTadpole New Member

    lol I got my lenovo "gaming" laptop XDDD ( sarcasm) I wish id win this but good luck too all!
  4. Stuntyheart2

    Stuntyheart2 New Member

    Hope i win this, my mouse is broke and PC is a potato :frown_:
  5. I need a better laptop, what better than a blade? not to mention all the other neat stuff in the bag!
  6. I bought My Razer Naga in 2009 and It hasn't failed me yet! The Razer Naga under very heavy use is still going strong. It has outlasted all my other external devices. The cord is still intact!

    Above and beyond durability I love the fact that Razer has supported this device through the years with updates to its configuration software. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the Synapse software get better and better over the years. They have not abandon my aging product yet!.

    As for functionality Synapse is just awesome. This software is easy to use and teach others to use. This saves me valuable gaming time while gaining new allies in a game.I love the fact it allows me to create and modify macros on the fly, Its so easy my grandpa could do it!

    The Razer Naga is second to none! I am proud to be a gamer that uses this product and look forward to upgrading my external devices in the near future with Razer products.
  7. ShinLuu_no_id

    ShinLuu_no_id New Member

    The razer backpack looks so cool
  8. sandebricikur

    sandebricikur New Member

    This looks great with appreciation, like it says on the backpack " FOR GAMERS - BY GAMERS "
    Well, good luck all, i hope i'll win one :rolleyes:
  9. I hope that I can win this giveaway because I felt that I'm worth it, even though I only brought 2 item from Razer,Razer diamondback and Razer mouse pad,i felt that all this years Razer have been making quality product for people for gamer like us to have a better environment condition to either do work or play games not only that Razer has been trying to improve like changing the type of keyboard sound from one become 3 now this show that Razer care about the user feeling and making it better for us. Lastly I would like to say that I'm a fan of Razer and hope I can win the giveaway.
  10. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    Really hope I have a chance I never won anything before. I am a huge razer fanboy so I really hope i could get this bag
  11. i enter these all the time and have never won *yet* always hoping this will be my chance
  12. bytestreetSalmon842

    bytestreetSalmon842 New Member

    Maybe I'm a nihilist, but at the advanced age of 36, I find that when I look back at the things I've won.... Well, let's just say a sandwich bag to carry it would be extreme overkill.

    If I suddenly won a big bag of awesome, I'd lose my mind! I remember when I turned 18 and that company what starts with a "G" sent me a free Mach 3.. I've been a customer for life.
    Suffice to say, this particular customer loyalty is easily bribed. I encourage bribes and the giving me of the free swag, and like it very much.
  13. bytestreetSalmon842

    bytestreetSalmon842 New Member

    We are all just trying to butter you up so that you'll swing the RNG to our favor, if you smell what I'm stepping in, and I know that you do..
  14. ShenanMark42

    ShenanMark42 New Member

    Can I win this..
    I think I can't win thise...

    Now I think I can win thise..
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  15. Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?
  16. I would love to win a Stealth so I can bring it everywhere with me while leaving my desktop at home!
  17. I hope writing comments doesn't effect who wins.. but i SERIOUSLY NEED A WAY BETTER LAPTOP.
  18. chjumaliev2018

    chjumaliev2018 New Member

    awesome opportunity
  19. Jotape_

    Jotape_ New Member

    good luck everyone!
  20. Hey good luck to everyone else out there :)
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