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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by DulceLariz, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. lucian127

    lucian127 New Member

    PC Gaming is, to me the most complete experience you can get. Custom components, multi-tasking, and the flexbility of keyboard/mouse (I play mostly FPS) made my days, and I can't go back to consoles anymore (not that I despise them though).
  2. StressedOutCat

    StressedOutCat New Member

    the are more verity of interesting games and you don't have to pay for playing online
    not to mention all the other reasons mentioned by everyone else
    (better graphics and cheaper games)
  3. Azureworldpulse337

    Azureworldpulse337 New Member

    For all the liberties and possibilities that you can't have on a console
  4. DaDucktator

    DaDucktator New Member

    I have honestly always been more of a console guy honestly. Though I have never built my own PC, I do plan on doing so in the next year and playing more on PC.

    I do like the idea of bigger servers and bigger MMO's on PC as compared to the majority of console games.
  5. It's just not as restricted as in a console and games is feeling better
  6. JohnnyCrazyy

    JohnnyCrazyy New Member

    The best part IMO is the ability to mod in a lot of games e.g Garrysmod :)
    It's amazing what people build if they have to ability to do.
  7. aerosystemCapri330

    aerosystemCapri330 New Member

    I feel like you have more control when you use a PC rather then console. :)
  8. PBGAM3R14

    PBGAM3R14 New Member

    Cheaper games, better community, and well mods ( and much more).
  9. Whiskyt

    Whiskyt Member

    Because i'm a pc enthusiast :D I love modding,, watercooling, and stuff like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  10. stronger system and better quality for games, and plus it was always preferred since my childhood since starcraft and warcraft were only available for PC! I pretty much got kind of bored buying new systems every time so PC saved me a lot of mula
  11. eth0sire

    eth0sire New Member

    Because I can do so much more with a PC. It is not just a gaming machine but also a machine which I can accomplish things besides video games on.
  12. Elwend

    Elwend New Member

    I've mostly played on PC so it's just easier for me than playing a console. And more versatile. You can do so much more with PC while playing. And of course you'll get a pink/black tower case ;) Haven't seen much color variations on consoles.
  13. herbie789

    herbie789 New Member

    Playing fps is a lot easier in PC in my opinion. Oh, did I forget to mention that Dota 2 comes only in PC? lol :D
  14. Aeristears

    Aeristears New Member

    I think I like PC gaming more because you can have better systems overall. Consoles are awesome but you're kind of bound to their specs until a new one comes out every couple of years.
  15. JakeFromSt8Farm

    JakeFromSt8Farm New Member

    I find that PC gaming is a whole new level of gaming. I dont know how many times I try to have people try out PC gaming. Sure, the initial cost is expensive, but when you look at the cost of games compared to Xbox or PS, Steam blows them out of the water. PC gaming to me allows for more freedom. Dont like how slow your computer is, UPGRADE. Dont like your mouse, UPGRADE. Dont like your case, UPGRADE. Literally everything is customizable, and that, is what I like.
  16. brownboom

    brownboom New Member

    Mods, Steam (as a store and place for all your games), Steam sales, better graphics.
  17. CrM_no_id

    CrM_no_id New Member

    I love gaming on PC because using a keyboard and mouse is soooo much easier than a controller! (especially in shooter games)
  18. SSOAwakeN

    SSOAwakeN New Member

    pc master race haha. Also because it gives you more variety and you don't have to shell extra money for a gaming system that your PC can perform at with optimum settings
  19. literalfluffery

    literalfluffery New Member

    I prefer PC over console because:
    I can use the PC for homework, editing etc.
    Separated GPU and CPU for better performance in games
    Ability to run 4K smoothly (assuming you have a good PC)
    Ability to build and customize your own rig, and upgrade when you need to
    Better controls
  20. Kazeyuki

    Kazeyuki New Member

    I prefer PC for some reasons. You can easily customize it your way :) the games are a lot cheaper, and i can use it both for my university projects and gaming
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