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Windows 10 Upgrade Results/Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Systems' started by coolbho3k, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Since Windows 10 RTM is coming in 2 weeks, please post your Windows 10 upgrade experiences.

    Please include:

    Computer model (Blade 14", Blade Pro, 2013/2014/2015, etc)
    Build number (Insider build number or RTM)
    Whether you did an upgrade install or a clean install
    Any special hardware/upgrades you have done to your system (third-party SSDs, etc)

    Razer Blade 2015 QHD+
    Windows 10 Pro Insider Build 10162, Clean Install (not upgrade from Razer's Windows 8.1 OEM)

    • NVIDIA Graphics, Intel Graphics, Optimus. No driver download seems to be required for graphics. Windows Update will take care of it.
    • Realtek Audio (microphone, speakers, headphones; Cortana works fine). Again, no driver download is required.
    • Touch Screen, multitouch
    • WiFi/Bluetooth
    • BitLocker/TPM module
    Not Working:
    • Razer Synapse: Conflicts with Windows Update's Synaptics driver. Windows Update will keep wanting to install its own (newer) Synaptics touchpad driver which seems to break Synapse. To work around this, when Windows Update tries to install Razer Synapse, just refuse the install.
    • Trackpad: Doesn't support Windows 10 gestures at all with *any* driver. I've searched for how to fix this but I haven't found anything.
    Basically everything works very well except for Synapse and gestures. Windows 10 is usable as-is and is very stable on the Blade except for these caveats. If this stability continues, which it should, I personally see no reason not to update to Windows 10 on launch if you have a Blade 2015 and you don't use Synapse.
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