A Razer everything client?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ultmtcmbntn, Jul 5, 2017.


Would you love an all inclusive Razer client?

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  2. Nah, I'm happy as it is

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  1. ultmtcmbntn

    ultmtcmbntn New Member

    Does anyone know if Razer have any plans to put all of their things into one client? I really like Razer central and Cortex, but it would be great if Insider and zVault were incorporated into this too.

    Also, and I know this is just wishful thinking, it would be cool if Arena came back IN THE SAME CLIENT! I loved the tournament system and had a great time playing LoL in them but it always seemed a bit broken as a web based system.

    Anyway, rant over. Please Razer, bring back Arena!
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