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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Trickmaster, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. Hello, I just got today my new Razer Deathadder Chroma, and I installed it, I just have a question about it.
    Is the right click lighter than the left click? Or in other words, does it need less force to click than the left click or it's just mine like this? Because if I push both the left click and the click, the left click always needs a little more force than the right click, and the sound is different on both clicks. I hope you can help me and reply to me as soon as possible, if it's good or it's just mine like this.. Thanks!
  2. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't have mentioned. It may also be the way we perceive because our middle finger is laying on a slouched right click pad.
  3. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    Yup, the left and right buttons of Deathadder Chroma have different click force. And you would notice the click sound also is different.
  4. So mine is perfectly fine when the right click is lighter than left click?
  5. GetSlept

    GetSlept Member

    I have the classic blue version and I can't see any difference between the left and the right. (Clicking it now) I don't see why the chroma would be any different than mine but I don't know. But you never know.
  6. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is, but it's a very small difference.
  7. Yeah, it's a small one, but can anyone who got the same mouse reply here and give me more info? Thanks a lot.
  8. Edown

    Edown Member

    I had no idea about that even tough I've heard that the clicks where different :) Nice to know, thanks!
  9. Anyone has more to add? Thanks
  10. planefreshDodgerBlue301

    planefreshDodgerBlue301 Active Member

    yea my right click is lighter. I even changed my primary mouse button to right. If i'm not wrong the right also seems lower the the left
  11. I've purchased one last December. Two days ago my left click button started to miss some clicks and sometimes when I'm holding the left click button it stops even when I'm still holding the left click button (imagine when your holding a grenade in an fps game). And its getting worse. Should i RMA this?
  12. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Wow, I didn't notice it until I went to this thread.
  13. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    I am curious to know an answer from razer's staff.
  14. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    Yup, you can RMA it. Imagine you wanna shoot the enemy but you are just standing in front of them and do nothing :joy:
  15. You changed the topic guys... All I just wanna know is that always the right click is lighter and feels a bit loose? It's not SOLID like the left click and a bit lighter, and makes a different sound?
  16. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    Yup, right click is lighter than left click and the sound when you click is different.
  17. tonzkie

    tonzkie Member

    Was pretty disappointed with mine as the left click started double clicking after only 5 months. I just hope this products last longer than the warranty period.

    Left seems a bit lighter and yes they make a different sound.
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  18. SoongSteR

    SoongSteR Member

    I tried this in cyber cafe, but this mice is not suitable to me
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