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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Trihydra, Apr 12, 2021.

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  1. Trihydra

    Trihydra New Member

    Wanted to make a spot to discuss Apex!
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  2. sybilodell

    sybilodell New Member

    Because I like FPS I liked it. It's nice, I can see the hype. I just found the shooting a bit strange. You move too fast when aiming. But I guess that's just about practice. But I'm not going to play it more or I would have heart attack. This kind of games isn't for me.
  3. Kenjii.exe

    Kenjii.exe New Member

    i really enjoyed it when it was in Season 2 and the first hype came. I played it bc of my friends and it definetly is a nice battle royale but nowdays i play it like 1 time in a month and also just because some of my friends started playing again.
  4. akgaming89

    akgaming89 New Member

    im hoping to work on getting more than one kill lol
  5. Missa2

    Missa2 New Member

    Put your mouse sensivity down. My friend said it helped him a lot.
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