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Blade 2016 Preorder Shipment Delay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xstefanx, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    This is my final message on the subject. They did not take your money, they will tell you something when they have a statement officially approved to be release. If you think a release date is a guarantee, then you are an imbecile. Until they take your money, they OWE YOU NOTHING. I really don't understand how this is so difficult for people to grasp. If they haven't taken your money, then you are not owed an explanation...Im sure you will eventually get one, but it is not because you are owed it. Just because a product didn't stay on schedule doesn't mean you have any right to be mad at Razer. The only time you have a right to be mad, is when they take your money, because that is when the purchase actually goes into effect. If you can't understand how a ton of different things could be the reason for the delay, and why they can't just can't come out and tell you as soon as they know, then get off these forums because you shouldn't be thinking in public. Now if they ship you a defective product, then you have the right to complain. Release dates are always anticipated dates, not guarantees. If you can't understand this, then just cancel your order and never preorder again.
  2. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    I am a Computer Technician and I build and sell PC's on a small scale. Get it right. And I have a very good idea of how Corporations run. You clearly have no idea what goes on since you think Customer Service should be the first people in the Corporation to be notified of issues. That is just stupid. CS gets coached on these things after all the decision makers have fully evaluated the issue, not before.
  3. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    I think you need to go have yourself a douche because you are acting like an itchy vagina.
  4. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    Your right, some of you just have serious personal issues that force to go on the internet and whine about pointless things so that you feel better. I bet when you all stub your toe, you blame the table.
  5. I doubt my attempt at moderation here will be fruitful, but whatever.

    This is a thread about the delay. It might as well be subtitled "Complaints go here." Although Razer doesn't OWE us anything per-se until they have our money, a company which wishes to grow a loyal customer base should really be doing more to communicate with us.

    With that said, this thread more or less exists to draw Razer's attention and let them know that unless they start giving answers via Twitter, customer support, email or whatever, they are going to lose a lot of orders (my finger is nervously hovering over the "Order button" for an XPS 15). Money talks, and this thread is Razer's quiet warning before tens of thousands of Dollars of revenue go out the window.

    So Blues, I ask you to let us have our riot zone, and everybody else, direct your words at Razer, not those among us who want to actually try to keep this thread on the rails in pushing Razer for answers.

    Edit: I guess while I'm at it, I'll add that reasonable expectations play into matters here strongly. When it takes 10 extra minutes to get seated at a table in a restaurant, most of us wouldn't be outraged since that's the nature of the business. On the other hand, if we walk into a Rolls Royce dealership, $400k in hand, we expect a high level of professional courtesy. We are effectively dealing with one of the "Rolls Royces" of laptops here, and although I am very familiar with turbulent enterprise environments, some professional courtesy would be much appreciated, and help alleviate my long-standing concern that Razer makes gimmicky products with poor support, and ceases to care about their customers once money has changed hands. That last bit was somewhat pointed, but hey, that's how I feel and the radio silence from them is doing nothing to change that.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
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  6. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    I don't care about Razer, I care about Logic. It is illogical to expect things before you buy them. The product hasn't been released yet, why on earth do they owe you anything? What makes you so special? All you did was get in line, none of us are that important to be demanding things. None of you complainers run your own business and realize what it takes to run every end of it and how ignorant customers can be because of the things they assume and don't understand. I see it all the time, and I laugh at every irate customer who gets mad before they even ask for support, then when I quickly fix their issue, they rave about the quality of my CS. I don't actually care if any of you listen, you have every right to be ignorant, i suppose. I come out with new products all the time, and when I do, I tell people when I am trying to have it done and it will be available for sale, unfortunately, things happen and sometimes I can't get around to everything by the time I wanted to. My customers have no right to get mad if it is not available by my target date. I don't take money until they have the product in their hands. This is the same thing. I could explain all the reasons to my customers and they would just look at me confused and say, well just let me know. This is the same thing, you can get mad at my estimates all you want, but the fact is, my products work great and my customers keep coming back for more. And the ones who got pissy because i didn't have it ready on time (because I have high quality expectations for my products), I am actually happy those people move on, because I already have too much business and those are the people that have the most I.D.10.T. errors and typically waste my CS time with the dumbest questions. I am trying to implore people to look at things objectively, but I suppose that is impossible when the laptop you haven't even paid for yet gets delayed. smh. This thread is for sharing information, not shaming Razer because you feel like you are entitled because you preordered. This is another reason why I dislike Americans, you are horrible people, yet you think the problem is with the rest of the world...smh.
  7. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    I hope Razer delays this til August and that your laptop you get instead has more issues than any laptop in history. Please God, show these fools a little bit of Karma.
  8. Axisball001

    Axisball001 Member

    I think I found a trend. After every 15 pages people will argue with each other.
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  9. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    But the problem with that is that everyone who is complaining hasn't given Razer any time to release an updated statement. Even when they do release it, people will just rip it apart, call it BS and complain more. Sure, CS is important, however this is a PREORDER, the product that is to be supported is not released yet, sure we want a reason why, but EVERY company takes great care in what they say in a press release. The fact that people expect an explanation immediately are the ones who are unrealistic. I don't understand how that isn't common sense. Anyone who has taken a business ethics class should know that statements are carefully prepared and evaluated. The simple fact is, that when running a business, you can do far more harm by saying something than saying nothing. No smart company will release any statement until they feel it is safe to release it. Sure, some idiots will complain for a couple days until they release it, but that is small potatoes compared to the backlash of releasing a statement that hadn't been properly evaluated by the Brass, PR, and in most cases, even run through focus groups. There is much more that goes into Press Releases than people realize. This is why I get annoyed by people's posts. Sure it might seem like I am defending Razer, but I am not. I am battling irrational expectations and they just all happen to be directed at Razer. If people don't understand that delays happen all the time, and that it often takes even more time to release a proper statement, then that is there fault for having unrealistic expectations. I must say, I have never encountered a group of people who are so resistant to simple logic that you all ignore it all together. This makes me sad for the state of our society.
  10. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Some people like BlueBlazin feel the need to argue, because its the only reason they think they can be a man for a bit.

    Back on topic, they do need to work more with customer support, and give them revelant information so that they can make exucated responses about when the blades will ship out, and what caused the delay.
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  11. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    You mean every time Razer announces a delay, people will act like Razer stole their laptop and their money?
  12. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    It takes their time, and time is money.
  13. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    Yet again, you are ignoring the fact that they may not have anything final to tell them yet. How do you all think companies work? How can they tell you what you want to know if they are still trying to fix the situation? Your brains don't make any sense, kids.
  14. It should play any title on the market on roughly medium settings, especially in 1080p.
  15. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    How does it take their time? This thread is the only thing that is wasting my time, and people who planned time sensitive things for the Blade are just morons who don't know how to prepare for important things. If you have a presentation, you don't plan to do it on something you don't have yet. It is called having a backup, and if they planned around that, that equates to no wasted time. Again, Razer is not responsible for you, the consumer, not being able to plan for the future. Anyone arguing anything else is a moron...yes a moron. I feel bad saying so, but it is the only reasoning to explain your reasoning. You are basically mad that Razer tried to bring something cool to you, got you excited, and then said, it isn't ready yet. Even though Razer is probably working their ass off on the important issue (you know, fixing the laptops), all you the consumer can do is whine about delays and complain that they don't have someone consoling your hurt feelings. This is truly sad.
  16. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    If they give a date that they will be shipped, they must know what the problem is as they are already fixing it before that date.

    Heres your box

    You dont have to think inside it all the time.
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  17. Dynamic4012

    Dynamic4012 New Member

  18. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    Popcorn is for normal people who buy generic computers from Dell. I think you should have posted toast.
  19. Not that I care either way, but Razer does the same thing does it not?

    As far as sub par specs go, people always ignore the fact that MacBooks run a billion times smoother so the specs aren't necessarily a problem. There is a reason why the 2015 MacBook refresh is still considered the #1 laptop on the market. I hate OSX and don't like Apple computers but You got to understand that.
  20. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    I feel like im part of the show, while also poking the beast XD.
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