[CES 2017] Project Valerie

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. OpTicKazma

    OpTicKazma New Member

    heck if ppl already have the razer core. they basicly have a really great mobial desktop
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  2. IceStorm_III

    IceStorm_III Member

    I thought that, too, but then I got the Core. The Core is ~12 lbs without a video card installed. This is 12 lbs with everything you need.
  3. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    Now that i've collected myself and can speak in human words, i can give a proper response! Ok yes, 3 monitors is not new, yes there is 3rd party applications to add screens (or even ipads) to the side of laptops. But what this offers is a stand-alone all in one option for the tripple screen. It is portable, far more than carrying a laptop and 2 extra screens. I wouldnt say its a worlds first or insane innovation. It is a clever way to integrate further the 'desktop in a laptop' that the new pro offered. Until 4k monitors become mili-meter thick, a laptop like this is going to be thick, nothing you can do about it.
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  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Seems like a good concept, But like i said in the post of things that may be released in CES, Along with this and Project Ariana, I think that this would not sell good. It will cost way to much unless they somehow find a way to take the price down on it. With the base price of the Blade pro, 5,299,99 CAD for 500 GB, You need to add the price of two new monitors for it, Around 250$ CAD for each, And then all the other technology to make the screens automatilly deploy, And the fancy lighting under the pop out monitors, It would run for i say the cheapest of 6.5k CAD.
    Also, What kind of consumers are they trying to sell this too? like many other people said, it would be a big and heavy laptop, Making it not the best to be traveling around with, And thats what the main point of laptops are.

    Too be honest, I kind of wish they made more of a budget laptop for people with less money, With a GTX 750 or something in it, compatible with the Core, So people could do a little bit of light gaming while having a laptop to do work on, and to carry arond.
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  5. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    Budget laptop would be awesome. I have my own razer-decked-out desktop for gaming. It would be nice to be able to just have a regular laptop but branded razer without a crazy price tag.
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  6. I feel like this would be a mediocre gaming product.
    Where this products truly would be useful, would be for people in the tech industry and video editors, who need a portable workstation to use in a hotel.
    The only real use for a gamer is at LAN parties, but then most would build a LAN PC.
    I just dont see the use for this in the gaming world. To set that up with the 3 screens out, you need lots of space, probably a wall outlet, and at home a desktop is cheaper and better.
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  7. Omg wow this is real?!? Truly beautiful! Make it happen. Please take my money!
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  8. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    It's a nice concept to show at ces, but I think the 1080 would be way to weak to power 12k gaming
    I mean it doesn't even handle 4k at 60fps in many games
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  9. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    That was very much my concern as well. My 1080 Desktop card has some problems at max graphics with my single 4k and side monitor. unless they are considering dual graphics cards or similar setup. Thats a lot of pixels to support.
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  10. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Let alone the 3 monitor setup. Three monitors put a lot of stress on a graphics card, And when you play games on high graphics it is worse. Most people I know of that have 3 monitors also have dual graphic cards, to relieve some of the stress.
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  11. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    You know, it would actually be super good for editing. Still crazy expensive, and if it's only 3 screens to make the difference, it's probably not even going to help for it that much. You'd just have less space without the 3 monitors.
  12. MataPichones

    MataPichones Member

    OMG. need 3 O_O
  13. Throwingknifekiller

    Throwingknifekiller New Member

    This is just....just...just wow!
  14. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    This would make a nice work laptop if your company was paying for it. I'd prefer to spend 1/3 of what this costs to build an equivalent desktop and then get a cheap laptop. But 10 years from now we could be seeing these around more and Razer can say they were one of the first few to do so.
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  15. Bardiel

    Bardiel New Member

    While I don't think I'm the target demographic, I've always appreciated Razer's concepts. They at least get competitive thinking going.

    Can imagine this would be pretty cool for casters to use when you're on the road too. Maybe a 3x 1440p version would be easier to implement?
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  16. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    It's more about the wow factor. Past Razer designs didn't always win best of CES because they were unique or the first(think Nabu, Forge). Stealth wasn't even that 'unique' but it has an amazing wow factor, what they managed to put in that form factor.
    Don't forget the power of a committed fan base that votes based on 'that looks cool' ;)

    And I thought they had it working as shown, rather than prototype demo's. That takes a some away
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  17. Savuremue

    Savuremue Active Member

    Looks as both pretty, as it is heavy and somehow fragile.
    Like it could lose balance and fall at any time. (i know pretty silly.)

    I sort of speak for myself, i'd rather have something more discrete. I'd feel kind of embarrassed to open that in any public place that isn't my home/room.
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  18. prettz182

    prettz182 New Member

    Razer keeps pushing companies to create better and better gaming equipment. Even if you don't like their stuff you need them for that reason alone.
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  19. meelokun

    meelokun New Member


    I hate the Valerie concept. Besides the obvious reason that it may end up costing a small tidy fortune, and will all but likely be way to heavy to be carrying around comfortably. I just have no need to carry around such power. I'm but a simple person, who at times wants to be able to go to his friends house and play some games with said friends, not recreate the Mona Lisa in Photoshop, or play some flight simulator. (lmao i feel my examples are limited by my imagination). I just feel the whole multi monitor gaming "on the go" is so niche, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. I cannot think of anybody in my entire social circle who would actually buy this kind of product. And that's probably most in part to them all having only single monitor desktops and/or passable gaming laptops. And that's because none of them have the money to make such frivolous purchases.


    Here is something I've been personally waiting for from Razer since the Blades lineup INCEPTION....

    ALL I WANT IS a 15 INCH BLADE - some key points
    • 15 inch Blade from Razer with thin monitor bezels (think XPS 15 9550).
    • Why? As of right now, the current Blade at 14 inches is much too small (those enormous bezels lord Christ!), and the Blade Pro at 17 inches is much too big. Keep the bezels thin, and you potentially can get yourself the 15.6 inch screen size in a 14" laptop form factor. WIN-WIN
    • 15 inch Blade with a 1070
    • Why? Its in between the 1060 and 1080, whats not to like. And if we actually get more than 1 thunderbolt port.. we can actually use more than 1 external monitor *gasp*, to take advantage of said 1070. A 15 inch blade with more than 1 Thunderbolt port would ACTUALLY allow us to connect more than 1 external monitor. (Unless Razer fixes there current thunderbolt implementation at the hardware level, since the Thunderbolt ports used in all Razer blades only allow 1 external monitor).
    And you know... with all this talk of users using multiple monitors, in their so called "Battle stations", I CANT for the life of me understand why Razer cant implement a solution that allows this on ANY of there current blade lineup. That's right, ALL Blades can only connect to 1 external monitor. I repeat, NONE of the current blades in all of Razer Blade's lineup cannot use more than 1 external monitor. But you'll quip- "Oh, but you can just get a Core"- shut up for just a second -see rant

    Some facts....
    (According to the U.S Census Bureau "The per capita income for the overall population in 2008 was $26,964; for non-Hispanic Whites, it was $31,313; for Blacks, it was $18,406; for Asians, it was $30,292; and for Hispanics, it was $15,674." The number of thousands of individuals in each income bracket.).....

    So... lets keep the average of 27k in perspective for a second... After plopping down $2k~ (a huge investment) on a laptop that has all the hardware you need, you want me to justify the additional cost of a Core ($500) PLUS a 1070 ($350-500) or 1080 ($650-850), to enable the use of more than 1 external monitor...

    Are you f***ing kidding me? I have the monitors, I have the laptop with the power i need, so give me ports to USE that power for Christs sake!


    I don't think there is enough people in the market to justify making Project Valerie an actual product. People who want to game on multiple monitors probably want to do it in the comfort of there homes, not out and about. I don't know about the general populace, but i would MUCH rather opt for something just as powerful (or its equivalent), and forsake the whole "built in multi monitor gaming" option. And just have something that lets me plug into more than 2 monitors, so i can still be productive at my desk or elsewhere, and game on 1 monitor "or two if im feeling adventurous", while using a 2nd or 3rd monitor for other tasks (e.g. chat app, browser with info on game)

    Just develop the damn 15 inch blade, make it thin, make it powerful, make it beautiful, make it chroma, make it distinctly RAZER. And i swear to the gods that you will make all macbook pro owners jealous. and anyone still on the fence of getting a Blade will jump ship in a heartbeat.

    Like the only current option in the market is the ASUS ROG GL502VS-DB71, but god is it gawdy looking, and were's the Chroma keyboard? ;) - Something to sleep on Razer. *STERN STARE*


    Phew! Didn't realize I'd have my feathers ruffled over a freaking Project!
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  20. meelokun

    meelokun New Member

    No you speak for the both of us, I'd very much have something more discrete as well. Read my post and you'll get a sense of why lol
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