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    [Note: This guide is a work in progress]

    Please check this guide below first before posting any issues, otherwise the issue will be specific to that app/game and therefore you will need to contact the developer(s) directly.

    The Razer Insider forum is not the place for any kind of support issues, but there is a slight exception for raising issues for Apps or Games created by a community developer. However, please do not start a new thread (see below for app/game specific issues and how to raise one that doesn't already exist).

    Common Issues & Fixes

    Chroma enabled App/Game no longer works after updating to the latest version of Synapse

    Razer tends to update the Chroma SDK once a month as part of a Synapse update, however if there are any issues, they will work hard to provide a fix for it in another Synapse update as soon as possible. For this reason, you should always keep Synapse up-to-date to ensure you have the very latest improvements and fixes.

    Important: If a particular Chroma enabled app no longer works after a Synapse update, please raise the issue with the creator and not Razer Support. Developers of Chroma enabled apps/games should make every effort to ensure their software continues to work with the latest version of the SDK. There is no need to start a thread here.

    I've been ignoring Synapse updates, but suddenly my Chroma enabled app/game no longer works, why?
    Synapse updates are important because they provide crucial bugfixes and improvements, so you should always keep Synapse up-to-date. As such, developers should update their Chroma enabled apps to ensure it works with the latest version of the SDK.

    I've installed the SDK manually, but I still can't get an app to work, why?
    You should not be installing or updating the SDK manually as Synapse manages this for you. You should now uninstall the Chroma SDK Core Components and Razer Synapse, and then reinstall Synapse from the website.

    Some of my Chroma devices work with an app/game, but others don't, why?

    Some games/apps have device specific code to create the effects and therefore may not be compatible with all devices. It is the developer's responsibility to ensure their app/game works with all devices, or at least maintain a list of compatible devices.

    App/Game Specific Issues & Fixes

    There are a few dedicated threads for Chroma Apps, most of which have an FAQ on the very first post. Please use these threads for posting any issues. Please check in the thread first whether someone has already reported it the author may have posted a fix.

    Audio Visualiser
    A ridiculously popular music companion.

    Dedicated Thread:

    Author: @CalcProgrammer1

    Popular companion for CSGO and Dota 2.

    Dedicated Thread:

    Author: @WolfspiritM
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