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  1. First of all I want to say sorry for the huge delay, This app was supposed to be released about a month ago but because of legality issues that are still not solved with some game we weren't able to release the app until now.

    Before I start, I want to say a huge thanks for the people that helped me with the app:
    • Shawn - Tester
    • Samuel - Profile editor
    • Mike - Tester & He created the preview video :)
    • Kurt - Server Developer
    • Peter - Compatibility tester

    So lets start, We created the Chroma Game Controller

    This app allows the user the created his own visualization styles to a wide range of games.
    The app works in 3 steps:

    1. Extract data from the game
    2. Convert game data to drawing commands
    3. Draw (using the drawing commands) to the Chroma devices.
    The user can change and edit only the second step, And create his own ways and style of how to show the game data on your Chroma devices.

    Here is a video that will show you the first prototype (again thx to Mike for creating this video):

    How is the drawing system works:
    Each style is just a list of drawing command, Each drawing command is just a Trigger and a Macro sequence, Each Macro sequence is just a list of macros (that will be drawn in order), Each macro is just the list of key that the macro effects and the color that this keys will be affected with when the macro is drawn, When drawing a Macro sequence is it just to draw the list of macros. The Trigger is a math expression that include variables from the game (for example healf, ammo, mana) if the expression value is not 0 then the drawing command will be activated and its macro sequence will be drawn if the value is 0 the command will not be activated. And basically this is it,
    important to note that you can use a couple of variables in every math expression. For example the math expression "healf < 300 && ammo > 10" will be true (not zero) when the healf will be below 300 and the ammo will be higher then 10.

    How does the app extract data from the games (for developer)?
    The app has a dynamic extraction engine that reads the game memory when the game is running and extracting the data it needs. The engine knows how to find the data its searching because of the memory maps for each game, Using the memory map the engine can locate the data it needs and get it.
    This is how you add support to other games basically to add support to other games I just need to add a memory map for that specific game.

    Is This Legal?
    I don't want to lie, The first answer is this is not legal. But after understanding what the app really does we can say that it is legal. The app only request reading rights and it will read only the values that where defined in the memory map, The app will never edit or write to any data of the game and will not ready any data that is not defined in the memory map.
    Anti-Cheat War
    Most of the anti cheats like in rust are trying to hide the game data from other application, Our app can overcome this "blocking". But if we think that we must overcome Anti-Cheat security we are doing something wrong from the first place.

    More Legal stuff
    The only reason this app was delayed so much is because of legal problems some of the games are not allowing (in its terms for service) to read data from the game like league of legends, rust, warface ... and a lot more, After waiting for a response for a long time I got sick of waiting and now we are here, It will still may take some time before it will be released but even if I will not get approval this app will be released and by using this app you understand that you are going against the terms and service of the game and if something happens to you it is not my or anyones responsibility.

    What Games Can It Support?
    Most of the games out there, The hard task when trying to add support to another game is creating the memory map. Creating memory maps is not an easy task it requires some knowledge of how computer works and the ability to understand assembly. Not talking about games that are protected with Anti cheats were this is a different and much harder story.

    So When Will This Be Released?
    I want to release it as soon as possible but you must understand that I need to make sure that I cant get harmed from it (legally specking) as well there are some bugs and things that I want to add and fix so it will take some time but I want to release it as fast as possible.

    Wow this post is looong, I would be glad to hear what you guys think about the app, And maybe ideas to add to the app before release :)
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  2. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to upload it to the Chroma Workshop :)
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  3. amazing what i have to study for know how to do this things?
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  4. Tnx, well if I would like to say it in one word it will be "The art of disassembly", In many words you will have to understand the basics of how a computer program works and how it manage its memory. Most of the time in simple games it is an easy job using the right tools but sometimes you really need to get into the program and understand the logic behind it to get what you want.

    The tools that I use are: Hex Rays (Ida), HxD Hex and Visual studio for coding.
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  5. Zimtlocke

    Zimtlocke New Member

    Well i hope it will be soon released
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  6. polyMauvelouslab410

    polyMauvelouslab410 New Member

    I liked the original method of low health making the keyboard blink orange, but when you die I feel it should turn into a deep red, until spawn where your keyboard ripples out blue and green. Also, for things like heal and flash, it should be a quick one second flash of yellow for an indicator, and for heal it's should be a slow fade away of green across the keyboard. Of course for TP there should be a blinking purple for the keyboard, etc.

    When downloaded would I be able to put things like this above in the code myself? Good work.
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  7. buzzsleekTomato240

    buzzsleekTomato240 New Member

    Can you share a beta version of the program? I would love to try it now!
  8. Rokee15

    Rokee15 New Member

    Where i can dowload? :`(
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  9. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Interesting, I hope this will spark developers themselfs to adapt and implement it!
  10. brktrkl

    brktrkl New Member

    can you add world of tanks ? if it possible can you tell me, Thanks for all
  11. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    I wonder what would be useful for WOT, reload? HP? Hit direction?
  12. smiley-face002

    smiley-face002 Active Member

    Is this already released?
  13. brktrkl

    brktrkl New Member

    Six Senses? warn when filling bullets? Reaction to the burning of vehicles? etc. its very useful maybe
  14. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    Looks awesome but the name is a bit misleading ;)

    Reading from an app's memory is a tricky business. I used to refresh and update positional audio plugins for multiple games for Mumble with the help of Cheat Engine and some "interesting" methods though and everything was fine. You might want to check their github (open-source!) for hints on how to hook into their memspace without making yourself suspicious.

    @DarkKill, I'm assuming it's not going to be open-source?
  15. Pandetta_no_id

    Pandetta_no_id New Member

    You said you had a support ticket open for league. Did that support ticket ever go through and did you get an answer from them?
  16. Batangpinoy

    Batangpinoy New Member

    Sooooo....I just got my chroma keyboard and like everyone else am waiting for the app to be released. However, I would love to help develop it any way I can. Please let me know how I can help.
  17. itamar125

    itamar125 New Member

    when will it release?

    but how can we use it???
    it look so awsome!!!
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  18. TheLaw961

    TheLaw961 New Member

    Its not getting released. This post was from November 2016 when it was nearly complete. It is almost July 2017. Don't get your hopes up.
  19. luanveloz1

    luanveloz1 New Member

    Probably this project has stopped, right? It's a pity. This chroma would be widely used... :frown_:
    I think I'll try developer anything like that... o_O
  20. greeky82

    greeky82 New Member

    any news about the project seems so nice but its almost 1 year
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