Code is already used?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brillion, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. brillion

    brillion New Member

    I was there since 00:00, I bought them and after the "buy step" all went down, lost code lost kraken lost my wife and my son, lost my job and entire life

    Goodbye cruel world.
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  2. Corschutz

    Corschutz New Member

    Having the same issue!!!. I had a blackwidow stealth in my shopping cart with the 50% off code applied. The amount was correct and it showed the 50% discount. While proceeding to check out the page refreshed. My cart was now empty and is say "this code has already been used". I don't mind dealing with website issues and having to wait until the next go round to get the discount, but I don't want to get screwed out of purchasing something, because I certainly didn't buy anything yet.
  3. brillion

    brillion New Member

    Try a refund, I don't know if I'll wait the end of month for new sale at this point because I'm really pissed off.
  4. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    Sounds like they're going to have a remedial sale at the end of January due to the mix ups.
  5. brillion

    brillion New Member

    Yea but who knows if they give the same code or whatever!?
    Because if mine will not be fixed... today or at the end of the month is the same thing.
  6. this happened to me too, that sux
  7. Neither of my codes work at all. No discount is applied when checking out. I even went all the way almost to confirming the order and still no changes.
  8. .PoNeH

    .PoNeH New Member

    Same here. Even creating new accounts won't work. Do they NOT want to sell me something? Why me?! :slightly_sad:
  9. brillion

    brillion New Member

    Just wait the end of the month for new sales... That's all we can do I guess
  10. Yeah the overall experience was frustrating... I just kept up with twitter updates and went on insider to get my codes again when they fixed it (for a short duration).
    Try again during the remedial sale! Hopefully there will be less people and most of the items restocked. Overall though, I thought Razer did a good job admitting their mistake and trying to come up with a solution to solve it.
  11. ThaOnZo

    ThaOnZo New Member

    For anyone who doesn't know this I contacted Razer and they told me all codes which were 'used' and didn't actually have a succesfull buy will be reactivated for the remedial.
  12. BambooEX

    BambooEX New Member

    Second round of sales, code wasn't reset. Code was already applied. Guess razer didnt fix it
  13. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    As far as I know, this IS the sale that was supposed to be towards the end of the month...
  14. friendshipguy

    friendshipguy New Member

    I'm two days late, but I had to use the Razer Edge code for my 50% off, so I think the codes might've been switched.
  15. RivaL

    RivaL New Member

    Ask razer support for assistance
  16. benihipe

    benihipe New Member

    hopefully the codes work fine this time -.-
  17. ThaOnZo

    ThaOnZo New Member

    If you got the error it won't work, just tried in the EU remedial
  18. Corschutz

    Corschutz New Member

    Did anyone hear back from Razer about it? About a week after the initial issue I received an email that said my payment wasn't recieved and my order was cancelled. I didn't even make a payment. That was disappointing.
  19. Corschutz

    Corschutz New Member

    Unfortunately, I decided to get a different keyboard, but I'm staying optimistic for the remedial sale and looking to get one for my desk at work.
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