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[Complaint] Adaro In-Ears

Discussion in 'Audio' started by YuumeiRei, Nov 19, 2015.

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  1. YuumeiRei

    YuumeiRei New Member

    Hello All,

    I'll start this by saying that I don't intend to stop buying Razer products and I won't be writing meaningless offenses out of hate. This is a honest feedback for Razer and future buyers of Adaro In-Ears regarding an unpleasant situation I went through. Here I go:

    Earlier this year (around February) I've bought Adaro In-Ears through Amazon. I'm from Brazil, and billing and shipping is easier with Amazon for me. When I got my hands on it I wrote a product review on Amazon's product page based on my first impressions. As of today, I stand by everything I've written, but I was wrong with the "seems durable" statement.
    About 4 months after the purchase, audio quality was noticeably worse. Not much longer, certain audio channels started to fail completely (voice tracks, for instance, were playing without the vocal part). Right after that, the earphones would stop working completely. Moving the cable around had shown me that it was probably broken somewhere very close to the connector. It's important to say that I had only used them at the office (while seating and cellphone's on the desk) and at the gym while working out.
    Since its warranty was still valid, I got in touch with Razer and found out that they wouldn't cover my return shipping FROM Brazil. I said I was willing to afford it, they said the wouldn't ship the replacement unit TO Brazil. I stated my frustration about they having a official reseller that officially resells their products to areas where they don't provide proper customer support. Regardless of that, I said I was willing to afford the return shipping AND provide an US address so they could ship the replacement unit to. It costed me around US$ 15 (which is 1/4 of what I've paid for the earphone itself) to ship the defective unit and around 1 month of wait until my friend from US came to visit and brought it to me. All this situation was a major nuisance, but support attendants themselves were very competent. Response time was fast and they were all very concerned in helping me solve this issue in the best way they could, but this is another conversation I won't get into, since I've already addressed this in a very long feedback email complimenting all the involved attendants for the excellent service they provided.
    So, I got my new Adaro In-Ears by August (worth mentioning this time it was from Razer itself, instead of getting it from Amazon). I've decided that I would only use it while in the office, just in case the movements from working out at the gym were too much for it. Yesterday, my new 3-4 months old Adaro started showing the same issues. Sound channels are stopping one by one (again, vocals are the first thing that stopped completely) and the issue lies in the cable, very close to the connector. It's just a matter of time before it stops completely like the other. This time, I won't pay another US$ 15 and won't go through the trouble of getting myself a new Adaro In-Ears. I did appreciate the nearly 10 months I've spent with mine working, but clearly the connector quality doesn't the sound or cable quality and I'm very disappointed by that. It's unacceptable that a US$70 price tag earphone doesn't last at least 1 year. At least.
    From my perception, I'd say the connector can't handle the friction created by the cable's rubber. The junction point with the sound modules are flexible, but the connect end isn't. And the cable's friction with certain materials is sometimes enough to take the phones out of your ear. It happened a few times with me whenever I was wearing a leather jacket, or when the cable was lying over my rubberized wrist rest. I can only wonder that, over time, the difference between how the cable in bound to the connector end and the earphones stress the connector end to the point of breaking it.

    Razer, please address this issue, Adaro In-Ears is a wonderful product, but has a poorly built connector, a minor detail that completely ruined the experience for me. And please work on either supporting the full reach of your resellers or restricting the selling range. I'd rather know that I'm not able to officially buy something than buying it and find out I can't have proper support. And, specially, I wouldn't like to go through a similar situation with any other of the products I currently own and plan to buy in the near future, wouldn't like to think that I would have to worry about this kind of things constantly.

    I know this was long, but I hope this is somehow useful for saving someone the trouble of going through what I went.

    Best Regards!
  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

  3. YuumeiRei

    YuumeiRei New Member

    Gotta love how fast you guys respond to customer issues :heart:
    Yeah, thanks for the links. At the time, I didn't imagine that the area covered by the warranty was different than the area covered by the resellers, live and learn. Truth be told, Amazon does offer a warranty support of their own, but it expires way earlier than Razer's.
    Nonetheless, warranty claim was honored according to Razer's policies, no complaint on that. The guys helped me the way the best way they were allowed to and it was my fault for not reading the warranty details beforehand.

    I do have a case #. At the time of the claim, it was Case# 00548292. There are other # numbers related to that one (# 00558407, # 00573870 and might have others). They were changed between different stages of the engagement.
    This second time I won't open a Support Ticket. My Adaro is out of warranty coverage already and I wouldn't afford the return costs again anyway. As much as I like the sound, I'm not into risking have a third Adaro failing me 4 months from now :S
    But thanks for following up :)
    I think that some improvement always comes from situations like this for both the company and the customers, if reported correctly :)
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