Cortex Beta Color Palette Decisions?

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by indianSM, Jan 22, 2017.


Which do you prefer?

  1. New color scheme (white & lime green)

  2. Old, classic color scheme (black & beautiful, dark green)

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  1. nomtat

    nomtat New Member

    No. No no no no, no. Look around you Razer. Look at your laptops. Your logo. Your headphones. Your everything. What colors do you see? Ok. Now is it a good idea for that to be reflected in your software? Of course. Your software should match your hardware, at the very least your color schemes. Hating the new design. Black and Green (Dark green) if you will, is the way to go. What is this white and lime green stuff? It looks so out of place on a Razer laptop, not to mention next to the rest of your software lineup. Please please please revert back to the old black and green classic look. The new one just doesn't fit, and never will.
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  2. NaqethTeros

    NaqethTeros New Member

    I will say... I actually don't mind progression and adaptation, even to signature color themes. In fact, I find a policy of progression preferable. That said, I still prefer a darker color theme. It doesn't need to be quite the old classic scheme as far as I'm concerned, but the current beta palette seems a bit far on the annoying bright and dull/faded side for my taste.
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