Countering Yasuo!

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How do you counter Yasuo?

  1. 5v1 him, giving 0 fcks about the rest of their team

  2. Ignore him, avoiding at all costs

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  1. WickedOperator

    WickedOperator New Member

    Yo, I've been playing a lot of League lately and there are always these Yasuo instalockers, who don't care about anything. And for some reason they are always super fed in the late game! Let's collect some tipps everyone can use to best counter Yasuo, so he doesn't 1v5 at 20 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
    My best tip is to use exaust on him, while he is mid air in his ultimate, that will cause him to hardly do damage and basically CC-ing himself.
  2. Mizza_Party

    Mizza_Party Member

    Ahem, ahem. I've been through many Yasuo players in my time, and ≈90% of the time (not kidding, this is lower elo's it's normal) they're toxic. It's okay to make mistakes like damn you're not the best player in the world, Yasuo main!

    Back to the topic, as an avid mage players I've collected a few tips.

    (TL;DR at the bottom, I realised this was pretty long)

    'General' Tips
    1. Feed of their stupidity
    , make them realise they're bad and make them contemplate about why they play Yasuo.
    And I'm not saying to harass them, that's wrong. When they say ''NOOB CHAMP!!!11!'' just ignore them or respond like ''Mkay. At least I don't rage, kek''.

    2. Don't feed, as you feed them you feed their ego. If you fail this one you'll probably fail the first one.

    3. What to do if you start feeding. If you do fail do not worry here are some things you can do.
    3.1. Keep cool, if you flame you have failed everyone. You can also earn yourself a honor!
    3.2. As you realise Yasuo with his double crit chance and ability to block almost any projectile in the game is getting out of hand. Just ignore him, please listen to WickedOperator. You'd think you could kill him but just get help.
    Roam a bit, get some kills that way. You don't have anything to prove by staying in lane and feeding more.​

    ----- T R A N S I T I O N -----
    Gameplay Tips
    1. Q, the stabby stab and then tornado. Stabby stab, real easy to deal with if you're long ranged.
    Tornado though zig zag, zig zag like you've never zig zaged before.You'll have a few seconds after he throws it out.

    2. W, this is a wall. Of wind. which can block hooks and concentrated amounts of dark matter, among other things.
    I believe lasers and things that go over or under the wall wont get destroyed or stoped.
    3. E, he dashes. When he's fed and coming for your butt you better get away from those minions, yo.

    4. R, knock up makes death up. As you get knocked up he will come, and he will kill you (if he's fed).
    If the enemy team has noone that can knock you up (that isn't Yasuo) just don't get caught in those tornadoes!

    5. Passive, As Yasuo moves around he gets a shield (that white bar under his health).
    If you're long ranged just AA (auto attack) and then use abilities. If you can, melee attack him I guess.
    This shield gets stupid! Later on.

    ----- T R A N S I T I O N -----
    Now what? You survived early game, it's coming to a close and mid game's here. In the mid game he could be dangerous or just, there.

    Fed Yasuo, ignore him at all times. Get your fed teammate (if you have one) to assassinate him. Don't. Feed. Him.

    Feeding Yasuo, kill them more. Might be a bit harder but just do it, kill anyone that's feeding, really.

    ----- T R A N S I T I O N -----
    30:00. Late game. The game gets more intense as both teams scramble to get major objectives.
    This, no really THIS is a Yasuo's natural habitat

    Either you focus him or you hide from him. They could be feeding all game and still be kinda useful... maybe even dangerous. Make it a task to kill Yasuo, as the spawn timers are longer you wont lose too much from doing it.

    But... what if you fail, what do you do then? Here I can't help, Yasuo becomes powerful now. Sorry.

    ----- T R A N S I T I O N -----
    Eugh, so long. I'm sorry. But yeah, these are some of the things I do. Hope it helps, also some of the general tips not only works on Yasuo mains. It could work on any high tempered person.


    General Tips:

    1. Be smarter than them, basically.
    2. Don't feed.
    3. If you feed don't flame and stop feeding (if you can).

    Gameplay Tips:
    Q, stabbidy stab and tornado. Zig zag if tornado is up.
    W, stupid wall that blocks things. Some things go over or under it (not many) I mean like, just wait for it to go away?
    E, dashers. If he's coming for ya, get away from those minions.
    R, knock up makes death up. Avoid getting knocked up.
    Passive, exercise makes shields apparently. AA (auto attack) and then use abilities.

    These tips might suck so take them with a grain of salt. I've played for about a year and is currently unranked.
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
    Side note: Yes I know, the first one is brutal but yet again. Worth a try.
    Oh all players in league I truly despise the Yasuo mains. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. The mastery rank doesn't really matter, does it?
    And there's so god damn many of them too!
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  3. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    As a guy who had played LoL since season 2 to 5, I'll give you one simple trick to win your game.

    It doesn't matter who you're laning with. Yasuo? Zed? Kat? Soraka?


    There is no point going all in for your lane. If you die once or twice, you lose. And it'll be a bit late to help your team. So try to move and help others so they can help you.
    Imagine bot lane dominating. You can get a supp mobile around. Or top dominating, you get your jungler reasons to keep being a jungler.

    You're too busy figuring out how to beat Yasuo, meanwhile you have absolute no idea on how to deal with 4 other champions from other lanes.
  4. inesrc

    inesrc New Member

    Or you can just counter him in champion select, and ban him! Just like I do :D
  5. NightDoze

    NightDoze New Member

    Play or Ban
  6. LordBlazer100

    LordBlazer100 New Member

    As a Yasuo main, there are mainly two types of Yasuo players--
    - The Trashuos
    - The actual Yasuo players with skill

    A Yasuo mainly scales into a monster during the mid to late game where he gets his critical strike % to max, and builds his damage and attack speed items. By preventing a Yasuo to build these items slower that the actual necessary rate, the Yasuo becomes useless to the team as he cannot contribute much.

    A Yasuo who feeds early game is useless and will probably feed, if you know you're opponent is a yasuo, try to pick lane counters who can toy with him and get the lane advantage. Building armor also helps as most of his damage comes from his basic attacks.

    His W- Windwall can block most skillshots including ultimates. So be wary of using you're abilities when you know he has his windwall up. Early game, it has a 21 second cooldown, harass him to force him to use it, and then set up for you're actual attack.

    Most burst assassin like Talon, Zed and Ekko do well against him, if you know what you are doing.

    If the Yasuo is fed late game, either group up and pick him off to make it easier during teamfights or just avoid him and zone him out. But whatever you do, DON'T FEED A YASUO.

    Or you can do the easy thing-
    - Ban him.
    - Dodge queue if opponent locks Yasuo.

    With that being said, Good Luck all!
  7. LoveInWonder

    LoveInWonder New Member

    u know what, easy 1v1 with rumble
  8. Davide992

    Davide992 New Member

    Actually for easy countering him just need to dont let him farm and kill him in early then gg wp
  9. Tequilagg

    Tequilagg New Member

    Hello guys! Before I write anything else I need to tell you ... I'm a Yasuo player.

    I know I know...pls do not judge me, I'm trying to quit ... but Yasuo is so funny to play! :rolleyes:
    If I have to be honest I do not think the skill set is too unbalanced, Passive is what make that champ OP.
    That broken amount of crit let you end your build with just... 2 items! , Phantom dancer and Infinity Edge... with 2 Items you can deal tons of damage, the same amount of damage that another champ would deal with 3 - 4 items.

    This mean you are NEVER out of the game... even if you are 0 - 10 you can always farm just a little and deal damage. That's what make Yasuo a real nightmare... you will never be safe against him.

    How to counter him? Focus him hard in early game (gank, gank and gank) or at least trying to increase as much as possible your team's gold gain ( if you cannot beat him, just dont feed and help your teammates to win all the other lanes) and END the game BEFORE he start snowballing.

    Yasuo is not a big deal in high elo... just because the players know when it's time to close a game pushing on the accumulated advantage. In low elo matches usually last for too long... a Yasuo who played a bad early game has all the time to catch up the enemy team.
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