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Discussion in 'Systems' started by JASPEROgreOdorbiz168, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. I have had my razer blade 14" for about two weeks now. I have the laptop hooked up to a second monitor via HDMI. Now my second monitor is a 32" 1440p monitor but is appearing as a smaller display in settings. Now I think it is because the razer blade is 4k but the computer should recognize the second monitor as the bigger monitor right? I had a different laptop before and never came across this issue. Another issue I have had is the fact that I can not have the laptop screen play any video smoothly when plugged into a second monitor. How can I fix this? The 1060 should easily be able to handle this.
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    Do you have the external monitor set as your main display?
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    You have to go into your display settings... depending on how you have it set up or what it defaulted to it will make a difference. The short of it is that yes the laptop can definitely output to that monitor with the 1060.
  4. yeah the monitor is my main display

    I don't doubt that the laptop can run it. But I have changed the settings to how it should be running with the external monitor as the primary but the software wants to recognize the laptop screen as bigger than the external monitor.
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