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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by BaFLr, Aug 5, 2015.


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  1. flowVioletrush639

    flowVioletrush639 New Member

    Hello, fellow RazerMerch swaggers.
    Fortunately for you, the answer is already here, so I shall cut to the chase
    After upgrading to Windows 10 Professional 64 bit (Because I am a filthy, Windows Pro, casual) my Razer BlackWidow (Tournament Edition) stopped working, after installing the game OSU! A very shockingly bad game I guess seeing as though it borderline broke Razer Synapse for me.

    I am getting tired now, but basically I spent 5 hours trying to fix it and this is how I did so;

    Step Juan
    Direct yourself to the Razer file
    For me it was here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer

    Step Two
    Delete the entire Razer folder, even if it includes that driver for the dank Razer Naga that all you whipper-snappers have nowadays

    Step Three
    Direct yourself to Device Manager
    If I have to tell you where that is I feel bad for you, and I really dont want to...
    But I will anyway
    On Windows 10, right click the start menu and click on Device Manager
    Step one.png
    It looks like that

    And for all you lovely people that don't have Windows 10, I am pretty sure you do the exact same, I cant remember because I may have a memory like a goldfish and cant remember back to Windows 7, despite it only being 3 days since I upgraded.

    Step Four
    You want to Uninstall AND delete the driver software for anything Razer related AND Razer Bootloader, if you can see it
    You can find anything Razer under the Human Interface Devices tab
    You can find the Bootloader under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers tab
    If you cant read then its alright, you are awesome the way you are and we are respectful people, a bit like the Macmillan Cancer charity. Here is a picture to show you, just in case you don't fully understand.
    Step one.png
    And whilst you may be judging my shockingly atrocious handwriting I am here to move onwards and upwards...

    Step Five
    Stop judging my handwriting. (If you can do any better I would like to host a handwriting competition in the comment section, if you would be so kind)

    Step Six
    Restart your PC
    Simple enough, you can do that more than one way you can either;
    1) Go to the start menu, then restart
    2) Go to the back of your Desktop/Laptop/Linux and rip out the power cable

    Step Seven
    Log in, if you think you are in trouble at this point then never fear, just click on Ease of Access and use the On-Screen Keyboard, then click on the... If you deleted your mouse driver you may be screwed... I should have thought of that... just get another one, it'll be fine, and then log in

    Step Eight
    Plug in all of your Razer devices, if at this point Razer Synapse has not popped out, asking to be installed then you can always retrieve it by going to or something like that, just Google Razer Synapse and you are as good as gold, its not rocket science.

    Step Eight
    I cant count higher than this number, so We have to end this soon. Install all the drivers and your Razer BlackWidow should be working 11/10.
    If not tell me how I can improve on this awesome and very detailed thread (not my words, I promise you this) in the comments... And on that note I hope you all get your daily dose of sun everyday, otherwise you will start looking like chalk, and chalk in your mouth makes it white and dry, a bit like my humour, and dandruff.

    Have a great day
    Love from Ben Fran

    Note from Razer|Alentra:

    As much as we appreciate humor (and might I add this is a rather detailed thread, thank you for this), rules are rules and alas I cannot allow some of your comments. However since you've put so much effort into sharing your findings with us, I have decided to match your efforts by making some minor adjustments to make this thread more friendly.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2015
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