Do the Razer Green switches make too much noise whilst streaming?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by SteelRazorBlade, Dec 24, 2016.

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  1. I don't suppose there are any streamers or youtube gaming channel owners that use a keyboard with the Razer green or MX blue switches that could tell me if they make a lot of noise in the videos themselves?
  2. fixxey

    fixxey Active Member

    I believe they do sound quite loud but you can always use background noise cancellation features.
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  3. Thanks
  4. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    unless you got a good mic that can compensate it, then yes
  5. if it does, u may consider putting the green rings from Razer keyboard enhancement kit which help soften the sound abit.
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    The o-rings are really designed to prevent/limit bottoming out during the key-press more than preventing the click sound that is caused by the switch itself. So I don't imagine that they'd do a whole lot for the sound the switch makes.

    However, if you're the kind of typist that constantly presses the keys to the bottom and they "click" against the keyboard plate itself, then yes, the o-rings can definitely help with that.
  7. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    Well, now I know 100% what o-rings are! I've seen it mentioned multiple times and never understood what it was or meant. So it's more of a protection kind of thing, to help the keyboard last a bit longer then?
  8. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    They're not that bad. I'm currently using mine without the mech keyboard enhancement kit. Don't really think it was worth the $20. I only tested it on one key though and felt it was better to leave it off for now. Maybe if I were streaming it would be worth it. It definitely quieted it down, but it also reduces the key travel and makes it feel a bit mushier
  9. BunBuns

    BunBuns New Member

    It really depends on the microphone they are recording with. Some has noise cancelling. Most mechanical keyboards such as these will pick it up with generic microphones.
  10. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    During gaming sessions with friends and talking using Skype I hear my friends mechanical keyboards every now and then, so if you are going to use a studio grade mic I would guess the keyboard will cause noise.
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I never really thought of it that way before, but I imagine it probably could affect the longevity of the keyboard if the keys aren't banging into the back plate every time you press them. Though, mostly it's just a way to make the keyboard a little more quiet so that you don't get the extra sound of the keys hitting the back plate every time you press one. It just makes for a better environment for some who use their keyboards for things other than gaming. (work, school, etc - where lots of documents and stuff are being typed up)
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  12. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    Ah, okay, that makes sense. Maybe it's a double-edged sword, but in a good way!
    I personally like the clickiness, so it doesn't bother me.
    I guess for streaming, some viewers might not really like the constant clicking sounds, so it makes sense to have it there too.
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