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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2015.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    The first day when I signed up I had 1400+ ranking (don't recall the numbers) and said "Hmm, okay, it'll be fun to see how far I can get." Then last night it was a little odd, I still had 0 hours and 0 points, but I was instead I ranked at 990, even though I'd had somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ hours logged. After playing through the night last night and logging another 10+ hours (a total of 30+ hours in just one game alone over the past couple of days) I'm back to having 0 hours, 0 points and ranked 1459.

    Mind you, I look at both the hours and the points in the top 10 and I'm relatively certain that I won't be hitting numbers anywhere near that, and I'm perfectly okay with that. But, it would be kind of fun to at least be able to accurately follow along and know just how far behind I really am. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :D
  2. Qquan

    Qquan New Member

    If only there a display within the cortex that shows how much you have actually clocked on the hours for the challenge
  3. greenpotato

    greenpotato Active Member

    Would be great if there was a guide or something on how to accurately use Cortex for this challenge! Mine only tracked a couple of hours and then it stopped tracking the time for some reason.
  4. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    Nice contest, time to start doing what I do best. :D
  5. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    I hope i can do this to top3 but my playing time is not updated.
  6. ThePenguinWizard

    ThePenguinWizard New Member

    mine game time and points havent updated for the last 4 days now. you're not the only one with problems :/
  7. ThePenguinWizard

    ThePenguinWizard New Member

    I've had the same problem although mine stopped updating 4 days ago. Kinda unfair to some of us that we have no idea whats happening :/
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  8. Judikale

    Judikale New Member

    I agree PenguinWizard, it is very unfair. Rather disappointed with the roll out of this contest and the tech support involved. I have sent messages and all I get back from tech is that they do not have a fix for this issue and not sure why its happening =( Personally would say suspend the contest, fix the issue and then reboot contest so everyone who is capable of putting the time in to win can! I am going on 7 days of no update4 giver or take. Rather frustrating to see other people updating on the leaderboards with no issue but alot sitting in forums with no response on the issue from Razer Tech =(
  9. OfficerFrog

    OfficerFrog New Member

    I just checked out the leaderboard and the top 2 were at 190 hours played and 183 hours played. This is 9 days after the start and doing the math it means a total of 216 hours playable assuming you started instantly (highly unlikely). That leaves 26 hours of down time for the highest hours played. That is equal to about 3 hours a day not in a game. This means that the user is likely just running a game in the background since discovering the competition meaning that trying to get the top score is meaningless unless razer addresses this issue with the contest.

    TL DR:

    Contest has major exploit. No point aiming for top score. Best bet is the random drawing.
  10. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    See first reply to the topic.
  11. clonex10100

    clonex10100 Member

    My hours aren't syncing :eek:. My cortex is up to date, and I've been playing cs:go and h1z1 which our both on my cortex launcher.
  12. 929929

    929929 New Member

    They have been through the McFly project razer
  13. 929929

    929929 New Member

    Anyone know of a good desktop below 600 €
  14. clonex10100

    clonex10100 Member

    Can you do a re run of this context where the tracking works? I would love to have tried to win, but my time WON'T update
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  15. Jeff741258

    Jeff741258 New Member

    man i am late to the party
  16. Sixie

    Sixie Member

    hmmm more stuff to download and install just to run a game... more clients :x
  17. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Contest aside, Cortex is worth having anyway. The PC Booster while playing is quite nice, seeing all the game sales from so many companies in one place is very nice, being able to consolidate all your wishlists to one place is convenient as well. You may wish to consider picking up Cortex even if you don't care about the contest or the fact that you can have all your games from all companies in one place and run them all from there as well.
  18. Haksunen

    Haksunen Active Member

    Atleast I got 3point what made me sad.. Easy for Root Beer Brody with one extra point. :slightly_sad:
    Congratulations for those guys who won Keyboard & Mice combo.
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  19. Mynthaug

    Mynthaug New Member

    When will the winners be announced/ notified?
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  20. Boonydinh

    Boonydinh New Member

    When will the winners be announced?
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