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Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. BlackhatJax

    BlackhatJax New Member

    "Never bring a knife to a gun fight"
    Gun for me gentlemen.
  2. hasanal01

    hasanal01 New Member

    As an assassin, I would prefer the blade because it makes less noise and kills easier whereas the gun you would have to point and shoot and its loud too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. Hipstr69

    Hipstr69 Member

    I would definitely go with a blade because it's the old fashion way to do it, and it's just so much cooler!
  4. Blade. Silence.
  5. heatbuzzMilk041

    heatbuzzMilk041 New Member

    A blade, all day, everyday. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned weapon for stealth kills and style.
  6. jjecholds

    jjecholds New Member

    The blade, use it right and you won't get caught.
  7. VioletKrumble

    VioletKrumble New Member

    The blade because guns can run out of bullets but a blade will always be in the same damage dealing state! Ninja everything!!
    Also, I don't know of many true assassins that use a gun o_O
  8. rose18oo

    rose18oo New Member

    The gun, so I can do it from far away and escape from the scene quicker, also no worry about having to clean any trace of blood from my blade and/or hands.
  9. Jan_Nerio

    Jan_Nerio Member

    BLADE hack and slash.... I am a ninja! :blush:
  10. I'd be going in with a gun. I guarantee there'd be less resistance with a gun.
  11. Jeep2k_no_id

    Jeep2k_no_id New Member

    Blade: Quieter and more personal.
  12. A gun will get the job done from a much larger distance, and make you less likely to be caught, but the blade looks cooler, so the blade, of course.
  13. Quadki11_no_id

    Quadki11_no_id New Member

    The blade, because im a shadow!
  14. i rather choose a blade it has morestrike blow
  15. I will choose the gun, you can kill close-mid range.
  16. Xeno7

    Xeno7 New Member

    Blade. I mean, that's the weapon of choice for an assassin!
  17. Roadreaper217

    Roadreaper217 New Member

    Blade, more honorable way of killing a person
  18. dartharamith

    dartharamith New Member

    The Blade. Hide in the shadows and get close and personal. This way you can make sure it is the correct mark.
  19. Nebbie

    Nebbie New Member

    Choose the blade! Hit hard and fast like Samurai X! No compromise!
  20. I would use the blade because if you're an assassin you gotta be sneaky beaky like ;)
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