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  1. LonelyToh

    LonelyToh New Member

    My first gear is Razer Abyssus + DeathStalker, it's been great using a budget gear from Razer. Soon. I change my mouse to Razer DeathAdder Chroma and addition of Razer Kraken 7.1. It's make my gaming more happier! Thanks Razer for the great Gaming Gear! :heart:
  2. HeroKhar

    HeroKhar New Member

    It'd have to be my Razer DeathAdder, the thing was an absolute beast and I clearly remember getting called out for cheating way more after getting that mouse. My teammates definitely loved me after that!
  3. olimaester2001

    olimaester2001 New Member

    My first razer product was a razer naga and I love it the limited edition green and it sick !!!! I then got a razer black widdown tournament edition and loved it but it broke but I still think this company is very well built and would love to win this contest I have never won before
  4. Aescenj

    Aescenj New Member

    I've been using Razer products for a while now, probably since about 2010, but my best memory didn't come until 2014. In 2014, Razer launched their Left Handed Edition Naga, and being a lefty, that actually uses a mouse in their left hand... and being primarily an MMO gamer... I was incredibly hyped. I remember trying to get one for about a month after they were launched. When I finally got mine, PC gaming for me was forever changed. Being able to bind half of my abilities straight to my mouse was a total game changer and I remember the feeling of my first WoW battleground with my Lefty Naga, I felt like a god. I fell in love with this mouse so much, that I went out and got a blackwidow ultimate to pair it up with, and now I was remapping keys on my keyboard to better suit my lefty playstyle and things just got even better. I'm still using my Naga today, and I really hope that someday Razer will do an update for the Lefties out there. Thanks so much Razer, for being the first and only company to look at this small faction of left handed gamers and make something so awesome just for us.
  5. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    Would have to be finally getting my new Blackwidow X, Mamba TE, Firefly and Kraken 7.1 after a 3 month wait. Got them on the christmas / new year sale. But wasn't allowed til my birthday, best present ever. And highly suitable to replace my old taipan, kraken 7.1 original and deathstalker.

    Also the first time i placed the kraken forged edition on my head, what beautiful sound quality :heart:

    And then the chroma set in *Glows in awe*
  6. Angryaltf4

    Angryaltf4 New Member

    I plugged in the Naga and it pulsed, the same colour as my hue light strips..ya that kicked ass
  7. DevbotGO

    DevbotGO New Member

    My favorite Razer memory is the about the first Razer product I ever received.

    I would go to my local Best Buy and just admire in awe the Razer Chroma keyboards they had on display. I wanted one sooo bad, but could never get myself to buy one. I wasn't all too financially stable then. So I would just look at them like a kid gazes in desire at a toy in a store window in an old Christmas special. Then about a year ago, my girlfriend picked up on how much I wanted one and researched which one was the best to get and bought me one for Christmas. We hadn't even been dating for all that long before hand and I was shocked she would do something like that for me. I didn't even think I deserved to spend that much on myself, but she did. It's one thing for someone to get you something you want, but it's another thing to have someone listen to you so intently that they know exactly want you want without you every explicitly even saying so. The Chroma Blackwidow she bought for me is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received as well as one of my most cherished possessions. That may be a bit material, but I attach a lot of sentimental value to possessions. It reminds me of how much someone loves me and how much I should love myself. Every time I look at or use my keyboard I have an extra warm feeling of love and content. I've since become a big fan of Razer. I even did a few marketing and graphic design related assignments about them in college.

    So I thank you Razer for the amazing products and being a super cool company.
    And I thank you Sarah for loving me so much and making me feel so special and deserving.
  8. Verisimilitude

    Verisimilitude New Member

    I first fell in love with Razer when I bought the Razer Deathstalker membrane. Ever since then I have always loved razer products and continue to buy more and more.
  9. ChristianTan17

    ChristianTan17 New Member

    Started knowing Razer from a friend with a Blade 14, gained interest and pretty much built my first PC on a S340 Razer edition! Loved the LED lighting especially the one on the bottom.
  10. ASpace

    ASpace New Member

    First of all I want to thank Razer for every heavenly beautiful and quality product.
    My first Razer product was "Razer Omata".I bought that keyboard because of my sister.When she was little she slept in the same room where i had my pc,and at nights she needed light to be turned of to sleep so i had to turn of the light and because of that i was messing up with my keapoards keys.So thats why i decided to buy "Razer Omata" because of the backlights.
    You really have very good product so keep on doing your work and releasing new product. #RAZERROCKS&ROLLS
  11. masterfelloww

    masterfelloww New Member

    Has to be when I got my first Razer product, that being Deathadder Chroma. From that time, I've been following Min on social media, he is the dopest CEO of all the time and am overall much more interested in Razer products.
    The laptop would help me with my studies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good luck to everyone!
  12. Janene7

    Janene7 New Member

    At first I really don't want to purchase any Razer Product, I'm always saying it is too expensive for such a mouse, for such a keyboard, such a Headphone... but, I ATE all of my words... I've got my Razer Black Widow Chroma and it feels so good, I love the clicky sounds when I'm typing something... such a great music to my ears. I've got my Razer Mamba mouse(wired/wireless) which is too good specially with it 16000dpi hahah but I've never using that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And, also, Razer Man O'war this was the product that I love the most... I really love the 7.1 virtual surround sound... when I'm playing I feel my surroundings and it is so good especially on gaming (footsteps everywhere hahaha). One thing left, to get Razer Blade Stealth... hoping to win this laptop... I didn't have luck last Giveaway... hoping with this one!! :)
  13. emab123

    emab123 New Member

    the day I unboxed my razer blade stealth. after like 5 mins i was ready to go, literally, I had a flight to catch in 30 mins. Too many emotions in one moment, and by that I mean RGB.
  14. CriminalVirtue

    CriminalVirtue New Member

    Razer has been an authority for gaming for quite a while. It sponsors games in eSports such as DotA 2, CS:GO, LOL, OverWatch, etc. With the tagline "For Gamers, By Gamers", it is an anchor to gamers to see Razer as a go to brand for peripherals and systems. With such a big industry for gaming, is it still welcoming different people from different walks of life that aren't necessarily gamers?

    I wasn't a big fan of games. I played popular titles such as Portal 2, The Last of Us, DotA 1 and 2, etc. I would play these with friends as a mean to get to know them and make connections. I wasn't fully committed into playing games. As I continue to play, I get to hear the name "Razer" being talked by different people in computer shops, different advertisements in convenience stores, in servers for DotA 1, etc. It made me curious to search it up. I found the company is selling peripherals for gaming. I was interested until I saw the price point. I didn't understand why would people even bother to buy such expensive peripherals for the purpose of gaming. I let it sit in my head for 2 months.

    It was my birthday in 2012 when I decided to give Razer a try. I went up to a store that carried the Kraken Pro and bought it. From there, I was hooked. The quality of sound was extremely helpful for long hours of music. It had a deep bass that I enjoyed. It was perfect for late night paperwork for school. From there, I went on to buy a DeathAdder 2013. It became my go to mouse for everything. It made me wonder if it was really good for gaming. It was then I was convinced that it is "For Gamers, By Gamers". The peripherals gave me an edge. Instead of massaging my hand after 30 minutes of intense gaming, I can use it for 2-3 hours without any issue. The headsets gave a different dimension in terms of immersion to the game. Every bullet that flies to every spell cast, it gives me that feeling that I am part of the game. I'm not controlling some avatar. I am that avatar. It gives comfort in casual use and for gaming. It is a remarkable brand that I would proudly recommend to anyone looking for a good place to buy peripherals for any use.

    It's been 5 years from that year and I've bought myself a BlackWidow Tournament, DeathAdder Chroma, Goliathus control. I bring it to school to ease my tension in typing an important paper to casually typing on it to fidget my way out of anxiety. To any person who has the prejudice about the brand and it being a waste of money, I suggest trying the products. I can guarantee that it will change your perspective and hopefully give you a new perspective on the brand and the proud owners of their different products.

  15. suicidebunni

    suicidebunni New Member

    The day I decided to buy my first Razer product, the Kraken Pro Headset. Best decision ever. Obviously once you start buying Razer, you never stop. I have a Blackwidow Keyboard now as well and the next step will be a Razer mouse. #razergearforlife:heart:
  16. PoPoThePanda

    PoPoThePanda New Member

    A few years ago, I learned about Razer products and asked for a Blackwidow for Christmas that year. I was so happy when I got it and it's been my keyboard ever since.
  17. Almost a year ago I got my first Razer gear, always heard about people using the Black Widow and the Deathadder so it has been a long time coming that I've wanted to get into it. Got my first paycheck and went and bought a Razer Deathstalker Chroma and Razer Diamondback Chroma and haven't looked back since
  18. MoneyMonkey

    MoneyMonkey New Member

    I bought a Razer Cyclosa Kit and an Abyssus 1800 DPI along with the Razer goliathus speed small and also the Razer Kraken Pro
  19. Mattox95

    Mattox95 Member

    Thanks to my Razer Goliathus and Blackwidows x Chroma, I achieved a higher level of skills in my videogames, thank you razer!
  20. Ihatecandles

    Ihatecandles New Member

    I think my best memory is when I accidentally spilled sparkling water all over my Blackwidow and I dried it and cleaned it and it worked perfectly afterward.
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