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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. AllMightu

    AllMightu New Member

    Ordering my first Razer products, Black widow chroma v2 along with getting a firefly cloth edition! Best investments I have ever made. 10/10 would Razer again
  2. arxisigma

    arxisigma New Member


    Hey!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    I may not have a crazy gaming story like others on here, but I still think I owe Razer a big thanks, considering the fact that I recovered from a potential carpal tunnel the past 3 months! :')
    I was using some other keyboard, but I didn't realize how much damage it was doing to my wrists, until one day I couldn't hold my pencil cause my hand cramped up.
    So I figured it was time to finally look into a new keyboard, and well howdy- Blackwidow Crhoma V2 with the yellow switches.

    Ill tell you what. That's gotta be the best keyboard out there. Its so responsive! And it helped with my carpal tunnel- what else can you ask for!!?

    Well that's my story. Thanks again y'all, and keep making awesome products :D
  3. Leniek_no_id

    Leniek_no_id New Member

    Just mamba, nice build quality and precision
  4. tomisko-1_no_id

    tomisko-1_no_id New Member

    The best day when RAZER Hammerhead V2 came to me and I hear every foot in cs and beat my friends.Befor I always end with k/d ratio below 1 :wink_:
  5. enjoythetimes

    enjoythetimes New Member

    Good luck to the people who win
  6. bojingjangs_no_id

    bojingjangs_no_id New Member

    my best memory is receiving my razor NZXT tower, along with my naga mouse and blackwidow keyboard, for my first build. the excitement!
  7. Darwinci

    Darwinci New Member

    I can still remember my first Razer mouse, it was an Imperator. It was really cool at that time as it was the only mouse that glowed. Been a fan since then, and 10 years on, my gaming rig now glows CHROMA. The most memorable moment for me was when after 3 years of saving and buying product by product, I finally opened their boxes and connected them up to my new PC. It was like christmas as a 10 year old all over again. Not many other products can make a grown man with a baby girl feel this way. Thank you Razer for the amazing experience!
  8. chiguera

    chiguera New Member

    My younger brother was in his college dorm playing Counter Strike and owning most of the time. While I played from home and sucked most of the time. When I visited him at college I played CS from his computer and noticed that I was doing better than usual. It was all thanks to his Razer mouse and keyboard that he was using, sorry I forgot the name of them because it was years ago but the experience was unforgettable.
  9. eX4sa5Noop

    eX4sa5Noop New Member

    My first memory of Razer was when I've heard of Nabu. But then, after reading specs and possibilities, I've decided to buy Fenix 5.
  10. Ola_no_id

    Ola_no_id New Member

    Headshots with Razer mouse are smoother than jelly from tears of my enemies! :D When my bf gave me Razer Naga Hex V2 i spend all night playing and i have to admint i was better than him!
  11. Lewis9001

    Lewis9001 New Member

    I discovered Razer from deadmau5. When I got my first chroma device the chroma just blew me away. I love Razer and I love this community
  12. Vionus_no_id

    Vionus_no_id New Member

    The best day was when I borrowed Razer Deathadder from my friend.
    I had this mouse for like half of the year and then he said that he has just bought Razer Mamba- so he didn't wan't Deathadder anymore. I've got this rat until now :)
  13. PlayDis

    PlayDis New Member

    when i got my first Razer product, the Razer Mamba 2012 edition in 2013. It came in a lovely case and i still use the mouse today.
  14. DerivatBG

    DerivatBG New Member

    Back in the time I was all about "meh, Razer products are good but the price is a bit steep!" Man was I wrong, got my Naga and my world has changed, now I wonder how I survived using my old mouse especially with the Goliathus pad, it's like dragging my hand on Kashmere. Recently got the Kraken Pro V2 and I guess I'll not stop there.
    Once you go Razer there is no turning back
  15. brsgaming804

    brsgaming804 New Member

    My greatest memory of Razer was when they won CES this year and everybody got a 50% discount on one peripheral. I was so happy, finally getting the Mamba Wireless I had always dreamed of. I remember the aluminum tin it came in (which I still have) and the amazing experience using a wireless mouse that wasn't awful for gaming. Thank you for taking me through the years with your amazing gaming products and the new services like zVault where I get paid to play video games. Thank you for coming out with a revolutionary laptop that was thin enough to carry around, and then put a GTX 1060 in it eventually. Thank you for showcasing very cool new concepts at conventions, like Projects Valerie and Ariana. Thank you.
  16. Fleerow

    Fleerow New Member

    My memory of razer is getting the first generation of DeathAdder, that was rz01-015 from 2009 I love her so much, she's still working and doing great 0:)
  17. enjoythetimes

    enjoythetimes New Member

    It's so great how far Razor has come since the early 2000's when I picked up my first Razor mouse Diamondback , I was shocked at how ahead of the game you guys were with that mouse . Now its been 12years old school gamer is blow away how you guys are the best when it comes to the gaming products . And Razor insider is also a nice treat to have . Thank you guys
  18. It was actually when i saw first Blackwidow Chroma video a few years ago, needed to have it, also the soundtrack was awsome :) and yea, still on my desk and working great ;)
  19. Piferson

    Piferson New Member

    My very first Razer device was Razer Orochi, which I bought for an ultrabook that I later on returned, but it's still best mouse I have, so I use it with my PC. :)
  20. coolVioletreview882

    coolVioletreview882 New Member

    My first peripheral gamers was a simple kit that the razer has, was an incredible change in every way!
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