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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. GsNecro

    GsNecro New Member

    Deathadder, lasted me 7 years! Best mouse and longest lasting mouse i have owned. I was sad when the left click broke. I have it shelved for the glorious memories I had. Thanks Razer for the great products you make!
  2. Skippy1223

    Skippy1223 New Member

    I got the kraken mobiles headphones for Christmas and they were pretty dope but I had to return them cuz i realized they were too expensive.
  3. Phoenix Fritz_no_id

    Phoenix Fritz_no_id New Member

    My first Razer product was the Deathadder 2013. I loved how ergonomic it was, and all the additional side buttons and feature I had naver seen in a mouse. One of my most intense memories with the hardware was in CS:GO. I was in a competitive match, losing 3-12. So out of desperation to win, I rallied my comrades, and commanded them. Ended up winning the match 16-14. Thanks for the amazing mouse!
  4. trogdorseddon

    trogdorseddon New Member

    The first time i got called a razer fanboy when my friends came over and saw my room which looked like a razer store :D
  5. Dracthonia

    Dracthonia New Member

    Best memory would be when I freaked out playing ARK with my new fabulous Kraken Mobile headset. I heard a raptor behind me in surround sound for the first time and jumped out of my chair!
  6. Gishkori

    Gishkori New Member

    When i got death adder i thought this wasn't enough so i got razer naga then League mouse pad razer then razer wire bungee i think its called then i got razer electra which is good for listening to music and playing games. Check my clutches or aces with this gear i hope they will amaze you guys
    Gernade VS AWP CLUTCH in CSGO
  7. Spleth

    Spleth New Member

    When I got my first Deathadder, it was amazing and I have never switched to another type of mice, of course, I have had all the iterations and i just love it
  8. Chillgamer3

    Chillgamer3 New Member

    The best moment for me was the moment when I got my Razer Tiamat 2.2. I never have experienced such good audio quality before I got the headset.
  9. bogoforo

    bogoforo New Member

    My favorite Razer moment was when I was shopping for my first set of Razer gear. I spent an unusually long time debating on which ones would be the best for me. After far too many hours looking around the Razer store and several trips to my local best buy for an on-hand experience with my top choices, I finally decided on the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth and the Mamba TE. The products did not disappoint.
  10. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    The first time I used my Razer Leviathan, I didn't even test it at full volume and the power it boasted just blew me away.
    I then later watched a stream of you guys playing titian souls and talked about how I loved it and asked them if I should try to see if I should put it a full volume even tho I live in an apartment above someone. They told me (jokingly of corse)
    to do it, and if trouble arouse to say. "am I being detained?" It just cracked me up. Love you guys.
  11. I have to say that my best memory with Razer would have been using a Razer Naga mouse for the first time ever, playing Guild Wars 2. Using the buttons on the side of the mouse just felt so nice and all I actually had to use the keyboard for was jumping and talking! Since then, I've learned that you can bind your Overwatch keys to the buttons, and well.....
  12. lPsykol

    lPsykol New Member

    I was super excited when I first bought the Razer DeathAdder mouse in 2013, I like its simplicity, yet it's features and I still use it now.
  13. sourceSiennaever479

    sourceSiennaever479 New Member

    My first product was the Razer Mamba TE Chroma, I remember plugging it in just to see the lighting... Amazing!
    So naturally, I had to get a Razer Deathstalker Chroma... Oh man, I can't imagine using anything else! Thanks a lot!!!
  14. l.davies54

    l.davies54 New Member

    Using my Deathadder Chroma for 2 years now and not even had to replace the rubber feet. I've tried other mice but its weight and righty are amazing and with constant synapse updates I'm never stuck with a problem for more than 10 minutes thanks to me not checking. Excellent tracking especially on my Vespula another product I thank you for, just time to upgrade my 950m laptop :wink_::wink_::wink_:
  15. IlIlIlIIlIl

    IlIlIlIIlIl New Member

    when i first get into the "gamer world' i thought i need to upgrd all my peripheral but im poor so i only have enough money to buy just a mouse and my first razer mouse is Abyssus... it really make so much difference than the cheap mouse i was using atm.. but sadly it died and im using corsair now :''(( sorry razer, i betray you. i dont deserve to win this
  16. Keyofdestiny

    Keyofdestiny New Member

    When i switched from my normal mouse to a razer naga 2014, its amazing.
  17. swemoose

    swemoose New Member

    I have looked at Razer for years but never got one of your products.
    Finally i decided to kick my keyboard out the window and then got my first Razer keyboard a few months ago. After that i'm sold, the quality and feeling in the keyboard is wonderful. The only thing is that I can't use the headphonejack on it since it have a weird whining noise.
    But the rest make up for it.
  18. coltonious

    coltonious New Member

    My first Razer product was the 2013 deathadder mouse. I had just gotten my laptop a few weeks before and needed a mouse with it. I got a special discount at work for working black Friday, found a cool looking mouse (didn't realize it was Razer or how amazing it'd end up being), got home and was amazed. After that experience I've only been wanted Razer accessories. Nothing less is good enough for me
  19. LGrosPerron

    LGrosPerron New Member

    A few year ago, I bought the razer bagpack best purchase i ever made! I've been travelling all around canada with it. With or without my all of my razer gear(pc case, vespula, naga, tartarus, ferox and the deathstalker ultimate) this bag is following me everywhere !
  20. Dabagassa

    Dabagassa Member

    I bought a Razer Deathadder Chroma, my first Razer product.

    I remember that because all of my friends Reunited at my house to a Lam party and it was the sensation of the night.
    Best Lam party ever with my new mouse and friends ahahah
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