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  1. I'll always remember Project Christine from CES a few years ago. PC building is fun and all, but the modularity that would bring would make it so much easier to help get my friends into it. There's also the rather impressive feat of pricing that made the original Blade Stealth the cheapest laptop with an i7 that I could find, and a year into college I'm still using and in love with it. Just wish it had more RAM.
  2. roadhitUmber656

    roadhitUmber656 New Member

    My Razer Chroma X keyboard was my gateway to RGB, proceeded to complete my setup with Firefly and Chroma deathadder. Then I had deck out my tower with NZXT hue+ and Kraken, RGB is way of life.
  3. rhptBennett

    rhptBennett New Member

    My favourite moment had to be when I received my first razer mouse. I ordered it from an external company and was so excited when it came through the post. Unfortunately, when I tried it on my computer, I realised it was a fake :slightly_sad: Oh well, one day I will get a genuine razer product, but I guess I'll just have to wait.
  4. IlDano

    IlDano New Member

    I had my best moment with Razer products when I received my Razer Blade! I started showing it to all my friend, just asking as an idiot: "It's beautiful, isn't it?!?!"

    Love u, Razer!
  5. Justin Uy_no_id

    Justin Uy_no_id New Member

    bruh when i was grade 8, the year's 2016 we cant afford a nice computer our computer that time UNTIL NOW was running on an AMD Sempron and a Kingston 1GB RAM. it was so slow and we cant use it for gaming and studies. etc. and i cant afford to buy high end pcs or laptops coz i cant save much on my allowance because sometimes i have to provide my money for my family. then me and my classmate we're partners to do a project so we went to his house. and i saw his rig it was sick. it was on a s340 nzxt (razer case) intel i5 32gb of ballistix ram and the gpu was an nvidia gtx 1070 his keyboard was a razer blackwidow chroma his mouse was a razer deathadder his headset is a razer headset couldnt remember the name. i tried using his rig and i was mindblown coz it was my first time using a fast computer i was filled with joy when i was playing on that rig. and ofcourse we finished that project. this is my Razer memory hope i can win that Razer Blade
  6. HeliosX

    HeliosX New Member

    I remember back in 2013, I saved up my allowances + stipend in college to buy my very first Razer product which is the Kraken Pro (white). Man, after all these years I'm still using it. Thank you and great job Razer for continuing what's best for gamers like me. Happy 500k on insider!!
  7. Kohshelan_no_id

    Kohshelan_no_id New Member

    I did not own any of your products since I could not afford them. However, I always amazed with your products quality and keep followed up all of your product until now. The one time, I get to try your products is at a computer shop and hope one day, I can own them and do a full review. I REALLY hoped that I can get a chance to own the Razer Blade Stealth and test the gaming and multimedia performance. Thanks Razer

    Warm Regards,
  8. ApansKaffekopp

    ApansKaffekopp New Member

    I think one of my greatest razer moments was when I realised that they actually care for every gamer, I for example play left handed and have been stuck for years with a mouse that is "neutral". When I saw razers left handed mouse it was like a dream come true I guess xD. I then also ordered the razer black widow chroma and the firefly for the sweet combination which works great. Great team? Great company!
  9. Vestaloyne

    Vestaloyne Member

    Best Razer memory is being part of the initial test for the Razer Nabu. I really loved the feeling of inclusiveness and that Razer really valued my opinion on the product.

    Great to see that those of us had a hand in making the Nabu what it is today.
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  10. Taupecampfront615

    Taupecampfront615 New Member

    Getting the razer naga mouse totally changed the way I play MMOs. I honestly don't think I could play guild wars 2 without a Naga anymore!

    Thanks for a great product!
  11. Thanks to you guys for being the dedicated support this community needs @kajira, @Lafar, @Destrok,@Firebat246

    My first experience with a Razer product was when my wife, bought me a Razer Sphex gaming surface along with a Razer Black Widow Ultimate for Christmas. Now I get that that's not much, but for us, who are stuck below the poverty line, it literally made me cry. =/ Things we do for people we love. Took her over 18months to save enough to buy the pack from a local retailer.:wink_:
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  12. Atlas2256

    Atlas2256 New Member

    So, I was suffering from major eye strain from countless hours of working as a programmer and then coming home and doing some major Dota 2 gaming on the Razer cortex. And Razer, as always, has everything I need for the best computer experience. I recently purchased a pair of Razer FPS glasses and It's reduced my migraines and really helped with the eye strain. I've even started sleeping better. Thanks, Razer!
  13. WaShingMaShin

    WaShingMaShin Member

    When i first had my kraken pro that was one of the happiest moments of my life and when i got the new ornata i was blown away by the greatness of it.I will continue to buy Razer Gear cause why not right? Long Live the Chroma.Thanks RAZER for everything and all i need is a new Razer Blade
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  14. Greatest Razer moment? Lighting the whole room green!
  15. KSOgorilla

    KSOgorilla New Member

    well that momemnt back when the first deathadder came out, i had to take the mac edition cause razer was rare af and barely anyone knew you guys, i was a bit sad about the color but oh boy when i used the mouse, felt like it was part of my arm, the on the fly sensitivity was like a huge breakthrough in technology, shit that mouse made me an insane amount of frags, to this day i owned only deathadders and mamabas! will never give up on the comfort the best ever mouse can provide!
  16. TitanForceMC

    TitanForceMC New Member

    When I first got my Razer product, the Razer Man O' War, I instantly fell in love with it. It's simply the BEST EVER. Now starting to be a youtuber, I plan to custom build a computer and then add in some EPIC Razer gear (Keyboards ftw). Really hope I win this and happy that I found the company Razer :) . Thanks and happy 500K followers1
  17. Corrupted_Dinosaur

    Corrupted_Dinosaur New Member

    My best razer memory is it started with a deathadder, and now a full set of keyboard mouce and headset
  18. Camilo Diaz_no_id

    Camilo Diaz_no_id New Member

    The best Razer experience was when i get my Razer naga, and the Firefly mouse pad, worth every penny
  19. jjecholds

    jjecholds New Member

    It definitely has to be the very first razer product I got. Few years ago my fiancee gave me a black widow ultimate keyboard for my birthday. At that point in time I didn't even know what razer was and I didn't even have a gaming PC. Fast forward a few years and now I have a decent rig, plus I have a naga, kabuto mat, and have had one pair of kraken pros and currently have the Man O' Wars. You could say she definitely started an obsession that day.
  20. GrenadeASC

    GrenadeASC New Member

    Switching from plain gear to gear such as the Razer Ornata Chroma and the Deathadder Chroma have been an Amazing feeling

    Thanks Razer for providing this community with this Equipment
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