How do I transfer Rocket League crates from a PC account to a PS4 koto?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by JacobReizer, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. JacobReizer

    JacobReizer New Member

    Hi, I have been playing in my Rocket League account for six months, I've collected a dozen crates of every kind (except for Champions Crates, because I only have a few).
    I have now bought Rocket League on PS4, because my two friends are playing on PS. Is there any possibility to transfer my crates and items from Rocket League PC to a PS4 account?
  2. MisterC4

    MisterC4 New Member

    I think not, they're diffferent servers
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  3. JacobReizer

    JacobReizer New Member

    Ok, I found a solution myself. As you write, you can not directly redirect items and crates between platforms, but you can get around it :)
    So yes, I went to Odealo and sold most of my crates and items from PC for $$, and then I bought crates and items on PS4. And here a little surprise met me: Oh, I did not know that items and crates on PC have higher prices than on PS4. So not only did I exchange, but for the price difference I bought more crates than I had on a PC
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