How do you guys balance playing games with work/school?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Oceanblue, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. TanukiTarrful

    TanukiTarrful New Member

    I sleep less and drink lots of coffee...
  2. SuP3rM4nNy

    SuP3rM4nNy Active Member

    I write down the work that I need to do for the entire week and make sure I get everything done before playing games. At times I play a game or so to relax if I am getting stressed out.
  3. haackers

    haackers New Member

    Its hard to balance. Find time, lol. Win the lottery, so you don't have to work or go to school, lol
  4. Faceender_no_id

    Faceender_no_id New Member

    just remeber games are the only things that matter.
  5. Write a to do list about all the work you need to do that day and stick with it! Yoir brain loves a plan and it will stick with it!
  6. jwilson1989

    jwilson1989 New Member

    my gaming has definitely taken a hit when it comes to work. still trying to fit in more time.
  7. jastheace

    jastheace New Member

    It helps to manage your time while playing to make sure you don't impact work/school. Alarms can be helpful too.
  8. Gouranga1

    Gouranga1 New Member

    I always finish up as much as I can then play games. Or take a game break in between assignments
  9. Axemify

    Axemify New Member

    I balance gaming and school by doing work first and then getting online. If it's a ton of work I take breaks in between to play one or two matches and then back to work. Learning to work with less sleep also comes in handy.
  10. ChapsAirborne

    ChapsAirborne New Member

    To be honest, in semesters, I don't really have time to play! I play more in the summer and the holidays!
  11. easyZompretro839

    easyZompretro839 New Member

    Pay attention in class. No point in turning up if you're just going to play around. Great thing about this is that I never had to think about studying beyond homework that was mandatory. Work hard when you're there and game away when you're home.
  12. 0_0Cookies0_0

    0_0Cookies0_0 New Member

    School comes first, then work, then family, then play. So when ever I am not doing something I am playing video games. :) This is how.
  13. I created my own binder with a daily program chart I built in excel. I use it to keep track of what I get done in the day but also a way to look back at the week and see if anything is getting in the way of accomplishing other activities..

    Oh and of course the occasional weekend splurge in gaming is needed.
  14. blackJaxs

    blackJaxs New Member

    All about balance for me. For this reason I tend to play games later at night after everything else has been taken care of.
  15. vilemg

    vilemg New Member

    For me, it's about time management and getting the priorities in order. It's key to focus on the important things while also finding the balance to take time out to have some fun.
    Getting in the gaming sessions definitely does make for some restless nights though with little sleep!
  16. tapao

    tapao New Member

    Im a graduate student and i still game nearly everyday.

    Look at school like a job... get shit done during the day and dont put it off.
    game at night if
  17. YodaIAm

    YodaIAm New Member

    I normally play a lot of league of legends (30-45 mins games normally) and I try to work for 2 hours then play one game. games are a good stress reliever, but remember that everything is good in moderation
  18. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    I try to get as much as RL I can do in a day and reward myself with gaming, but there are times, where I completely ignore RL and game away and suffer a bit later! You just have to pick and chose your battles!
  19. I don't play on school weekedays except for Friday nights. I play mostly on weekends since I have nothing really important except a few assignments.
  20. tar4ntula

    tar4ntula New Member

    That in itself is a hard game to play, so play it like the hardest game of all. Life!
    Anyways, when work gets heavy and school gets tiring it can be good to take short breaks and play 15-30 mins of games (a single game of DOTA, CSGO, league or w.e tickles your fancy.) a handful of times a night in between work. Helps keep things easier and lets you keep on working all night instead of a 3-4 hour work binge where your final product/assignment may just turn out worse in the end.

    tl;dr a bit of both all the time is how I balance it.
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