I thought I bought dream machine for gaming!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by saroche, Apr 20, 2018.

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  1. saroche

    saroche New Member

    So I will be concise; its not a rant post, maybe just need some help from other members.

    I bought a Razer Blade 14 FHD with 1060 10 days ago. Installed games and all, started playing. After about 5-6 days when I booted up, keyboard stops working (only lights working), touchpad working but its buttons not working. Connected external keyboard/mouse, nope. None of the USB ports working.

    Keyboard completely disappeared as a hardware, cannot find it in device manager, cannot find it in Control Panel>Keyboard>Hardware. Disappointed.

    Had a chat with support, they asked to do a clean installation of Synapse, didn't solve the problem. They asked me to return it in warranty, I said hold on. Checked KB in BIOS, WORKING!!

    Told them its working in BIOS, then they suggested to restore the system, I did, keyboard starts working along with USB ports.

    I still have no freaking idea what happened or what solved it. Anyway, I hope it does not come again or atleast other problems that RB owners have nightmares about.

    I have a few questions though;

    • My fans were working ok before the system restore, only spinning fast while gaming. Did not notice them when idling or simple browsing, but after the restore they are like just on an on/off cycle every few minutes or even just on Chrome, etc. I do not remember what were temperatures before I restored on idle but could it be possible that I might have reset some factory fan/CPU settings when I restored the system? Now my CPU temperatures are between 45-60 when idling or normal computing, but fans keep on the same cycle: on/off.
    • I have this weird noise coming out of under the keyboard (that's the best I have located it) its like a crack/chirp sound usually when fans not running. What sound is this?
    I would really appreciate if someone can shed a light on these issues. Again, I thought I had a decent gaming machine that I would thoroughly enjoy! :slightly_sad:
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