If you could add ANYTHING to the Razer Blade 14

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Hypocritical, Feb 5, 2017.

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  1. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    Yes please
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  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    I would like to see a variation of this feature. More specifically, I want Razer to make a Surface Book competitor, but they should keep the current Blade the way it is and develop another SKU (Edge V2?)

    1 - It's true that the 14" blade makes for a heavy tablet, so a flexible hinge might not be the best solution.

    2 - It's also true that a tablet form factor allows users to take full advantage of a touchscreen (as opposed to the standard clamshell).

    So why not just make something like the Surface Book? The screen simply detaches from the keyboard base and has its own built in battery/CPU for tablet use. Perhaps make it flexible AND detachable? When connected to the base, Surface Book has 16 hours of battery life and a GTX 965M. If Razer could tweak this design to cater more towards gamers/power-users (black finish, RGB keyboard, stronger components, Thunderbolt 3) then I would buy it in a heartbeat. It would be for people who want something in between a Blade 14" and a Blade Stealth.
  3. JonSn0w

    JonSn0w New Member

    A surface book with a curved screen like this, to maintain the "gaming" qualifier.
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  4. Diraan

    Diraan New Member

    I've been using my late 2016 Razer Blade for about 3 weeks now and here are a few features I'd love to see in a refreshed model:

    • Have the light on the front of the computer change color to indicate when it is charging and when it is finished charging. I always need to open up my blade to see if it has been fully charged.
    • Write in a setting in Synapse that can trigger all the battery-saving settings that one would need to get the most time out of the Blade. Right now I have my Blade lasting about ~6 hours on a charge, but only after I switch around about 5 settings in five different places. It'd be nice to have this all rolled in to a single button.
    • Macro keys above the trackpad. This is purely for someone like me that uses Premiere and Photoshop. I'm sure gamers could get some use out of it too.
    • An ethernet port. I know many will scoff at this, but I have to plug into a Server daily so that I can access protected footage. There's no wireless solution compatible with the Killer WiFi card that would come close to letting me edit even low res proxy footage. Right now I use a USB 3 to ethernet adapter, but it's hardly ideal as it can be pulled out rather easily.
    • Chroma compatibility for the Razer logo on the back - like my Razer Chroma X tournament edition. Green is nice, but sometimes a clean white logo would be preferable.
    • Thinner bezel all around - I fully realize that there are engineering reasons behind why the screen is the way it is, but a larger 15" screen with a dell-esque infinity edge would look absolutely fantastic.
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  5. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    I would probably just add a sim slot, so I could get a 4g sim card and use it easily on the go. As it stands I have a 4g router so can just use that, but itd be cool to not need to.
  6. SD card slot and backlit secondary keys
  7. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    LOL whaaaat. That's crazy. can you imagine having a curved tablet when you detach it from keyboard? It will not sit flat on the desk and probably rock back and forth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    I like the Surface Book but think it can be better. Willing to sacrifice some of that 16 hour battery life for a quad-core CPU. Need Thunderbolt 3/USB-C. Also not a big fan of matte silver since it's everywhere already.
  8. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    Should be an easy tablet to put to sleep...
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  9. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    And it doubles as a modern fruit serving tray!
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  10. -Thinner bezel
    -Longer battery, (or at least a one click solution to consolidate all the steps to maximize battery life).
    -Maybe a little bit more performance within the laptop.

    --An Ethernet port would not be terrible either.
    --Also I would not hate the option to have chroma on the logo...
  11. Foghorn755

    Foghorn755 New Member

    If I had to design a new model of the Blade 14, I would probably try to add these

    First off, MAKE IT A 15 INCH COMPUTER - I think a 14 inch display is a tad too small to play games, but this is just preference

    Backlit multimedia function keys - huuuuuge pet peeve about the blade when I tested it initially, I would hope to see this fixed

    A second TB3 Port, possibly to use as the charging port

    Smaller Bezels on the display

    Assuming 15 inch, perhaps some better optimized cooling for a 1060 that would minimize fan noise?

    A slightly different matte black finish that isn't as fingerprint prone

    And the big one for me

    Speaker grills built into the aluminium chassis, not cut and inserted - So, the way the Macbook Pro has them, even and small holes so dust cannot get inside

    That's about it for me
  12. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

  13. I don't think we'll see an Ethernet port, the laptop's too thin.
    I want to see a new one button trackpad with precision drivers.
    Light the secondary functions
    Fan control

    Maybe a 15 inch display/smaller bezels? - but do not remove any contrast or colour depth, and keep IPS. Offering two display options is great, keep this.
    DisplayPort instead of HDMI so people with high refresh rate, G-SYNC monitors can make use of them
    Other than that, I think the blade is perfect. Performance wise, it already is.
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  14. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    A trackpad with the quality of the Apple Force Touch trackpad with the Blade Pro lighting could be cool, plus a Switchblade UI that could could turn on and off. The RAID0 of the Blade Pro would be welcome here too, plus a battery upgrade.
  15. Matthew9559

    Matthew9559 New Member

    • Fix the function keys light change they made this year, awful change
    • Allow you to turn off the Razer logo backlight
    • Make the bezel smaller
    • More battery life

    This laptop is pretty prefect imo (Razer Blalde 2016). More battery life would be nice but that's always the case and everything else is pretty minimal for my wants.
  16. Ampheliptic

    Ampheliptic Member

    - Macbook Pro Retina-like trackpad
    - 2 additional slide-able screens (project valerie)
    - Touch screen 4k, adobe RGB display
    - Magnetic charging cable (a lot like the macbook)
    - GTX Titan X shoved in it
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