[Insider Contest] Check out Phantaruk!

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by technokat, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. UHaveBeenWasteD

    UHaveBeenWasteD New Member

    errrr... Don't look back.
  2. "Eat them, before they eat you..."
  3. AndreRazer

    AndreRazer New Member

    Follow the Red Bloody rabbit!
  4. Sorpion

    Sorpion New Member

    “one small step for me, one big loss for you “
  5. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    After watching the trailer I would leave a short message: "You are not alone on this ship... flee ASAP..."
  6. MarsdenGG

    MarsdenGG New Member

    I would leave "This statement is false"
  7. MarcinP_no_id

    MarcinP_no_id New Member

    "There's an Alien on the board...."
  8. zxcwar

    zxcwar Member

    Don't use the bathroom on the west wing, the toilets are infested with space monkeys that climb up your butt.
  9. cptknightz

    cptknightz New Member

    I would leave "Open my locker and you'll find my finest stash of P... You'll need it ;) "
  10. Hozimina

    Hozimina Member

    "Why are you stopping to read this, run you fool,RUN!!!"
  11. I was the one who got you toilet paper
  12. Alessa

    Alessa New Member

  13. TideAF

    TideAF New Member

    "Yeah I know, it kinda smells bad here; you'll get used to it :cool_:"
  14. TarianMash

    TarianMash New Member

    Easy note: "Good Luck! Have fun?"
  15. Gjusandros532

    Gjusandros532 New Member

    "Be glad you survive"
  16. nobforu

    nobforu New Member

    "you're not gonna live for long with that thing running around"
  17. TheFluuffySheep

    TheFluuffySheep New Member

    You just gotta leave this in the note "Fucked yo bitch - will"
  18. "I'm Scared of the dark. I need new pants."
  19. PatrikF1

    PatrikF1 Member

    Hope its not a horror then im forced to play it
  20. i would say only two words..."Leeroy Jenkins"
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