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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. NotThisAgain

    NotThisAgain Active Member

    I can see this backfiring, this was also a way to get Razer gear into peoples hands that would not buy otherwise. This, in turn, gets more talking about the gear on a more positive note. Because I have heard many more things negative of Razer in the wild.

    If in fact, you're surprised that it would get some abuse is surprising to me, it's in some peoples makeup to take advantage, but the question is, is it worth it to Razer to lose potential customers? The more people that get their hands on the gear the better.

    If you want to see the hate for Razer go to a G+ gaming forum and say something positive about Razer, it will foster more heat than the Intel>Nvidia>AMD war that is always going on. In fact, it's about the only thing that will unite these "fanboys" into a common cause/tirade.

    Making a rewards programme exclusive to existing fan/customers may not do much to broaden the LOVE !!!
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  2. JungleBeast99

    JungleBeast99 Member

    @RazerBoii28 Just to mention I have 3 razer products paid with my own money and Im not arguing and "shi*ing" here because I want so badly something for free. I have already beaten your arguments in my previous post, but again as I said, zSilver is not free, we spend time, a lot of time and above everything Razer still probably makes profit from those using the system. Do not jump with both feet forward against someone. I didnt sh*t everyone, I am just guessing and apologised if Im wrong but in this case you attack me without being aware of the facts. Do not get so hot and think before you say smth.

    "Don't come and "s*it" on people that can afford it if you're not able to." - Do you even understand what I have in mind? Here you are right, but oddly I have never meant that... Maybe my english is just not good enough to make it clear, and I apologize for that. The guilt may be in me.

    "Why would he have to put himself in the place of the others?" - Just because if he was there, his statement would be completely different. But hey who cares for these peeps, I'm afraid that only Razer cares for them.

    Just to add, I dont support anyone here, I want something that would be fair for every side, but this thread shows how much we can be a community. There is complete discrimination for (lets not say poor) these who can not afford razer gear. Just take a look, this thread divided the whole community- those who can not afford razer products because of their living country low standarts, those envious, selfish people who can not accept someone can have razer gear paying with playing inestead of paying money for it like them and those who want to earn money selling products paid with zSilver(which is extremely unacceptable).

    So I think the best decision for Razer is somewhere in the middle.
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  3. RazerBoii28

    RazerBoii28 Member

    As I said, I won't say that you're right or not..

    On this, I won't argue with anyone on whether or not Razer should make the P2P program available to everyone. All my keyboards, mouses, headsets or even the Nommo, have been bought with my money so at the end I don't care if Razer choose to let the program go that way or not. I'll still continue to buy my stuff with money cause I don't care if I have 2k or 90k of zSilver.

    With that said, Razer can do what they want with their program cause yes you're right they are not loosing money with it. But maybe would they like to make even more.
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  4. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    I've been using the Paid to Play system since it was implemented. The moment they changed the system, I even mentioned that the best approach would've been to keep the existing lineup of games, and just added on to that. Then just added extra benefits to playing the 5 featured games of the month.

    Why would I be envious to those who're earning zSilver playing free games? I could easily do the same. But as I've said, rewarding the freemium model doesn't help anyone. We've been getting less good games to play since everything is now freemium, in-app purchases, patches, pre-purchase, different editions, DLCs. Supporting that kind of practice would only show them that people are willing to accept whatever they release. They'd have no reason to make an effort since people continue to buy into those kinds of models.

    If you've already gotten the game for free, do you really expect to receive something again for free? You've already saved money by playing a free game, surely you'd be able to direct that towards a peripheral purchase. Getting things for free is good, but do you really expect it to always be like that?

    I save up what I earn for things I want, because that's the way it should be. You mentioned priorities. That's exactly it. Priorities, and knowing what they are. It isn't a necessity to play games or purchase expensive peripherals. No one else set that standard but yourself.

    I know that place and I'm still finding myself there quite a number of times. Lots of things I'd like to purchase from Razer alone, but would sitting around just playing games get me those? If you want it, then do something about it.

    It isn't about having money or not. Being less fortunate should never be an excuse. Again, if you want something, you'll do something about it.

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  5. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    While it is a good idea, it would be easy to fake, for example, my friend owns a Razer kraken headset, I don't own any razer headsets, but my friend plugged in his headset to my computer and razer inside gave me the achievement for owning a pair, so i'm guessing it registered his, and if it registered his, anybody can just plug in their friends gera and unlock the vault...unless you make so you must be currently using a razer 'something' (keyboard, headset,mouse,etc)
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  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Thing is, in this particular case, the rewards are so tiny for having a keyboard, mouse, headset, etc that they won't truly make a dent in the zSilver when it comes to wanting to pick up one of the zSilver items. That most certainly won't make or break the bank. hehehe

    @Reaver - I agree with your above post. There are many things I still want from Razer, but money is an issue. I have to prioritize things to make it work. It's why I don't own a Razer system, no matter how I budget at the moment I won't be fitting in an addition $2,000+ into that budget. LOL

    I understand why folks want to play games, earn zSilver and get their free stuff - but somewhere there also needs to be a balance between being grateful for the items people can earn and actually putting in the work to earn some of those items on your own instead of complaining about not having them.
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  7. C9b20

    C9b20 New Member

    Good idea! i love it,
    people always want to take advantage of it, they are not satisfied with the great gesture that you do offering us this opportunity.
    Stop these people
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  8. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about an expiration date added on all zVault products to make people more careful and aware on their way to redeem. I'm just saying if someone has a particular product in mind and would like to redeem, to just set a date for when it expire or just how long is that product going to be in the zVault. Cause i just saw a bunch of people ruining their dreams when the outdated products were removed or when their price was increase. It's just an idea.
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  9. imtinan95

    imtinan95 New Member

    To be honest, I am trying to get free RAZER Chroma Keyboard because I love Chroma and gaming. Whenever I get close to the value of zSilver for that product RAZER changes the policies, Why RAZER? WHY? Please let appreciate RAZER by getting Chroma Keyboard...
  10. NotThisAgain

    NotThisAgain Active Member

    Don't sweat it, they change things in the catalog fairly often so just hang tight, earn some more Zsilver in the meantime.
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  11. XBrooksX13X

    XBrooksX13X New Member

    id be ok with having to own razer gear before receiving zsilver. maybe there could still be some kind of entrance program to incise new customers but the main stuff should be held for people who have at least purchased a razer product once.
  12. IdentityZer0

    IdentityZer0 New Member

    I think that if I didn't already have Razer gear, this would irreparably harm my view of Razer. As a Twitch streamer, I have a permanent link to the sign up for this program, because a lot of my viewers cannot afford Razer gear. I am blessed to be able to play video games for a living and spend my money making my gaming experience better for my viewers, but most don't have that luxury.

    The best I can suggest is linking Razer Synapse in some way and giving an additional reward to those that have and use Razer gear.
  13. digz6666

    digz6666 New Member

    It was a great program, until this program launched I've never had a chance to try and use razer products due to availability in my country (Logitech was common) and I've had old Logitech G5 gaming mice which is still working fine. I've only had dell stock keyboard so I've got Razer Ornata Chroma with my zsilver and I'm pleased with the quality of the product, I will buy another few razer products (mice and streamer mic) in near future.

    My current gears:
    - Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard (had stock dell keyboard)
    - Sennheiser HD 598SR headset (open back, hard to play in noisy environment so will use only for music listening, thinking of getting razer headset for gaming only purpose)
    - Logitech G5, G502S proteus spectrum (thinking of getting Razer DeathAdder since my 2 logitech mice are breaking, registering double clicks on mouse 1)
  14. Bitauren007

    Bitauren007 Well-Known Member

    kind of sad to see it suspended soon

    i think CEO has a bunch of people reporting to him about P2P's feedback and telling him of negative stuff.
    To be honest, there's no perfect system. you are bound to get some kind of criticism in anything you do

    i really hope that the CEO see the positives out-weights those negative stuff. I want to believe the majority of us here are well behaved and appreciative of this P2P program.
  15. SomnusXV

    SomnusXV Member

    there's no expensive gear for a true razer fan. a real razer fan would save money for the peripherals he/she really likes so I would definitely support this idea.
  16. Nilremagl

    Nilremagl Well-Known Member

    It's always better to have the possibility to earn enough zsilver to buy several mices for exemple, one for me, one for my brothers, friends etc...
  17. I love that idea.
    from a user and fan of your products
  18. Killemagain

    Killemagain Member

    I'm all for making this as a reward for those who support your company. I've single-handedly got my whole family on board with Razer products in one way or another.

    If Synapse can manage all this information, I'm all for it.
  19. Pica78

    Pica78 New Member

    i agree 100% with this, and hope it dosnt shut down!
  20. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    Top thought!!! Totally agree!!!
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