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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, May 22, 2018.

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  1. It's an i7 8650U and Quadro P500. Most of the use is for development and meetings, which is why I had the send the 1080p model back - text display was officially awful.
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  2. 122805

    122805 New Member

    Nichego tak)
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  3. Diel87

    Diel87 Member

    I have the razer blade 15 gtx 1070, in game the heat is very important on the top of the keyboard. I burn my fingers when I stay on this surface above the keyboard. I have never had a laptop that heats as much. Do you have the same problem ?
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s not “burning hot” but warm on long time gaming for me, on summer temperatures I won’t play long time on its keyboard because of sweat anyway, I use external keyboard for that.
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  5. Diel87

    Diel87 Member

    for me it's very very hot and lower right area is also hot
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  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I just played Battlefront 2 on its keyboard since here’s night and isn’t as hot as day temperature, no problem at all, for me it’s warm. Lower right area? Did you check the ssd temperature? I think it’s ssd area beside the battery. Since it’s unibody aluminum it could getting hot for getting heat from parts inside compared to plastic cassis. For long period gaming I’ll recommend using external keyboard for better keys strokes and longer lifespan for Blade keyboard, I’m mostly use it only for typing.
  7. TheAssassinLP

    TheAssassinLP New Member

    Will we get FL Studio for free with the new Blade too?
    If yes:
    What do I have to do to unlock it?
  8. Diel87

    Diel87 Member

    I test with the support razer to know if my machine has a problem I come back to you quickly.
  9. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    does anyone have the 4K version?
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  10. New Member

    I've been trying to get any info on when the 4k version of the laptop will be available. It seems no one at Razer has a clue... Anyway you can help us out @Razer.WolfPack
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes, you will. I think you have to link your Razer ID with FL studio website, don’t remember exactly but first I registered my Blade and after that I have access like key from Razer music website sent to my mail.
    Doesn’t that state to be available this month on website? I saw some reseller, stated on late July.
  12. Yeah, but they also said June before...I suspect w/ the heating issues reported, they're going back to the drawing board.
  13. New Member

    That could be the case as the other models are now sold out. I hope the delay wont carry past July
  14. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t have thermal issues, do you mean in gaming mode? Yes CPU temperature is high on that mode because it’s basically overclocking the gpu by 100/300. Any laptop especially thin light one will have such issues, other competitors I don’t think could OC it without cpu throttle but Blade 15 has better cooling system and bigger ac adapter wattage that could make a full 1070 performance. On 1060 model I saw it could surpass my old Blade 14 with full 1060 on benchmarks. I think user that reported thermal issue is because they don’t know that gaming mode is OC, and they push it on long season gaming.
    It’s same every year first 1 or 2 months it’ll be fast out of stock, because high demand on this not a big company like Dell or Apple. 4K Panel is also maybe hard to get from manufacturers like previous Blade 14 late release, but this time they have at least release month stated.
  15. SIberGames

    SIberGames New Member

    [QUOTE = "Razer.WolfPack, publicación: 437486, miembro: 310766"] Le ofrecemos el siguiente nivel de potencia, portabilidad y rendimiento. El nuevo Razer Blade está aquí:

    [MEDIA = youtube] kfFHghqiIAU [/ MEDIA]​

    Tú preguntaste, ¡y te escuchamos! El nuevo Razer Blade ahora tiene biseles más finos y una pantalla ultrarrápida de 15.6 "144Hz Full HD. También presenta un procesador Intel® Core ™ i7 6 Core de la 8ª generación y gráficos de diseño Max-Q NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 10 Series, optimizados para un rendimiento ultrapotente gracias a un innovador sistema de refrigeración de la cámara de vapor. Todo esto empaquetado en un factor de forma sorprendentemente compacto, convirtiéndolo en el portátil para juegos de 15.6 '' más pequeño del mundo.

    [ATTACH = completo] 527081 [/ ATTACH]

    Es Ultra rápido.

    Experience buttery smooth visuals with the edge-to-edge 15.6’’ 144Hz Full HD display perfect for gaming. If you’re the creative type, the Razer Blade also comes in a stunning 4K touchscreen display with 100% Adobe RGB. The expansive displays are flanked by class-leading 4.9 mm thin bezels, and every laptop is individually color calibrated at the factory for out-of-the-box accuracy.

    It’s Ultra Small.

    With years of experience in creating the best premium gaming laptops, we’ve kept the Razer Blade compact—never sacrificing the mobility you know and love. Forged with durable lightweight CNC aluminum, this is the world’s smallest 15.6’’ gaming laptop. In fact, it’s 3% smaller in volume than the outgoing 14” Razer Blade.

    It’s Ultra Powerful

    No importa si está jugando, transmitiendo o trabajando sobre la marcha: el Razer Blade maneja todo lo que le arroja, gracias al procesador Intel 6 Core 8th Gen y los gráficos de diseño NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series Max-Q. Además, la Razer Blade está equipada con un avanzado sistema de enfriamiento de cámara de vapor que es más delgado y más eficiente que los diseños tradicionales de tubería de calor. Almacene más y haga más con soporte para hasta 2 TB de almacenamiento SSD y hasta 32 GB de memoria.

    Es la computadora portátil de juegos que conoces y amas, evolucionada. Obtenga más información: [/ QUOTE]
    Cuánto quisiera tener uno de esos
  16. BiutifulSea

    BiutifulSea Active Member

    ULTRA made for me!
  17. StarStrike

    StarStrike New Member

    IKR...that price.....
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  18. Theeon

    Theeon New Member

    I have a Blade 1060. At the time it was the best portable workstation for the price. But now there's a lot of competition in this space, a lot of the other brands have features that I consider important now, for example a fingerprint sensor (that being said, glad to see some upgradeablilty).

    What makes this laptop special compared to the others in this price range?
  19. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

    Only costs 3 of your kidneys :<
  20. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It has default overclocking setting which is new on Razer Blade and supported by new vapor chamber cooling system and huge wattage power brick for that. I don’t think other competitors like Aero 15x and MSI GS 65 can handle that OC areas, on default I can get almost similar benchmarks with Blade Pro 4K 2017 with gaming mode and Zephyrus m501 with full gtx1070, and with own OC profile through afterburner, it can blow those 2 laptops default performance. Though with those OC mode your system will runs hot, but that’s the point having this Blade 15, best performance without loosing portability.
    I think compared to Blade Pro 4K it’s not so expensive, maybe compared to competitors thin light gaming laptops 2 to 300 more expensive and maybe €500 more expensive than 1070 bulky gaming laptops but we pay also for portability beside the performance. I’m not rich at all but if I build a PC maybe it’ll cost minimum 1,5K, but with this issue;)
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