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    XXTASKFORS141XX New Member

    I've been saving up my ZSilver to finally get my hands on the new Lancehead TE. I can't wait to finally ditch my cheap $10 Amazon mouse. What I noticed though in one of the reviews of the Lancehead, it that hand size is important to consider before buying it. I casually compared my mouse to the Lancehead, and was blown away by about a 32% decrease in width and around 45% decrease in weight!

    All people have their preferences. People who buy Razer Keyboards have the option of membrane or mechanical. If you decide to go with mechanical, you have an option of 3 different switches. Even more might prefer the metallic feel of Razer's metallic key caps. Options for Razer mice, however, are limited. Don't get me wrong I love the look of the Mamba and Lancehead, and I'm sure people also enjoy the ambidextrous feature. My personal preference, however, is a much larger and heavier feeling mouse, because all mice can't live up to the impossible beauty standards set today. I know that if there can be someone like me who enjoys bigger mice, then there must be people who enjoy mice that are much smaller, because all mice are beautiful in their own ways.

    What I would really like to see from Razer is a lineup of different sizes of mice. Something like the Razer Megalodon would really catch my eye if it was available, and a Razer Mako would be a nice way for people who game on the go to enjoy better quality and looks wherever they are. I've included data of all of Razer's mice dimensions compared to my cheap Amazon mouse.
    Mamba TE
    128 Length
    70 Width
    42.5 Height

    Lancehead TE
    117 Length
    71 Width
    38 Height

    127 Length
    70 Width
    44 Height

    130 Length
    105 Width
    45 Height

    *sizes by mm

    As you can see, making the switch to a Razer mouse would be a big adjustment, especially since i bonded with my mouse for over 2 years! If Razer had a larger option, I'm sure many people would enjoy the larger feel to a mouse. This goes the same for smaller mice. Tell me what you think in the comments, do you think that Razer should create larger mice? Which mouse do you prefer?
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    Yarrow16 New Member

    I agree and thanks for listing the size & weights. But you are totally correct to note how important it is to take hand size into account, I have extremely small hands and struggle to find a comfortable mouse, I currently have a Razer Naga Hex (red) which is on its way out and i'm struggling to find a decent replacement. My husband however has huge hands and has the opposite issue, the Razer mice are all too small, so no Razer mouse for him. Add in the fact that very few places now have mice out that you can handle to get an idea of size and it can be a costly error!

    Current packaging often means sealed boxes that stores are very unhappy about opening!
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