New gear ruined everything I've set up!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Powpowder, Jun 5, 2018.

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  1. Powpowder

    Powpowder New Member

    I'll be as detailed as I can. I use voicemeeter banana and I got all the new Overwatch Razer gear which is great but theres a problems with all my settings. THEYRE NO LONGER WORKING!!!

    As soon as I installed everything I i noticed i couldnt hear Overwatch anymore and i thought I had to just change the settings over from using my USB headset to my Razer headset. I did that and I still couldnt hear OVerwatch. After i restarted I tried my hardest to get things to work. I tried reinstalling the razer drivers and even doing a system restore so I could go back to the old gear and settings. It didnt work now I cant even go back...

    I need help. NOthing is working problerly on voice meeter now its all going though A1 which is my MIC so i hear myself and everything else BUT OVERWATCH.

    How do i fix this issue????
  2. Powpowder

    Powpowder New Member

    I was in a rush getting this out.

    It's really messed up all my settings. Even on Voicemeeter ... some how ... I've tried setting everything back to what it was but it's made it even worse. When I go back to my old headset, you'd think just switching it over on my sound settings would work but it just didn't. I need voice meeter for OBS to record everything I play to edit in the future. I'm sure theres a way round it just need guidance!

    I hope it isn't like Elgato where it isn't compatible ...
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