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Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. R3neg4deDav3

    R3neg4deDav3 Member

    What will be included with the hacker dev kit and if any, what expansion or upgrade options will be available? (For example, oculus's mount for a Leap motion)
  2. pir0zhki

    pir0zhki New Member

    @Medrilan that's sort of the point of OSVR -- it's not a piece of hardware itself, but rather, a common VR platform spec that any manufacturer can design for. Basically, Razer will make their own VR headset at some point that will implement the OSVR spec and thus automatically work with everything else that OSVR works with.

    This is much better than using their own Razer-specific SDK which apps have to code for specifically, though I do wonder just how much the companies are working together, as opposed to Razer just taking the reins on the project.
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  3. pir0zhki

    pir0zhki New Member

    As a sidenote, I admit I have my concerns about Razer being the guys who seem to be in charge. Razer isn't exactly looked upon with respect when it comes to their software/drivers. I took a gander at the architecture chart on the OSVR site, and one of the first things I noticed was the bit about the cloud. This threw up big red flags for me, largely because the first thing that comes in mind when you think of 'Razer' and 'The Cloud' is the widely abhored Synapse, and I don't really think I need to talk about why that's a problem.
  4. OSVR looks great, but I think it will still be quite some time before VR is widely accepted.
  5. wizage

    wizage New Member

    So will the hacker dev kit be available to everyone or do you have to register as a developer and cross your fingers to get in?
  6. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    I wonder if it will cause headaches.
  7. Bovfo

    Bovfo Member

    Can we expect Hydra to be back?

    Or something like this, together with OSVR?
  8. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

  9. MMM_no_id

    MMM_no_id New Member

    Did anyone yet consider to make this goggle MRI compatible?
    This would be a great thing for MRI research.
  10. Pelop17

    Pelop17 Member

    What do you need to do ( what qualifications do you need to become a developer?)
  11. Will the OSVR dev kit all some sort of conversion or cross-platforming from Oculus development?
  12. YoungPup

    YoungPup New Member

    How much will it be? is that what the final product will look like? Or is that just a beta version?
  13. lavizh_no_id

    lavizh_no_id New Member

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  14. Nano_no_id

    Nano_no_id New Member

    Thinking about FPV use. What are the video inputs? Can these be driven with 7.4v-11.1v?
  15. Ozzadar

    Ozzadar New Member

    My question is from the development angle:

    Would it be possible to somehow have a heavily-modded linux distro launch directly into an OSVR powered render where the traditional 'desktop' would be rendered as a 2D plane in space?

    I think this is a great opportunity for a VR OS to get its start with a standardized platform for all the devices coming to market.

    I think we should get to work on an OSVR OS ;)
  16. After looking at the architecture chart on I immediately noticed a box for 'Cloud'. It links to a management layer with software updates and portable settings, which sounds nice enough.

    But that 'Cloud' box also connect 'User Applications' to the 'Adaptation Layer'. It looks like requiring a cloud service just to turn a headset on. Someone please tell me I'm reading it wrong.

    @Ozzadar Booting to a 2D desktop displayed on a VR headset shouldn't require many changes to the OS. All it really needs is for a VR headset to present a virtual monitor; then the OS can run exactly as it normally would. If you want a 3D OS, then you'll need a fancy new UI, but that's more a discussion desktop environment or window manager devs.
  17. Hello there, you are doing awesome job!!

    This HMD is what i was expecting from the first prototypes and dev kits. The replaceable screen is a very good feature, it make it possible to get one as soon as possible and wait for a better display the next year :D
    I'm curious to know if this device will be exclusively gaming oriented. I personally tried few HMD and i want to ask a few questions, despite the fact that it was only dev kits.
    -Will this device have also vertical lens adjustments? for example my left eye is 0.7mm lower than the right one, so when i use the Oculus HMD, i can't hold the "sweet spot" for long time.
    -Will this device have eye tracking ? May be it has never been used in HMDs, but i think this is needed for Virtual Reality HMDs. In fact , one of the most annoying feelings is when you must move the center of the "screen" with your head in order to see sharp and clear image, if you move only your eyes everything around is blurry and this gives headaches. Eye tracking could be used to adjust the 2 rendered frames to have the "sweet spot" focus always where you look in the screen.
    -Will the software have pre-configured and easy to use 3D settings for each supported game ? i used VorpX and for some games it takes more than 3 hours to get it functioning, i will not talk about sweet spots here.
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  18. Keykai_no_id

    Keykai_no_id New Member

  19. Darshan23_no_id

    Darshan23_no_id New Member

    OSVR is indeed Razor-made, just that its so unfinished/unknown territory Razor does not want to involve its name in it

    How else it would be part of razorzone??
  20. Darshan23_no_id

    Darshan23_no_id New Member


    How difficult it would be to incorporate 2560p screen in first iteration of device?

    More mody question...I have access to LG G3 replacement screen at attractive $90 price
    can i hack and add that screen in HDK? will HDK bord support it? Can you people acquire that screen from LG in quantity thus make fair deal for all VR Enthusiast.


    See some interesting facts:
    1. RIFT DK1 - 1280X720X3(RGB) - 2.76 MPX ppi approx
    2. RIFT DK2 - 1920X1080X2(RG/BG pentile) - 4.15 MPX ppi approx
    3. RIFT UP KIT- 1920X1080X3(RGB)- 6.22 MPX ppi approx
    4. GEAR VR+NOTE4 -2560X1440X2(RG/BG pentile)- 7.37 MPX ppi approx
    5. LG G3 - 2560X1440X3(RGB) 11.05 MPX ppi approx

    consider above its clear LG G3 is best screen available as of now for VR.
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