Razer Adjustable Click Force Technology

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by technokat, Jul 10, 2015.

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  1. Don't worry...

    The Ouroboros shall have It's revenge.......
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  2. a6addon

    a6addon New Member

    :rolleyes:sure it is installed that and instead of a battery, an ampoule painkillers,

    I had bought after Ouroboros no.2 in all, a very fast and versatile weapon and even if the operator a bit has looked Cyborg RAT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:and have sold 2 month later , take the Cyborg like a snake in the hand,:D ... cracks and squeaks ":oops:ouch ouch" ...sell it....

    edit:the Termaltake BMW mice but wat i thinking to buy it......year later try as gift for friend ....never use that mice

    and as the Roccat came with the Fin ... exchanged 2 days later ... once the Fin idea good and useful but the lasers brand as always Spongy

    had the Kone but made suicide, then light-emitting diodes removed and installed in a gas mask,:cool:

    and the inner life is like day and night to Razer
    the first keyboard from Roccat whose firmware has left the display fiiiiiiiiiips in lighting and the Valo 2 days later changing against a defective Lycosa for my old Lycosa to upgrade ....
    which tells us that there is no company that only 40% of my opportunities Razer puts into its products, did everything rank and name has been tested and by Razer possession .... everywhere Reptile and all I've seen from the inside [as well as 2 Copperheads)
    What I noticed is that all first like rations mice Copperhead, Mamba Robust in plastic were because then you save in the second round but I so long now and can her build is all great, not afraid Razer've never exchanged or reclaims what have here ne Naga, Barracuda, Nostromo etc lol just the Lachesys? they rise at a gift for a friend .... two-handed mice :confused:

    my Razer Story...and long road, no money and Mamba Chroma rise,..:angry:.goddamn!! but i need one i wait to long ...:D:D..
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  3. ninjastar6

    ninjastar6 Member

    Cool feature. I will buy later when I save up enough money.
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  4. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    Is there any news when this is coming? Looks like my new mouce :)
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  5. Did not understand most of that, but what I can gather is that you really loved Razer as soon as you were introduced to it, that I commend you for.


  6. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    same here. I think they should have included this tech to TE edition
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  7. sangayz

    sangayz Member

    niceeeee one but mamba is bit pricey :slightly_sad: but TE one looks nice
  8. ALKitten

    ALKitten Member

    I can't wait to get my hands on the new Razerblade mamba, Razerblade mice hair switches are just to sensitive for me, but this might fix the problem I have!
  9. ALKitten

    ALKitten Member

    the only thing left for razer to upgrade to their mice are weight adjustments! :)
  10. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    cool! I Mouse is running strong right now, so I will have to wait.
  11. Rad710

    Rad710 New Member

    Man, this click force technology does seem real interesting for the razer mamba. Wish I could get my hands on it just to see but I already got my awesome deathadder chroma.
  12. Thannis86

    Thannis86 Active Member

    Is it going to be used in future mice or just the Mamba?
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  13. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    I like this. My deathadder is great, but I find the click a bit too weighted. This would be perfect for me.

    If I could change the weight or grip, even better. That and chroma would be my perfect mouse.

    Thank you for this big step in gaming tech once again Razer, you've done it again.

    ANDREWPOINT5 New Member

    you just cant help out-doing yourselves can you?
  15. Kire985

    Kire985 Member

    Pretty cool idea actually. I would love to check this out before thinking of buying it. Any word on if this will go on display in stores or not?
  16. CDB01

    CDB01 New Member

    This, I like this. Seems like wear and tear would bite after a while though... :/ Nahhhh
  17. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Put out this same technology on the Naga Epic Chroma and then you'll convince me to actually upgrade from my Naga 2014. lol :D

    I couldn't quite justify trading up a Naga 2014 one year later just to get different lighting options ... but for improved tech *and* the improved lighting effects, yep, that'll do it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    I hope this will be available in Mamba TE soon :)
  19. integrate this into into the tournament edition
  20. NeonZip75

    NeonZip75 Member

    Wow ! I don't know it was possible XD :D
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