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Razer Blackwidow Chroma default Green Breathing effect

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Feuille, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. Feuille

    Feuille New Member


    I recently bought a Razer Blackwidow Chroma and I really love it. Though there is a problem I'm facing.
    I'm using linux on a regular basis and everytime I got from windows to any live/sideloaded OS other then windows or even the BIOS, the keyboard get to its default green breathing state. This default effect is really annoying!!!
    I would love to have a basic all green or whatever with NO BREATHING effect when no drivers are loaded...

    Is it possible?

  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I honestly am not skilled with the Chroma and how it functions. I found a theme for my keyboard that I love, I installed it and left it at that.

    However, I will take a random guess as to what's up with yours - I suspect that when you change OS you no longer have access to Synapse, and that's what tells your keyboard what to do. So, without it the green an breathing is just what was "hard coded" (for lack of better wording) into the keyboard itself.

    Perhaps there's someone else here who can give more information, or better yet, even solve the issue for you. If not, then you could always contact Razer Customer Support and see if they have any ideas for you.
  3. Feuille

    Feuille New Member


    I managed to have the keyboard working on linux. This is somehow complicated but it worked. However, when I rebooted linux, on the BIOS, my Linux Profile stayed on the keyboard even when windows booted up, until finally, Synapse loaded and my windows profiles got to the keyboard. I don't think this "Green Breathing" profile is hard coded to the keyboard... It may be the Synapse program that set it by default when it load.

    I opened a case with Razer... Will keep you posted.
  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @Feuille -- I don't personally use Linux, but my husband does and I know a great number of people here do as well. So, I really appreciate you keeping us posted here on how things play out. I suspect there will be many folks who can appreciate the information and help for the exact same thing. :)
  5. Papadunks

    Papadunks Member

    What do you mean opened a case with Razer? Are you taking them to court over a freaking keyboard!?
  6. Feuille

    Feuille New Member

    @Papadunks "Open a case" meaning open a support case to have help from Razer...

    They did answered me but unfortunately, beside telling me they don't support anything else then Windows and MAC I didn't get any usefull informations. Seems there is no way to change this behavior with the current version of the synapse software...
    I ask the support guy to at least send a recommendation to the dev team to have the "Default" setting edditable in next versions so it stick to it when synapse is not loaded.

    I did managed to have it work with linux (ubuntu) with a third party software and when it unload/reboot, it stick to the last profile I used!!! In BIOS and even windows until synapse is loaded.

    Hopefully next versions of synapse software will have this setting edditable.
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