Razer BlackWidow Chroma vs. Corsair K70 RGB

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Adeni, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    Seen both these videos, Razer got in touch with him and sent him a blackwidow stealth which is the second video.
  2. SoulStar

    SoulStar New Member

    I would say razer always XD just upgraded from blackwidow ultimate 2013 for full Chroma( deathadder, ultimate and kraken 7.1) and i must say i love the spectrum cycle with all the devices synced. I mean i love Corsair too they are great and the quality.. Oh the quality! I have CPU cooler, RAM, PSU and case all from Corsair and they are the best!! IMG_20150122_114637.jpg
  3. Whiskyt

    Whiskyt Member

    Razer green switches a very good, love it
  4. G_oakes

    G_oakes Member

    razer's green switches are very similar to cherry mx blues this is because the patent for how the cherry switches are made ran out allowing other companies to use features of the cherry mx switches, this is what razer have done for the green and orange. however the actuation point for the razer switches is slightly higher basically meaning that when the key is pressed it registers sooner than a cherry mx switch.

    that aside now going to the LED side i heard that the razer RGB LED functions were rather limated however im not sure how accurate that is, i knwo more about the switches than i do the LED and functionality so dont hold me to it.

    hope this helps at all
  5. Ok. So I read all the reviews. I opted to GO BIG or GO HOME and purchased the Logitech G910 Orion. Well, BIG it was. Too many keys I didn't use. Cumbersome wrist wrest. Didn't like key action. It had to go.

    So, I decided to hit the other end of the size spectrum (it's not all about size, m'rite girls?) and picked up a (Best Buy Exclusive) Corsair K65 RGB. Unlike it's bigger brother the K0 RGB it had no 10-key. I thought, hmm...smaller size would fit better on my desktop/lap and who used 10-key when gaming anyway?

    Well, it turns out I do. Surprised me how much I miss the 10-key for gaming as well as normal functions. So, I thought I would return in and try the K70. But, in the end that would not have worked either since I'm not a Cherry RED kinda gamer. Also, they keys were too "slick". That combined with no physical feedback was too much to adjust to. Well, I thought, get a K70 RGB w/ Cherry BROWN! Not currently available. Who knows when?

    So, I took my K65 back to Best Buy and got the Razer Blackwidow CHROMA. Now, I didn't pick this up at first because I have ready a quite a few negative reviews about Razer stuff. But, I went back and most of the REALLY negative stuff seemed to be from people that just hated RAZER because they are RAZER. Now, admittedly we have ALL been burned by one vendor or another from time to time. It all comes down one product does not make up a company.

    But, I digress. I have owned two previous Razer peripherals and have been happy with them. And I must say, I am VERY happy with the CHROMA. LOVE LOVE LOVE the "Green" switches. Exactly the middle ground I was looking for. The LEDs are absolutely stunning and the software is by far the easiest I have used. I thought that I would feel bad about the plastic casing after Corsairs beautiful aluminum body, but it is sturdy quality and I have no regrets on that. My only complaint would be that the Multi-function keys are a "bit" closer to the other keys than I would like. But, I am already getting used to it. It took me a while getting used to my old Logitech to "reach over" to hit the function keys. So, I suspect this will be a non-issue and probably a preference very soon.

    TL;DR: The Chroma is Tits!
  6. mike.pro

    mike.pro New Member

    I had a k70 and sold! Now I have a Chroma and the only difference I find is the force of pressure on the keys .. obviously I get typing faster with Razer! It cost me adapatarme to Razer because it is much more sensitive than Corsair .. and at first wandered more typing! Aluminum vs hard plastic.. just personal preference! Razer has better lighting and corsair illumination is not so bright!
  7. Spodiesie

    Spodiesie Member

    the corsair is more "high end", and it has better lighting and classic swithes. it also has more features like the volume wheel. The k70 is better.
  8. Skrunch

    Skrunch Active Member

    Actually the K70 RGB has some of the worst lighting I've seen on a high end keyboard, it's very dim and washed out. It also has flickering in the 16.8M color mode so if you wanted animated effects your limited to the 512 color mode where as Razer's keyboard doesn't have that problem.



    Both keyboards appeal to different audiences. The Blackwidow has the macro keys, USB/microphone/headphone pass through, better lighting and it's heavier. The K70 has an aluminum finish on the top plate and media keys on the upper right and that's it for extra features. Also you should read up on Cherry vs Kailh: http://imgur.com/a/7ujle it's pretty interesting as a lot of people have this notion that all because it's made in China it's inferior, but that's really not true at all.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2015
  9. maisey

    maisey Member

    I think that the corsairs materials are probably a bit better.
  10. Spodiesie

    Spodiesie Member

    It does not flicker, no good led keyboards flicker(maby i don't understand what you mean by flicker. Isn't it when the leds flicker and are annoying, in that case they don't do that ). I think the LEDs are nice, but that may be my opinion.
  11. Skrunch

    Skrunch Active Member

    Well, Corsair themselves said it will flicker in certain lighting modes if you enable 16.8M colors.... you can read the whole story here http://www.gamersnexus.net/industry/1927-corsair-rgb-keyboard-fiasco-analyzed


    Still both keyboards have their pro's and con's, but I just think people should be completely informed about the product their spending nearly $200 on.
  12. Spodiesie

    Spodiesie Member

    well, never heard of the flicker thing, but it does not matter since I bought the razer deathstalker chroma.
  13. I have the K95 RGB. Mate has the blackwidow chroma. As much as I like razer I personally find the corsair's aluminium board better, when I hit the keys it feels more solid as apposed to the plastic softer feel. In terms of cleaning I find the design of the K70/95 easier to clean due to it's raised keys and not having to remove all the keys.

    My 2 pence
  14. 8knut8

    8knut8 Member

    I didn't see that keyboard from Corsair, but I think Razer is better :D
  15. hjilp

    hjilp Member

    Haven't tried the corsair one but the LED is prettier for the blackwidow
  16. DennyW

    DennyW Active Member

    On a side note, the software for the Corsair K70 RGB keyboard is horrendous. You need a Ph.D. or something to be able to efficiently utilize the lighting effects. The Razer Blackwidow Chroma, on the other, is as easy as 1,2,3.
  17. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    We'd want to constantly assure our fans that our products deliver all promised features right out of the box - have a go at our Chroma wave effect and see the transition for yourself when you chance upon the Razer BlackWidow Chroma.

    In fact we'd like to think it is a given for any company to be able to deliver on that - here, we'd like to do more. Do go ahead and install our Chroma SDK and experience some really awesome custom creations like the Audio Visualizer and the on-keyboard Snake app!
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  18. I'm not going to say anything bad, but from my personal experience with a K70 and BW Ult 2013, both are great keyboards (this is if you don't take lighting into account, since lighting features are pretty much the same).

    If you want to compare the switches themselves, Cherry MX switches (on the K70) are German manufactured and have super low tolerance rates and malfunction rates. I can't really say much about Kailh switches, but people seem to get a lot of "sticky keys."

    In terms of software, Razer's software is much easier to use. Corsair RGB software is much more complicated than Razer's form what I have heard. You can download lighting configs from both companies on a website somewhere, I'm not sure what the websites are. Corsair's new software, CUE Link, is compatible with the K70 RGB and should be much simpler than the previous software.
  19. RizePassout

    RizePassout New Member

    Razer's keyboards are generally better made.
  20. a82320

    a82320 Member

    just for the audio visualizer, I go with Razer .
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