Razer Blade Battery Disaster

Discussion in 'Systems' started by frontMajorelleBluebus503, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Bought The Razer Blade (2016) 14". Noticed today the trackpad is bulging out preventing me from even closing my laptop lid fully. I mean Jesus.

    These pictures I did not take but it is exactly what mine looks like.

    Its so ridiculous that after looking across the net a lot of people have this issue, not just with the laptops but even Razer's mouse batteries explode. I have had the same problem with their mice twice. wtf razer

    I bet I will lose my laptop now and have to pay to get this shit replaced. I never had a laptop that had a battery fuck out within 2 years of owning it.
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  2. AssembIer

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    This has been a common issue with small form factor notebooks of all brands recently. Apple started a callback on the MB Pro's (non-touchbar) a few weeks ago for the exact same reason.

    You should contact Razer support. Take some pictures of the buldging, explain to them what chargers u used for the device and that is otherwise in good condition. Be friendly and ask for a quotation on the repair cost. They might even do it for free.
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