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Discussion in 'Systems' started by josada, Dec 27, 2016.

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  1. josada

    josada New Member

    I've been waiting for the Core to be released for a long time, but Razer hasn't made it available in my country (Singapore) yet, despite promises that it will ship middle of this year. I ended up buying a Stealth the day it was released thinking I could get the Core not too long after, but until now... nothing.

    There was lots of buzz around the Core months before it was released and then despite getting a release in the US, I haven't heard any reviews, etc. It seems unnaturally quiet for a system touted to give Alienware's a run for its money.

    Folks in other regions: is Razer still selling the Core where you are? Or are they just quietly toning things down and hoping that people won't remember the Core existed?
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  2. ZeZke.Be

    ZeZke.Be Member

    I don't think they would cancel the Core since that would invalidate the entire proposition of the Blade Stealth. Regardless roll-out does seem slow, still not available in Europe either. Production problems perhaps?
  3. josada

    josada New Member

    Ah, so Europe hasn't gotten the Core as well. Yes I hope they won't cancel the Core, since as you said, that would make the Stealth quite useless.

    I'm a tad worried though (and a bit miffed) Razer has been selling the Stealth with a bevy of offers just a few months after releasing it. Besides feeling shortchanged, it's also unsettling to know that they are offering FL studio 12 and a free Razer mouse with the purchase of a Stealth. I mean, if it's selling like hotcakes, I'm guessing that they probably won't have to come up with all these giveaways? Would low demand for the Stealth mean that the Core won't happen?
  4. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    There's no indication of the Core being canceled and it's still proudly displayed in the US store. However there's been a huge stock shortage ever since release so most people have waited for weeks at a time after ordering. I imagine once they've serviced demand in the US they'll move on to other areas.

    FYI a problem that I've reported to Razer that I still haven't seen fixed is that plugging in anymore than 2 USB slots to the Core with an external monitor will cause USB devices to randomly drop. This problem seems to fix itself if the Razer Synapse software is not running.
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  5. Evolusi

    Evolusi New Member

    Vetuu when you say the "US store" do you mean online? Or is there an actual brick and mortar store somewhere?
  6. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    I was referring to the online store however I was in San Francisco a few months ago and the physical store had a bunch of them hooked up to the Stealth and Blade 1060 lines to play with. If you haven't been to a physical store and there's one near you I highly recommend checking it out, they're like Apple Stores geared towards gaming. You can quite comfortably sit back and play a few rounds of Overwatch without worrying about being kicked out.

    FYI: http://www.razerzone.com/razerstores/
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  7. Evolusi

    Evolusi New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I'm actually passing through SFO for work so I'm definitely going pass through there. I'm hoping to score a discount on a core since my wife just got me a Razer Blade for Christmas and wanted to get the core as well. She didn't know about the bundle so I'm looking to pick one up.
  8. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    Just because you have deals, doesn't mean it isn't selling well... That is how marketing works. Both the Xbox One and PS4 both get deals almost every single month, with new bundles to discounts.

    The deals are to entice people to finally pull the trigger, and around the holidays everyone does it. The stealth is selling extremely well from what I have seen.
  9. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    Did your wife buy from the Razer Store online? If so ask her to check the order confirmation, Razer was giving out a voucher code for $100 off the Core with all purchases of the Stealth & Blade 1060 (that's why I purchased my Core). You could also contact Razer Support directly and see if they can hook you up, obviously it's in there best interest so they might be able to help.

    Definitely check out the physical store though it's a shrine to the gaming community.
  10. Evolusi

    Evolusi New Member

    yeah we checked. I also contacted support. Sadly:

    Thank you contacting RazerStore.com.

    We reviewed your case , according to our system we only provide Razer Core Credit customer who purchased in our RazerStore in bundle .

    We hope this clarifies .

    Thank you for your support for Razer . Have a nice day ahead


    Team RazerStore

    Technically they'll let me do a return then repurchase it, but i'd have to send the laptop back etc. It's the Razer Blade 1060 with the UHD touch screen.
  11. Odium1002

    Odium1002 New Member

    Hey guys,

    I wish I would have come here first. Today I ordered the Core and the stealth in a bundle (Germany), so they do sell the core in a bundle in Europe. However, you could not purchase the core as a single unit.
    The confirmation E-mail stated that the "date of the ship" (I am guessing the date of the actual ship that has to leave the US) is unknown. This is a bit of a bummer and was not clearly indicated prior to purchase.

    All this tells me that even Razor does not know when the Core will actually be delivered to Europe.

  12. kylechun9

    kylechun9 New Member

    The marketing of Stealth bundled with Core is an entire lie.
    Cause it never happens outside the US (and Japan, or a very few other places.)
    I bought the Stealth in Taiwan for the hope of getting a Core to play with.
    It just never happens.
    For more than half a year.
    The credit is auto extended (silently) to the end of the year and it is almost the end of the year.
    Nothing happens

    The TW store now stops presenting the promotion page of the Core and Sleath. Sure cause it is a god damn lie.

    I am sorry to put these words here but I am very angry about this since it broke my hardware update schedule, completely.
    I won't believe Razer anymore. The brand to me is not worth a trust.
  13. RazerZonal

    RazerZonal Member

    Have to agree the wait is ridiculous...but from another point of view, Apple does run out of products every now and then too and they are a giant of a company...

    It will happen :)
  14. josada

    josada New Member

    Ah so I guess I am not alone then. Same here - bought the Stealth months ahead thinking I can get the Core soon after, but it's been a long wait and still nothing. :slightly_sad:

    In the meantime, I'm stuck with a Black-MacbookAir-that-runs-Windows10. I thought that I was able to get a powered-up gaming computer in time for the holiday season, but alas...
  15. josada

    josada New Member

    Also, I think someone moderated the title. It should say "Razer Core - Cancelled?" but obviously the last bit had been deleted. Wasn't me though.
  16. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    Looks like the moderators stepped in, they're pretty aggressive about protecting the brand. They'll tell you it's about keeping the community civil sadly it's just your typical filtering of content that could be considered damaging to the company. If you're interested you'll find a less filtered discussion on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/razer/.

    As for the issues with lack of transparency on shipping dates I would suggest you take a page out of my book for dealing with Razer Support, email and call daily until you finally receive a favorable response. As a consumer be aware of your rights and it is well within in those rights to keep pressing for information regarding a purchase. I'd also recommend bringing this to the attention of the Razer leadership team, you'll find most of them on Twitter and you can either contact them directly there or in most cases 'first-name'@RazerZone.com is the email address you need. Again this is your right as a paying consumer, don't be afraid to exercise those rights. With enough pressure perhaps Razer will reconsider its policies regarding the way they currently handle customer support.
  17. VHugo88

    VHugo88 New Member

    Of coz you are not alone. Im worst than you. I live in East Malaysia and I shipped the Stealth from Singapore online store to my friend who lived in Singapore and get him to ship it over to me. Still waiting for the core with no news. Customer service told me we are not entitled to get the Stealth + Core bundle discount.
  18. Purelyluck87

    Purelyluck87 Active Member

    I have been waiting to purchase the Razer blade stealth since the launch day in Singapore, I'm glad that I did not, because until today the Razer core haven't been announce yet at all, comes to think of it why would I buy Razer blade stealth without Razer core ? I would probably end up not using it without the core you couldn't game at all also I already have a desktop. They should have launch stealth and core together, is like buying a desktop without gpu.
  19. thatgingetom

    thatgingetom New Member

    Here in the UK i ordered the stealth and core bundle at the end of november. the core arrived by the end of november but has been sitting collecting dust while i'm still waiting for the stealth with no indication of when if ever it will be arriving!
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