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Razer Mano'war 7.1 (cabel) sound problems

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Farbros, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. Farbros

    Farbros New Member

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with my Mano'war 7.1 headset? When i plug it with usb card (bundled) it has 7.1, but only in google chrome and some more programs, games run only stereo sound, even if i choose 7.1 in synapse sittings, windows sound settings dont allow me to change any sittings about it. Horewer when i plug it with a normal 3.5mm without usb card and turn on surround pro, i have 7.1 sound everywhere, but most of my sittings arent changetable, because this headset will be not supported by surround pro, but sound still becomes better (its a bit deaf with usb card), same is about mic, with usb card you hear green switches as loud, as i talk, with surround pro, there is almost no sound of switches, so i have 2 questions, what have i do so i had everywhere 7.1 sound with usb card and which sittings i have to use for mic in synapse, so all sound except of my voice was as queit, as it is with surround pro, thank you for your help!
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