Razer Phone 2 don't buy from razer store!! If you're from Australia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lee963, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. lee963

    lee963 New Member

    I've just been mailed a import tax of a total of 207.90 for my Razer Phone 2 from ordering the Razer Store. I was not informed there will be extra tax that I had to pay on top of the Razer phone $1249. If I knew this, I would've just bought this inside of Australia and not bother claiming the free promotion for the free case and screen protector!
    Now I regret, since it cost me way less if I bought an extra case and screen protector for the phone. Now I have pay an extra $200. Anyone from Australia, just buy within Australia.
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  2. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    really??? but how come when I access aus razer store there is information that "For a limited time, all orders over AU$129 will enjoy free shipping to Australia."??
  3. lee963

    lee963 New Member

    Yeah! I didn't know either. It wasn't until a week later I received a letter today from FedEx saying that I have to pay an extra $207.90 for the importing the razer phone . I found out through my sister that if the stuff we're buying from overseas is over 1000$ we have to pay extra tax to our government :angry:

    I tried to upload a picture of the letter but, file is too big

    Razer store never show tax. And when you buy it, tax is always $0 in invoice. But this is an extra on top$ because razer don't mentions that our country would impose extra tax, if over specific amount. I love razer products, but this doesn't make me happy, (salty in fact). Especially for a student on low wages, although it's cheaper than Apple, but if I'm spending 1249 +200 extra tax AUD$ I might as well have bought Apple XR outright
    My shipping was free with mine as well.

    Nah, i checked already that even if i refund it. I would still have to pay the $200 Australian Tax to the government :'(
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  4. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Even though I am sad that this happened to you, I think you should be happy that limit that your government set is high as $1000. In my country, that limit is €20 for purchases outside of EU. So basically any purchase or redemption I make using zSilver is eligible to both customs and tax fees. Even for free items through zSilver, because shipping price is also a part of purchase price.
  5. lee963

    lee963 New Member

    The thing is i'm not paying Fedex, i;m paying to the government.

    So i talked to the Megan from Razer support team. They confirmed that their products does not include GST, any additional taxes sent to us are additional we have to pay. That means the total price for the phone is actual $1373.90 not $1249.00 (misleading prices - Razer you can do better than this :angry: Think about Australian Consumers)
    I think this is what RestInPepperoni said earlier, that it is considered illegal since we didn't know GST had not been paid for, and we have to paid additional on top.
    Hopefully they will update the Australian site ver. of Razer and fix this issue, as it's not good to their Australian Consumers. From now on I'll just buy within Australia.

    Here is a what i got fedex: (cropped my address and info out)

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  6. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    My thoughts about those two things:
    • I am not sure if any product you buy online includes possible customs and tax fees that you need to pay. To have something like this (all the possible customs and tax fees for all kind of products for every country) would be extremely complex to make and to maintain (observer the law changes in every country so that you can reapply new customs and tax fees). Even if those amounts would be included, you will always be charged by your country's customs and not by web site where you are buying from.
    • About zSilver: yes, it is a marketing thing, and no one forces you to consume it. Shipping price depends on the country you live in (unfortunately, I live in small country and have relatively high shipping price), but mostly is still profitable to obtain Razer products this way rather than buy them from the reseller. If this is such a profitable marketing move, why no other company has anything similar to this?

    Ah, sorry for that. Didn't notice that he bought a product from the Australian store. My mistake.
    Don't know why are you comparing zSilver with drugs, but let me show you some examples from the real world:
    Alcohol, cigarettes and coffee are advertising on many different channels (in some countries) and they all can make you addictive. How is that possible? Why are those not banned? They do much more harm than zSilver.
    On the other hand, I truly don't see a problem with zSilver. Products redeemed using this currency is entirely free from the Razer's part, which is big. Yes, you have to pay shipping and eventually customs and tax fees, but in return you get almost free or hugely discounted product. Call it marketing trick or something else, but I can feel the savings. In some way you can see how Razer is a huge company when it can afford something like this (when comparing to other companies in the same genre).
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  7. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    That same page also says "Additional custom and tariff fees may apply." and if you dig deeper, you'd find this and more in the web store's FAQ.

    Do I have to pay customs fees?
    Your order may be subject to additional taxes, duties and/or fees (including customs clearance) charged by the destination country. Please contact the destination country’s customs office for more information.

    I tried to let this thread go on hoping people would put up constructive criticism instead of going the shade slinging route. As per our House Rules:

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  8. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    what part of this sentences that you not understand??

    I'm trying to ask nicely but you strike back like a pro to this matter... ok, I explain my self here....
    First of, I'm not Australian so after my first post saying that the shipping fee is free I try to hold back not to give any explaination since I'm not razer staff nor australian goverment staff... then razer staff show and give, for me quite clear explaination for this matter....
    Second, any razer store at any web show tax if your purchase not above the limit that razer give, like in this matter "For a limited time, all orders over AU$129 will enjoy free shipping to Australia." if your purchase below 129 AUD, you will get tax and it showed at the purchased page....
    "Do I have to pay customs fees?

    Your order may be subject to additional taxes, duties and/or fees (including customs clearance) charged by the destination country. Please contact the destination country’s customs office for more information."
    This information come at the FAQ which probably no one willing to access it or too lazy to read, the one that I highlight is the main problem here, notice that what razer showed at the purchased page is a tax for selling their product like when you eat at restaurant you will get 10% tax and sometime additional 5% for service fee... now any other additional taxes comes within the regulation of each country, some not giving any and some gives, and the numbers of this additional taxes is coming from the country and not from razer.... so at this point, it's unfair if you blame razer since they already give you warning about this additional taxes....
    Fourth, to be honest I think this thread is a warning call for those australian here, to not purchase any online shop above 1000 AUD, but since this person purchased razer phone 2 so it might be weight in to razer a little bit....

    conclusion, so expert language guy, razer do give warning about additional taxes and we as customer need to pay attention to any detail regarding purchases from online shop... can't wait for your expert language reply...
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  9. ur 2nd point is contradicting urself, also do try to read what we all wrote before you impose your own self righteousness

    Edit; I removed my posts, no point wasting my time here with people who dont bother reading and acts all self righteous.

    My advice for @lee963 is just to refund it, if it wasnt shown in ur final invoice, u shouldnt have to pay for extra fees, especially if it's bought from their local "australian" store, since those are not supposed to be imports. They also should obscure and hide in small print if there was payment to be made, Australia has strict consumer laws about that, so in any case, u're safe
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  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Here's the thing - Razer may not charge tax on their items, which they don't have to, but that doesn't mean that the destination country won't charge their national taxes, duties or import fees. Razer has no control over what the country will charge or how much. It has nothing to do with shipping fees and it has nothing to do with Razer charging an initial tax or surtax. This is why you can find the information, in multiple locations, that you may incur additional charges, fees, taxes or duties based on the destination countries laws.

    So, in short, these taxes won't show up on Razer's invoice because they are not the ones imposing said taxes/fees, the destination country is. There is no way for Razer to calculate what these fees will be, and the tax is not being paid to Razer. Why would Razer add the fee onto their invoice if they're never seeing the money and it's not their responsibility to pay your government?
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  11. That would be correct, IF the buyer is the one importing it. However, when the buyer buys from Razer's own Australian website, it is considered buying locally, and the buyer was not told whatsoever that they will be importing the item. Do you go to say ur local microsoft store, look at the price tag and after u paid the initial amount, be asked to pay another $200 because they didnt have stock yet and hvae to "import" it?

    I totally agree with you that in your case, if the australian buys from the US website, that would be fair, but doing so on his own local website with no notification whatsoever it will be imported isnt a very responsible thing to do
  12. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    By the way, selecting a country on our website does not mean you are buying locally. It simply displays a version of the store with all the products and services we offer to that specific location. I believe this answers your question about importing. Again, you can find this on the FAQ.

    Do you ship to my country?
    There are more than 30 countries where RazerStore ships to. We do not ship to freight forwarders. Please see our International Store Directory to find out if RazerStore serves your country.
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